take a step back from your life and laugh

The Signs As Guardian Angels

ARIES: Many mortals know the uncertainty of taking a risk, but you are the reward that comes with the gamble. You are what makes them feel good when they’re being bad. You’re the master enabler, the one who convinces them to go down their path to ruin just one more time and ensures they never get caught.

TAURUS: You are a guardian in the truest sense; you bring mortals comfort and security. You are the light that guides them home, the invisible hand that helps a toddler take their first steps, the force that wills a driver to slam on the brakes a split-second before a collision.

GEMINI: You guard the spirit of mortals. You are what makes them get back up after being kicked to the ground. Sometimes they see you pulling a funny face in their peripheral vision, or hear your laugh from thin air when they drop a clever remark.

CANCER: You were once a mortal child, but the universe’s cruelty ripped you from life far too soon. Now you drift through pediatric hospital wards, fighting off Death and healing sick or injured children. You are what doctors can only explain as a miracle.

LEO: You whisper words of encouragement and affirmation to mortals, and you protect them from the most harmful voices of all–their own. You teach the mortals to see the greatness inside themselves and choose who will go on to being guardians in the afterlife.

VIRGO: You whisper ideas to inventors and dreamers young and old. You are the voice of an idea after hours of writer’s block, the inspiration behind the illustrations in a child’s favorite picture book. You were the thinker behind every vaccination and cure, forever leading mortals to a better future.

LIBRA: You’re a modern day Cupid, dropping lovely dreams into the heads of the lonely and reminding arguing couples of why they fell in love in the first place. Of course, you have been known to fall in love with mortals from time to time…

SCORPIO: A fitful, vengeful guardian–at first, your mortal can’t tell if you’re an angel or a demon. But they soon realize how lucky they are to have you on their side because your devotion and loyalty is unparalleled by any other existing guardian.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re the guardian of travelers, the one who lifts runaways off the side of the road and breathes life back into their stony lungs. You’re the determination in the eyes of the lost and the hope in the eyes of the wandering.

CAPRICORN: A guardian who feels more like a double-edged sword. You offer your mortal unyielding protection from cradle to grave, but everything has its price and your protection is no exception. You name your price at the start of every decade.

AQUARIUS: The mortals see you as one of them. You’re so much more than mortal though–they wonder why they feel so intoxicated around you, why your laugh rings in their ears even after you’ve gone. You’re a friend to them, and what a lucky friend to have. Harm could never touch a friend of yours.

PISCES: Your mortal life before you were a guardian was not nearly as charmed as your celestial existence, and you know the ache of growing pains better than anyone. You stand with the children and adolescents who hide themselves away in their rooms, confused and scared by the world around them.

Thrift store find from earlier in the week! So comfortable!!!

Sometimes when you don’t feel great, you dress like you feel great, you smile and go out of your way to be kind, and you take a step back and readjust your focus on “the big picture,” and life falls in line.

It was a great day. I was reminded a million times over how freakin fortunate I am in this life, I dealt with the Conner situation in a way I feel good about, and I just spent the last three hours drinking wine and laughing with my book club. I’m way too exhausted to do a real follow up on the Conner thing, but I will tomorrow (and will respond to my messages then, too–I read them and thank you❤️).

Always a good thing to give yourself some time to process when life throws you a curve ball–my endless reminder to self.

Annnnd, goodnight! 😊