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“She let her heart take the wheel in that moment on the couch [with Rick]. They both recognize what they had already known was between them but never took a moment to take it in. I think that moment where she opens up her heart to Rick to start something romantic with him is very vital[…] and it turned out that Rick was the love of her life.” - Danai Gurira

I found Jack through this game and another so of course I’m sad about Happy Wheels ending, but I think it’s time. Like Seán said in the stream, he wants to be able to go to bigger and better things and not be known as the “Happy Wheels Guy.” I think we can all take this as a life lesson and grow with the channel. He made great points about not wanting to do the same thing over and over again and start growing as a person and a channel. Very inspiring. This is a message that is great for not only his older viewers, but for his young and impressionable ones as well. I’m glad to be apart of this channel since it’s such a great place to be. Love you Jack, and I’m super proud of you.

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tsukkiyama hanging out with yachi headcanons?

  • they both go to yachi for relationship advice about each other and yachi confides in kiyoko and they giggle about it a lot
  • like seriously they both ask yachi for date ideas at different times and this lasts forever until they found out that they’re both asking her
  • she third wheels a lot but takes all the cute pictures of them on yamaguchi’s phone (so she’s kind of like the phichit of the relationship oyaoyaoya)
  • tsukki consistently asks yachi how to be a better boyfriend because he feels like he isn’t doing enough and as a third party she tells him that he’s fine
  • they all study together
  • imagine the height difference group hugs tho that’s adorable

~ Mod Han

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Yes when Stefan was out of control he pushed Elena against a wall. When Damon is "out of control” (that’s in quotations because Damon always has control) he killed a pregnant woman, fed off of many people, killed some people, etc


The Signs are All There, & We Know How to Read Them

Alternatively titled: My Roommate Is Awesome, 5x09 is Still Filled with Some Weird-Ass Shit, & Suck My Dick Haters

Earlier tonight I showed my roommate the beginning of 5x09 and Tyreese’s hallucinations. (She had been telling me about the D0ctor Who two-part season finale, and it reminded me of 5x09). My roommate has never seen The Walking Dead and for most shows is a casual viewer. She knows about Beth because I’ve talked about her, and my roommate is great because she is completely unbiased towards the Great Beth Conspiracy. Like me, she is also a Creative Writing Major. We’re studying this for future careers, and she even wants to be a screenwriter. The girl knows television.

At the scene where Rick and Co. pause at the walker in the car, she made a face. I asked her about it, and she said that the scene felt odd because they reacted so much to the walker. She said, “You’d think they just glance at it and go on.” That’s the logical thing. We see Team Family ignore walkers such as Carl ignoring the walker against the tree when he escorted Hershel outside the prison walls during the flu arc. Roughly, they’re two years into the apocalypse. Trapped walkers aren’t a big deal anymore.

(Fun fact: This clip is also used as the picture for the episode on Netflix. It is not the same as other episodes because this clip is around 12 minutes in but for 5x08 the clip is of Dawn during the exchange).

(credit to @deni269 for this: X)

This walker also appeared in at least two separate promos during the season 5 hiatus (X), just sayin’.

Interestingly, they also have a picture of this walker in the Talking Dead studio (X):

My roommate also noticed the grandfather clock in the road and wondered why they had it. When I told her that we thought it was a reference to 4x12, she agreed because, and I quote, said “Writers don’t just plunk stuff in.” Seriously, why would a grandfather clock be in the middle of the road during the fucking apocalypse? It serves no purpose and does not fit the scene and TPTB had to haul it there in the Georgia heat. It wasn’t put there for shits and giggles. That’s a fucking callback.

Then when Tyreese was put in their car at the end and focused again on the female walker, my roommate said, “How many times have they focused on it? Four times now?” She recognizes the significance of it and how it relates to Beth. She completely believes that Beth is alive and believes in us.

Guys, you can not imagine how validating it was to know she noticed all of these things and she doesn’t even watch the fucking show.

To the haters: We’re not overanalyzing and we’re not crazy. Suck it.

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Modern Music Preferences

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  • Sodapop is mad Frank Ocean’s “Album Release”
  • Two-bit is obsessed with Beyonce and tries to learn the Formation moves
  • Darry is impressed, and slightly turned on
  • The guys save up to take Two to a concert for his birthday one year.
  • He got there and cried his eyes out, literally yelling ‘QUEEN’ and ‘WAIFU’
  • Ponyboy claims he listens to classical, but actually listens to Taylor Swift
  • Sodapop listens to a variation, but he really likes Nicki Minaj. Super Bass is his jam.
  • Steve and Soda know the dance moves for Anaconda
  • Darry loves country
  • Specifically Carrie Underwood
  • Whenever Ponyboy is particularly getting under his skin he starts singing ‘JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL’
  • When Ponyboy was little they used to all stand around the kitchen as their dad made food and sung ‘If He’s Anything Like Me’ by Brad Paisley
  • Sometimes when Darry is really missing his dad he sings it out of habit
  • Steve listens to Steve Aoki, Halsey, Drake, DJ Khaled, Melanie Martinez, Borns, Twenty One Pilots, and Panic!
  • Him and Dallas know the Hotline Bling Choreography
  • Dallas pretends he listens to hardcore heavy metal
  • He also, likes Taylor Swift
  • Dallas relates to Eminem and can rap most of his songs
  • Dallas also really likes Queen, Halsey, and Adele
  • He lowkey jams out to ‘Hello’
  • Johnny assumes Dally listens to ‘The Weeknd’ and tries to subtly impress him by turning it up when it comes on the radio
  • Dally can’t stand ‘The Weeknd’ and makes weird faces every time Johnny turns it up
  • “Really Johnnycakes?”
  • Johnny likes country too, he loves Blake Shelton
  • When he turned 16 the gang all pitched in too buy him cowboy boots.
  • He wears them all the time
  • Two-bit tries to teach the gang Beyonce dance moves
  • It usually doesn’t end well 
  • Dallas is not limber
  • Ponyboy listens to Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez
  • Ponyboy took Justin’s side when they broke up
  • Whenever Steve has a fight with Sodapop he listens to ‘Sorry’ and has an intense sob session
  • Rihanna is the artist EVERYONE in the group likes, even Darry
  • ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ can be heard from the Curtis house all the time




Okay, I’m done spazzing.


Monsta X | MBC 160912 2016 | “Intro + All In”


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Another Cheren lover! Can I ask some general HCs about him?

MY BOOOOY I love Cheren so much please ask me more about him

Cheren Headcanons

- He takes his students on field trips to Nimbasa City! He takes them to the Ferris Wheel and gets them all sorts of sweets, a lot of parents call him the best teacher in the entire Unova region

- I always pictured him having Snivy as his starter, they both seemed so stoic at first and fit perfectly together. He just seems like a grass type boy (besides the obvious normal type!)

- His sense of humor is something to be worked on. He doesn’t really crack the best jokes but he tries hard! Sometimes that’s just worth giving him a laugh over

- He lives in an apartment in Aspertia City very close by to the school and gym. It’s a quaint little place but it looks very nice and has a good view of the gym battle field

crossroads of twilight: a one word summary


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I have to stick to the first level. If I go into anything in the second one, I’d have to dip into my hero stones and I’d rather not do that. But…. I don’t think I’ve ever used herbs on any of my characters? The game kinda takes the training wheels off real fast and I was all like…. Wtf does all this other stuff do? It’s kinda sad considering I’ve been playing since August. I’ve only slammed 2 bucks down as well so I only roll when I earn free stones. ��

Herbs are great!  They increase the HP/ATK/RCV of the character you use it on (depends on which herb you use for which stat), so I generally reserve them for either favorite characters Sorey (especially the Tales of Orchestra version I have) and Mikleo, or my leader because they’re also used to help friends.  =)

It’s okay, if you’re not sure what stuff is or what they do.  They sorta leave a bunch of stuff there and it gets overwhelming since not all of it gets explained. Hell, if it weren’t for a kind mutual explaining a bunch of this stuff to me (especially the whole farm up your passives using Keys of Malik bit) and helping me out a few months ago, I probably would’ve given up on Link myself.  Instead, I didn’t, and now you guys just get treated my silly Zesty Link adventures.