take appreciation

Don’t allow your life to fly by so fast that you forget what it means to truly live. Take things slowly and appreciate every moment that you experience.
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Just take a moment to appreciate his face. Lookit that face. *boops lines between eyebrows*

(If you can guess which scene in this chapter this is supposed to be, you get cake.)

  • "Love is when you put the needs of someone else above your own"
  • ok Kara so why are you with mon-smell
  • he literally just spent that entire episode going against your wishes and belittling you
  • and not one episode ago someone else upholds kara (and not just for being supergirl) as a hero and takes her advice and appreciates her for who she is
  • 👀

anonymous asked:

So few causes for celebration right now, but can we take a moment to appreciate that SPN might FINALLY make it off the annual DGA list of worst performing shows when it comes to directorial gender equality this year? If Nina Lopez-Corrado is directing 3 episodes this season & Amanda Tapping 1 that is BY FAR the most eps of SPN ever directed by women in one season. It is literally 4 TIMES as many as ANY other season. It might not be enough to get them off the DGA's List Of Shame but IT'S A START.

I hadn’t heard that Nina was directing three - I’d be so happy if that was the case. The cast and crew LOVE her and she’s done such a great job so far.

with-all-my-heart-arwen  asked:

Thank you so very much for gifting me with my very first Madi/Silver fanfic. It was amazing and I truly appreciate you taking the time to write it. No pressure but will there be more?

Thank you! I’m flattered. I’ll be happy to do more when I get the time to. Will have to dust thr cobwebs off my creative mind. Its been awhile since I’ve flexed my writing skills but everyone’s positive response definitely boosts me.

me not caring about the leafs rookies or almost anything mainstream in hockey: please acknowledge these men’s existence [points to underrated, unpopular players who get little to no attention from the media unless when getting interviewed] they have an average of 15 goals per season but they’re trying their best and i would appreciate if we could take a moment to appreciate them

Super nao-overwhelmed ako how the art hype has been lately. More people appreciating art. Sana hindi manatiling hype lang ang lahat. I hope more people would really take time to appreciate them. Hindi lang basta-bastang dugo at pawis, tiyaga at puyat, talent at skill, art materials and technique yan.

Kadalasan “Pain-things” yan. See artists through their works. 💕

In terms naman sa controversies lately, siguro art is just warming up. Start palang to. Cause after seeing the crowd embracing art (di lang nung art fair ha 😂), the elitist inside me died and reborn to be a soaring peacock. Char.

“People grow when they are loved well.”
And I believe, so is art.

The world has yet more to see. So I’m hoping the we will not just look at it but appreciate it more and more.

Nakaka-inspire talaga, mga bes.
Cheers to art! 💕