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Harry could see the lights up ahead from the back seat of the range rover. Glancing out the window, the venue of the masquerade ball came into view. The Van Straubenzee family was holding a charity ball in their country manor just outside of the bustling city of London. The ball would raise funds for vulnerable children in various third world country orphanages the Van Straubenzee family ran in remembrance of their late son Henry, a childhood friend of the prince. 

Needing a well-deserved break from his flight training, he was able to attend the night’s events in support of the family. Internally, he was excited for the fact that he would be able to hide his identity beneath his mask. For one night, he wouldn’t need to be a prince.

Releasing a deep sigh he felt the vehicle slow to a stop. Harry fastened his mask on his face, tightening the tie with a small tug. Giggling at himself, he knew he probably looked ridiculous in it, but knew it was for a good cause. Opening the door he stepped out of the vehicle pulling his black and white tux down firmly and smooth against his body.

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Kravitz (taz) aesthetic

I’ve been playing Ocarina of time again, and seriously, give this child a rest 

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Medical school is not a place for smart people. It’s a place for those who are insane enough to dream of it, pray for it, work hard for it, and live for it. It is for those who are crazy enough to want the sense of purpose that fuels their veins. And, if it is insanity, then let it be, for even if it means more sleepless nights, more examinations to pass, more years in the university and more sacrifices to endure, nothing will change. I will keep on choosing this path over and over again even for a hundred more days and a thousand more years. And nothing in this world can stop me from taking an adventure as worth taking as this, even for a million more lifetimes. Medicine is passion. Medicine is hard work. Medicine is life.

Day 4 (and 5): 12 Days of CP! Christmas

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Shopping for gifts

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“…and so after that we all just came back to the Haus and dried off. But now I can’t look Ransom in the eye ever again.”

Jack chuckled into the phone, idly stirring his reheated dinner with a spoon. “I wish I’d been there to see that. Shitty would be so proud of you.”

“Shitty shouldn’t be proud of half the things Shitty is proud of,” Bittle said with a sigh. “Anyway, what are you doing tomorrow? No practice in the morning, right?”

“Nah, rest day. I think I’ll go to the rink anyway and use the gym-”

“Do you even know what a rest day is, Jack?”

“- and then I’ve got to go to the mall,” Jack continued, ignoring the chirp. He popped a spoonful of risotto in his mouth and talked around it. “I’m thinking in the afternoon I’ll try to finish that book Holster gave me about the stock market and the Great Depression? You know the one that’s been sitting on my bedside table since July-”

“Jack Zimmerman, you’re going to a mall?”

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“‘Love you,” slipped out of him, into the little conversational void the moment had left behind, fueled by the bundle of emotion that was always at the surface around her, always dying to escape, be freed, be known.

He heard her gasp, just slightly, and then she stilled for a half second. Before he could take it back or make light of it, she released a tiny sigh, fluttery and affected, and whispered back, “'Love you too.”

His eyes snapped open just in time to see her go, a sliver of her suit visible as the door clicked shut behind her.

He bit his lip and breathed deep, insides wobbling at the… confession? Endearment? Salutation?

Ladybug said she loved him.