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Louis Tomlinson icons from the Observer Magazine shots, because what kind of louie would I be if I didn’t make a set from this iconic photoshoot?

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  • 3 icons x 8 shades (24 total)
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can u do one where y/n see shawn's condo for the first time ?? love your writings ❤

“Y/n, you have to see this view.” Shawn says, immediately taking your hand in his and practically pulling you to the large window in the living room of his new condo. You follow, gazing out the window, and taking in the view. Shawn gently pushes you forward and stands behind you. He wraps his arms around you, and looks out too. 

“It’s beautiful,” You tell him.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” He says, and even though you’re not looking at him, you can hear the smile in his voice. You can tell how happy he is to finally have his own place, one that he bought all on his own. And knowing he’s happy makes you happy too.  

The houses as.... Writers


  • the hemingway’s of the world
  • their writing is full of angst and personal experience
  • can often come across as anecdotic- they take what has happened to them and apply it to a broader spectrum
  • there is an underlying current of passion in everything they write
  • many late nights w/ coffee because they were suddenly inspired at 2am while nearly dreaming


  • the fantasy writers
  • create whole worlds bc they aren’t satisfied with the one’s they are in
  • stories often make a statement on real world issues in a creative way
  • prefers to use a typewriter/hand-write their stories
  • shares their ideas with very few
  • almost never finishes a story bc they have so many half-finished ideas swirling in their heads


  • the realistic writers
  • creates painfully authentic, multi-faceted characters with abundant flaws
  • their writings aren’t meant to teach a lesson; simply to share a story
  • draw inspiration from those around them; MAJOR people watchers
  • their writing is highly sophisticated and not easy to digest; you have to pay attention to every detail
  • prefer writing in the 3rd person; like to take an omnipotent view as a way of removing themselves from the piece
  • take great pride in their work and don’t reveal it until it’s at a standard that they approve of (and that bar is HIGH) 


  • the poets
  • a lot of YA authors are hufflepuff
  • create beautiful imagery in everything they write
  • their attention to detail is impeccable; they want to ensure that what they imagine is what the audience also envisions
  • their writing is raw with emotion and makes the reader feel for the characters
  • 1st person stories
  • very open/receptive to criticism; seeks out ways to improve upon their creation
  • their stories always have a moral that they want the world to know
  • everything they write is a piece of them

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When I was over in Japan, a Hong Kong dude started jaywalking across a street to bypass the traffic, but his friend started yelling at him shouting in Cantonese, “Hey, don’t jaywalk! People will think we’re from the mainland!"