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Ever since i’ve been taking my medication every day instead of just taking them on school days, I’ve been having way less mood swings. I fucking hate that if I don’t take it one day, I get withdrawals the next day if I don’t take them. lol i fucking hate being medicated. It’s fucking horrible.


Trump is threatening them if they vote against the bill, if you’re their constituent (or know someone who lives in their states), call them and make sure these reps know they answer to the American people and not to Trump.

Vote will take place on Thursday, March 23 - tell them to vote no on AHCA aka Trumpcare.

now that the newsies fandom is back into full swing, can we all take a minute and remember the time the toursies left crutchie at the rest stop that one time because he needed to fill his water bottle but didn’t properly estimate the time it would take him to complete such a feat. and the toursies on another bus were tweeting out claiming that they were not responsible for what happened on the other bus so they were basically just mocking zach while he was waiting for his bus to come back and pick him up.

Context: All right, so this was my very first time ever playing D&D. I was playing a half elf cleric and I don’t remember everybody but I know we at least had one Paladin and two Rangers and I believe there may have also been some other sort of fighter. Our group was setting up camp when we became surrounded by about 20 wolves.

We managed to whittle them down to about 5 but we all started rolling 3s and 4s, missing wolves and taking damage from both them and each other.

DM: (to me) “A wolf lands near you after leaping at the paladin, readying itself to lunge again.”

Me: (ooc) “Crap, I’m out of spells! Fine, I take my staff and swing it like a golf club at its head!” *Rolls the first nat20 of the night*

DM: *rolls and facepalms* “By some stroke of luck, the strike severs the wolfs head clean from its body and send it sailing over the trees. The sight of their companion’s demise sends the remains wolves fleeing in terror.”

*cue silence for 30 seconds*

Paladin: (ooc, laughing hard enough to fall from his chair) “Guys! The healer just became the tank!”

Take me back to 2008 when The Jonas Brothers were in full-swing & the only thing that was burning up was the song & tour instead of the world and we were just metaphorically slipping into the lava and trying to keep from going under instead of it being a reality

Boyfriend Taehyung
•holding your hand tightly
• will bother you nonstop
• “Jagi, jagi, jagiiiii”
• “i love youuu”
•he’s not drunk, that’s just how he is
• “what are you doing right now? It’s probably not that important right?”
• “good, come over, let’s cuddle”
• peppers you with kisses
• good night texts
• takes you out on walks
•"let’s take a walk"
• “I know it’s 2 am… Your point is?”
• swings both of your hands when you walk
• you get to see his messy hair when waking up next to him

  • me yesterday: I feel really happy! God, I can't kill myself yet. I'm going to miss out on so many amazing experiences - I haven't even graduated yet! I want to live. I can do this.
  • me this morning: Can somebody hand me some hardcore drugs and a gun so I can leave this godforsaken place already? I can't fucking do this anymore.

I am not a poet.
I am a scientist,
and there is nothing a scientist loves more
than the pursuit
of discovery

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Don’t talk to me or my 47 moodswings ever again

People come back for the characters. You could ask your average Supernatural fan to explain the mythology of a season and they’re gonna explain it in terms of the characters they respond to. Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley, whoever they’re into in whatever combination. I think that’s the important thing. So as long as we can keep these characters vibrant and developing, and move toward more serialized storytelling that TV in general has done and that we have done, allows that. I think we can keep going for a while. I think what’s going to stop us ultimately is at what point do Jared and Jensen decide they’ve played the roles for too long, or at what point do we get to a point where we feel like we’re repeating ourselves, or we feel like we can’t take some of the bigger swings – whether they work or not – that we’ve taken in the past. So for me to give an end date, I couldn’t do it. I think we’re all really hopeful of getting to Episode 300. We think that would be a really awesome milestone. Could it go beyond that? Creatively, yes, I think it could. But just because something could doesn’t mean it should.
—  Andrew Dabb in “How Long Supernatural Can Last, According To The Showrunner,” CinemaBlend (February 10, 2017)

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What are the challenges for Crota's End? And how do you do them? Are they all active at once when it's featured during a week? What about when it's not?

All Challenges are activated when it is Featured. After it is no longer featured, you can still do the challenges but you will not be rewarded as handsomely

Deathsinger’s Challenge

Kill Ir-Yut with a Swordbearer sword. 

To get the Swordbearer to spawn, you must kill EVERYTHING in the room and on the towers. Then you kill the wizards that spawn after everything is dead. Then the shriekers. Then the enemies that spawn in her room. But don’t kill her. After you kill all the enemies in her room she will scream in fear! Three Ogres will spawn with a few boomer acolytes, and more Knights on the towers. Kill those enemies and a swordbearer will spawn. Kill the Swordbearer, then kill Ir-Yut with the Swordbearer Sword. It will take one or two swings.

The way my team did it:

We all had Raze-Lighter. Two people took out the two kneeling Knights, then went to take care of stair / inside enemies, including Wizard and Shrieker. Two people went on the tower to take care of the Knights and then helped with Wizard/Shrieker. Two ran passed the kneeling Knights and stayed on ground floor to take care of the boomer Acolytes coming out of the Swordbearer Door. 

Once she screamed in fear, gound floor team works on ogers and acolytes. Tower team worked on the three Knights that spawn on each side and eventually hoping down to kill ads, and then inside team came to help the Ground team as well. Once all of them were dead. the Swordbearer must be killed. Somone picks up the sword and runs to Ir-Yut and takes her down!

You must do ALL of this BEFORE she wipes your team with the song

Crota’s Challenge: 

Kill Crota with unique Sword-wielders

Once a person has used the sword, he can not use the sword again for the challenge to work! A different person must pick up the sword to inflict damage on him (don’t worry the sword lasts longer than it did in Y1)

The way my team did it:

We did it in three wielders in three phases, but you can do it with three wielders in one phase if you are coordinated and fast.

Weapons of Light now affect the sword! We had a Titan set up on the rocks on the right after the first Wielder gets the sword, then the Titan runs back to the rest of the group. Your Sword-weilder will sit in the bubble until he is ready. When your Sword-wielder tells you to bring Crota down, as per usual, blast him with Gjallarhorn or Sleeper. AN OVERSOUL WILL POP UP; DON’T FREAK OUT!. Once Crota is vulnerable again, unleash more rockets into him and then work on the oversoul. We had the Defender Titan who put the bubble down focus on the Oversoul instead of taking down Crota, then the rest of the team  focused oversoul. As the team is focusing on Oversoul, your team should have made Crota kneel with the rockets previously fired. Then wail on him again with the sword. You can either play it safe and wait for another round and repeat, that is what my team did. 

Or you can have two other sword wielders on standby in the bubble ready to grab the sword every time Crota kneels. This makes the enounter last about 2 minutes. This video here might explain a bit better