take a step back and let me cry

Reconciliation Narrative

So I think it’s pretty obvious by now that there is a clear reconciliation narrative in the works here for OT5 in the past three months, lets take a look see. 

First off, let’s start with Ziall: 

So November 20 the AMAs aired and there we had our first in person public interaction since March 2015. 

This moment was conveniently caught by someone who just happened to be a fan. Also note Niall’s face in the first gif and his eyes glance to Zayn and back, also look at his hand quivering as he gets ready for the big moment. Looks pretty planned if you ask me. Basically, it seems likely this was planned by new team as our first step to and OT5 reconciliation.  

Next was Ziam (cry with me):

there’s more

and more

The last time Ziam publicly acknowledged each other was in March 2016 if I’m remembering right, in which Zayn talked about being the closest to Liam and all that. Then suddenly all the Ziam seeding just stopped. Many of us thought it would lead to a public ziam reunion (collab?) but maybe things got shifted and it was put on hold, until now. Also note that @liam hasn’t wished Zayn happy b-day on twitter since 2013.. so why now??

Ok now on to Zouis:

First, Zayn publicly reaches out to Louis on twitter in December for the first time since May 2015. 

then Louis gives Zayn a positive shoutout:

and then just today (18 Jan) Louis is asked about Zayn again and clears any doubts of a feud by saying they talk: 

This generated a lot of public press saying how Zouis are good again and what not. 

So if we tally this up: 

Ziall: 1

Ziam: 1

Zouis: 3

Zarry: ???

I’m optimistic that with Harry’s birthday coming up in a couple weeks, @Zayn could wish him on twitter and boom Zarry are on good terms through the fandom’s eye as well. 

it seems like Zouis is being pushed more than the other ships recently. I, as well as many other bloggers think this could be leading to a reunion at the brits. Maybe Zayn will win an award for pilllowtalk and Louis will congratulate, or Louis will accept for History and ask Zayn to accept with him? Maybe we’ll get a bro selfie? red carpet reunion? Whatever it is, I’m confident there will be something. 

I dunno why I made this. I guess it’s just to keep everything in one place. Everything’s been happening so fast paced lately after months of nothing that I haven’t had much time to look back and analyze. I do remain optimistic that change and good things are on the way. We just have to be patient :)

I’m not going to love you today.
because when it’s 3:30 am and I am begging for the tidal waves of slumber to engulf me, I am thinking of you. and it hurts.
I’m not going to love you today.
because every time you let me take a step forward, you take four steps back. and my legs are hurting, and I want to sit down and rest my limbs.
I’m not going to love you today.
because your eyes are equivalent to the ocean, and if I look at you for more than 15.4 seconds I start drowning. I counted. and you never let me drown enough to die, but just enough for me to want to.
I’m not going to love you today.
because my hands have been reaching for yours for quite some time now. and I just want to make some tea, or write things that make people cry.
I’m not going to love you today.
because everytime you change your mind my windpipe is cut off and my knees begin to shake. and I just want to breathe something in other than the silvery thin smoke from your cigarettes.
I’m not going to love you today.
because my skin sets on fire when you touch it, and your name in my mouth makes my throat burn. And I just want to lay down without feeling like the memory of you is burning me from the outside in.
I’m not going to love you today, because I want to love me today. And I just think that I deserve that.
—  I’m not going to love you, because I’m going to love me

Regina Harris