take a vaction!

SOOOooooooOooo I just had a thought that in Lie to the Truth, Ryan says “I tried to love you but you still loved him…” In this case, Brendon is a “she” so in the song, “she” loved “him”. And I think that “him” was Sarah(?) I mean, Sarah and Brendon started dating in 2009 and I think they knew each other even before that year. And when Ryan says “… You lied to it [the truth] too” does that mean that Brendon lied to the truth [his love for ryan] and went with Sarah? Again, this was just a thought. I’m pretty bullshit at theories so correct me or add more if you think it’s necessary :P

(I kind of have more thoughts on this song but Im quite lazy to dwell on it at the moment)


Pokemon trainer Lúcio!! because i felt like it. it’s 4:40 am i should go tf to sleep lmao buT EY - A famous musician from another region who’s deciding to take a vaction in Alola B)

So I got a job

And it’s really quite nice actually, nothing super complicated, fairly relaxed and highly flexible hours that I can somewhat control. No need to  take vactions. Above minimum wage even.

Probably the best kind of job for me aside from something done from home… at least it gets me out of the house

But UGH I have to CALL via PHONE before pretty much EVERY SHIFT to see if they actually need me.

INTJ/Introvert hell I tell you.


I hate phone calls.

And it’s dangerously close to being too short notice… I am NOT a spontanous person. I like to know at least a day in advance what I’ll be doing.

I hope I can get my boss to handle it through messages instead >_>

Still think it’s one of the better job options for me atm, so we’ll see how it goes!

don’t need you // for that person who broke your heart and you know you will be just fine without them

boy - little mix // leave (get out) - jojo // better in time - leona lewis // love shoulda brought you home - toni braxton // like a boy - ciara // shake it off - mariah carey // good enough - little mix // miss movin’ on - fifth harmony // survivor - destiny’s child // take a bow - rihanna // vaction - g.r.l // so what - p!nk // he wasn’t man enough - toni braxton // irreplaceable - beyonce // ain’t it funny - jenifer lopez // i don’t need a man - pussycat dolls // really don’t care - demi lovato ft. cher lloyd // since u been gone - kelly clarkson // best things i’ve never had - beyonce

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