take a slushie

CupGrumps! Chocolate dribbles and slushie! 

Im following the guys’ Cuphead playthrough and for their usual banters they’re faring remarkably well. lessee how far in they can make it ahem

me: can i be any softer for joshua?
joshua: :)
me: turns out i can

In all seriousness, this was based on a text post you made about Michael in a skirt and HOO BOI IF I DONT FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!
But there is a severe lack of Michael and skirts in the BMC fandom so I am here to fix that. 👌👌👌
(((Also you’re really cool and this is getting too long so I’m just gonna awkwardly leave ok bye)))
omg yeeees more Michael in skiiiirts pleaaase!!!
@gay-slushie aaah also hope its ok that i sketched a lil something of this~~ this pic is sooo cute and im weak lol

Shredded Clothes - Stiles Stilinski Smut

Paring: Stiles x Reader


Word Count: 3,077 words

Release Date: Apirl, 8, 2017 (AKA STILES’ BIRTHDAY BIATCHES)

Author: @lukehemmo134



You waited for your boyfriend Stiles to get into your car so both of you could get away from the supernatural for awhile. You didn’t mind the supernatural, but you just never had enough time with your boyfriend anymore to do anything special. So you planned out the day for you and Stiles to have a day together, no Werewolves, no Banshees, no Deadpool, just you and Stiles.

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Things about the BMC bootleg that make happy™

• The transitions are just so nice? Oof??

• Will puts on his pants and shoes while standing up without falling over.

• The choreo is so upbeat, fast-paced, and energetic, it’s amazing.

• The even more dramatic “CHRiIIiiistIIIiiiiiNNE”.

• Michael defending Jeremy’s dad.

• Michael’s solo- he jump and he blep

• Around 2:46-ish it Brooke and Chloe are miming kisses at eachother as part of the choreo and it’s beautiful.

•Michael tickles Jeremy during Two Player Game.

• Jeremy’s frickin’ bleps.

• The set?? It’s great?!

• Rich just casually taking a piss while yelling at Jeremy .

• When Rich picks Jeremy up by his shirt and lifts him all the way off the ground when he says “you wash that off, you’re dead.”

• Christine being extra™

• The boyfs™ secret handshake

• umm yeah so much pining from everyone

• Michael balancing on his toe + jumping in the air during his solo.

• When they arrange their backpacks to spell “boyfriends” and they just kinda look out into the audience like they’re on The Office.

• Michael taking sips of his goddamn slushie between lines.

• I mean, we already knew this, but the band is great.

• “W-well, I’M Jeremy.”

• Jake is a sweet boy

• When Rich slaps himself in the face because he lisped like no bby who gave you the right.

• Jake just raising his hand at “frisbee golf team”

• Rich avoiding Mr. Reyes on the way into the bathroom is the funniest shit honestly.

• Rich’s exasperated sigh when he says “I told you NOT to wash that off”, like he was talking to a kid who accidentally spilled something.

• Just the whole scene where Jeremy’s standing next to Rich while he takin’ a piss is so fucking funny- like Jeremy’s avoiding looking at him, and Rich just gives zero fucks.

• ^Then Rich just starts suggestively wigglin’ his ass WHILE he’s takin’ a piss. Bless.

• Rich’s squip beep-boops in again while he’s still pissin’, and Jeremy just like, gets the heck outta dodge.


• The choreography for The Squip Song; good Lord.

• Jeremy just whispering “so, it’s like, drugs?”.

• The rest of the cast standing outside the set during The Squip Song doing the choreo too- god bless

• During Two Player Game, Michael starts tickling Jeremy.

• That echoey Squip voice wow

• Rich frickin’ pushes Jeremy’s Jeremy’s shoulders back and makes him stand up straight.

• Be a good boy and wash your hands Rich.

• Rich’s dancing at the end of The Squip Song I’m melting.

• IDK bro, lifting your shirt up in the bathroom when you’re alone with another dude is pretty gay, just saying.

• The beanbags in Jeremy’s house just kinda, fall out of the sky and that’s beautiful too.

• Two player Game is gayer than I anticipated

• *splats into chair*


• Michael curls up into a ball on the floor when Mr. Heere starts calling for Jeremy

•Just sassily slapping their hands down on their controllers.

• Michael reaches to grab Jeremy’s controller and he just shoves him away- just watch 27:02 you’ll understand.

• “Is it really true I’m your favowite person” the pouty lips killed me. I am deceased. Scatter my ashes over my illegally downloaded music.

• Mr. Reyes dramatically hugging Christine.

• The whole thing has a little bit of an 80s cheese vibe- that I adore.

•Jeremy just casually lying on the floor of the food court shaking uncontrollably and screaming.

• Jenna just taking pictures of everything- even Jake and Christine hangin’ out.

•The squip being all sauve standing above the set.


• Michael can’t sit still

• Jeremy’s dad doin’ his best- during Two Player Game he reaches out to try to ruffle Jeremy’s hair, and Jeremy pulls away. That’s the sound of my heart breaking.

• Um yeah everything

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JD is a known criminal in the 7/11 for trying to take the slushie machine one time so he begs Veronica to go in to buy him a slushie all the time

she sneaks he peeks

Doppelganger (Barry x Reader)

Character: Barry Allen

Fandom: The Flash

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Metahuman!Reader

Title: Doppelganger

Requested by @friceaurelia07:

Can you do a barry imagine where i have a twin(barry doesnt know)where only hair+eye colors are different,im blond,blue eyes,she’s the opposite,i’m a hero with ice powers, she’s a criminal and one day she pretends to be me…?somethin like that?thx!

The twin has black hair and black eyes, and she just comes to central city maybe when barry is at CCPD or maybe at STAR LABS, and she just pretends she is me, she tries to act like me, she kisses barry, and all that, but harry and iris starts to get suspicious, and they try to see if it’s really me, then cisco gets a vibe that it isn’t me when he touches the twins shoulder and i then suddenly appear there, and we fight and all that? Me and barry are dating

A/N: In this imagine, it will switch from Y/N’s POV to Barry’s ;)



I grinned when I was filled with that feeling that always overcame me. The feeling of doing some good around the world, the feeling of being a superhero and saving Central City. It was worth all the trouble for sure.

Flash bumped his shoulder against mine and I smiled even wider. Then I glanced back at him and chuckled.

“You still get excited about it, huh?” Barry teased me a little, wriggling his eyebrows.

“Shut up, Bar” I kissed my boyfriend on the lips lightly, leaning my hands on his shoulders.

I took advantage of where my hands were and pushed him a little.

“I’m just saying, you always get so giddy about it” 

“Saving the world? Yeah, excuse me if I do” I rolled my eyes, but then he kissed me in the cheek and made me smile again.

“It’s just that you’re so adorable when you get excited” Barry chuckled cheerfully as he put his arms over my shoulders and pushed me into him.

“Flattery will get you anywhere, Allen”

“I sure hope so”

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hey quick concept what if eddie was terrible at claw machines but overhears richie mentioning he wanted a certain stuffed animal from the one at the arcade so eddie spends all his money to get it for him. he misses every single time and ends up heading home that night with empty pockets and tears in his eyes. the losers (minus richie) find out about it the next day and decide to pitch in all their allowance money to help eddie win the stuffed animal. it takes four hours, two slushie breaks, and one of stan’s arms getting stuck in the machine for them to finally win the plushie. eddie then works up the courage to give it to richie after a few days and a very flustered richie tells him he was actually trying to win it for eddie,,,

bonus: the entire losers club beats the shit out of richie for making them waste their time and money he hasnt been seen in days someone send h

Heathers AU Chandler Lives AU, Lick It Up

“Bitch, you thought Drain-O would kill me?” Heather asked as Veronica and JD entered the hospital room. Veronica winced when she saw the angry look on Heather’s face. “You sure have a lot of balls showing your face here. And just in case you’re here to try and finish the job-”

“Heather, please, we didn’t mean to.”

“Veronica, if the ambulance didn’t get to my house on time I would have died. What do you mean, didn’t mean to? I had to get my fucking stomach pumped of Drain-O!”

“It was just a joke-we were messing around downstairs when JD accidentally grabbed the wrong cup.”

“Wrong cup? Veronica, you wrote a suicide note for me! They want to keep me here until they see to, and I quote, "not be a harm to myself and others.”.“

"Why didn’t you tell them about us?” JD asked the blonde glaring at them.

“Because I love seeing people helpless and desperate. Now give me one fucking reason why I shouldn’t tell everybody you two psychos tried killing me.”

“Heather we-”

“Both of you should be on your knees while you’re doing this.” Veronica’s started at her as she blinked annoying Heather, “Bitch, did I fucking stutter? Both of you, on your knees.” Heather waved the nurse call button for emphasis. Veronica reluctantly did so, but JD was still standing as he took a sip of his slushie.


“I’m not doing it.”

“JD please, if I get arrested then I can’t go to college and-”

“College? Seriously?”

“JD, please.” The teen hesitated before rolling his eyes and getting down on his knees next to Veronica.

“Aw, isn’t that adorable? Both of you down on your knees ready to beg? Veronica take his slushie.”


“Take it.” The girl in the blue blazer too the drink from the other teen as a smirk crossed Heather’s face. “Now dump it on him.”


“You heard me.” Taking off the lid she tipped the cup over on JD’s head. Heather burst out laughing as he tried wiping it out of his eyes while Veronica tried to avoid eye contact with him out of guilt. “Oh my God, I can’t believe you actually did that.”

“Yeah, so are you happy now?”

“Nope. Now I want you to lick it off.”

“No! That’s just-gross and disgusting and-”

“Trust me Ronnie, that’s not the worst blue stuff you can drink.” Heather dangled the button in front of the two. “Besides your his girlfriend, right? This shouldn’t be a problem for you. As you said a few nights ago, lick it up baby~” Heathers condescending voice annoyed the two as Veronica and JD got awkwardly choose before Veronica suck her tongue on JD’s face before quickly pulling back. “Does lil’ Ronnie have a problem?”

“Heather, seriously what do you want? We’re-”

“You’re,” JD added in making Veronica glare at him before looking back at Heather.

“Both very sorry. But we aren’t doing this weird ass shit.”

“I could just call a nurse then.”

“Heather if you were going to you’d have done it by now.” Heather’s moment of hesitation let Veronica know she was right in her assumption.

“Fine…you’re right. But you do know you owe me for trying to kill me, right?”


“Wish we finished the job.”


“Nah, it probably would have been better if you did. But I actually do need something.” Heather lifted her other arm slightly showing off the strap holding it to the bed. “This place is shitty and nobody’s come to see me yet, not even daddy, and I could really use a smoke right now. Go get me some…please.” The teen looked at Heather surprised when she said that. “Come on, we don’t have all day. This place gets more depressing by the minute.”

So like...

I was thinking about the beginning of Voices In My Head where Jeremy’s Dad, Michael, and Rich each give Jeremy advice on how to confess. I’ve seen a picture of Jeremy using his dad’s advice as well Michael’s advice and I’ve seen a picture of Rich using his own advice but I haven’t seen Michael use his own advice. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough but yeah. If you happen to know of any, please let me know.

Now my true intentions of this post.Which makes me think, can you just imagine Rich confessing to Michael with his advice.

Rich: You excite me sexually!

Michael: *takes long sip of slushie*

Michael: *chokes as the realization of what Rich said*

(Bonus points if it’s in front of their friends. Who reacted before Michael then laughed at him when it finally hit him.)

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133 if you're still taking recs?

133. “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.”

It’s been a long day. The kind that makes you wish you’d never even gotten out of bed at all.

To start, it was your boss catching you on your way off the elevator to request a five minute turnaround time on the kind of report he knew full well took an hour to run. From there, it was back-to-back meetings, a barrage of follow up phone calls and a complete fail in the copy room as you struggled to fix a paper jam.

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Taehyung 51 and 67 please! Also, i love your account! 💕

drabble game~

“Wait, you’re drunk, right?” You asked with a concerned expression. Taehyung scoffed and rolled his eyes as he took a long sip of the cherry-flavored slushie in hand.

“Not at all,” he said, taking another sip. “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.” 

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