take a look at your business card

Maybe...start with small talk first next time
  • Guy at networking event: Hi, I'm Ryan from x company and we do [stuff about company's mission and his job.]
  • Me: Oh yes. Our organizations are next-door neighbors. Also I applied for your job back when they were hiring.
  • Him: My job? Six years ago?
  • Me: Yep. But you were totally more qualified! And the organization is so cool that I've been following what y'all do for years.
  • Him: [crazed look]
  • Me: 😁😁😁
  • Him: The operations position?
  • Me: Yep. The very same position. But hey now we're neighbors and we should totally work together on this project! I'm sure you have some great ideas on [my org's issue].
  • Him: [still shell-shocked]
  • Me: Take my business card! I'll email you!
  • Me: [Slinks away towards the bar]
Working with Photographers

Your cosplay looks stunning and you want to get some professional shots of your cosplay! Where do you begin? How do you find photographers? I will explain in this post!

There are 2 ways to finding photographers around you! You can either:

-A: Go to a convention. You don’t even need a ticket, you can stand in areas where photographers will be! They will most likely be outside anyway due to better lighting/location. Once you take photos with a photographer they will usually give you a business card. 

B: Look on forums, facebook pages of conventions/cosplayers in your area. Chances are photographers will be in there too looking for cosplayers to shoot with! You can even look for cosplayers in your area and look in the description for photographers. 

-Always make sure you look through their portfolio to see if you like the way they shoot. Each photographer will have a different way of shooting, some you may like, some you may not like. 

-Time to book a shoot! Message a photographer, ask for their rates, when they are available. If you agree to a shoot, make sure you tell them what character, what series, and provide multiple reference photos so they can get a good feel for your character, and choose which lighting, location, angles they may want to try. The more information you can provide, the easier it is on them!

-WATCH OUT FOR PERVERTS. Especially if you have a rather revealing cosplay or are planning a lingerie shoot! There are some photographers that are not reputable at all! MAKE SURE THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS REPUTABLE! Check with people they have worked with. Ask them their experience. If you hear anything bad from multiple people. DO NOT hire them! A good photographer will NEVER force you to do poses you are not comfortable with and will always make sure you are comfortable! They will never touch you without your permission, and will always make sure you like the shots! If you feel uncomfortable let them know. They will respect your decision.

-Practice your poses! Look at reference photos of your character and mimic their poses. It is good to have many many poses on hand because you will be going through a lot of them! For good measure look for around 15+ you like. Poses go by very fast! You can even ask your photographer if they have any pose ideas!

-Getting to your shoot. Even though you agree on a certain time, it is always best to get there 15 minutes early! It is very rude to get there late. Photographers will most likely be there early to set up their lighting, and do test shots! You can also even help the photographers set up making it more likely that they will want to work with you in the future!

-Perhaps you want to thank your photographer extra for shooting with you, good idea! You can treat them to food, coffee, and even tip them more than the amount you agreed on! Being nice, helpful and a pleasure to work with will make it more likely that the photographer will work with you on future shoots!

-Assistants! It’s a very good idea to bring an assistant to help you/and the photographer during the shoot! Assistants can do things from cape flips, holding props off screen to make it look like it’s in action, make sure your cosplay looks on point/fix whatever is off, hold lighting for photographers, and more! Just be sure you tell them how thankful you are for their help, treat them to lunch or dinner for their time, or get them a gift!

-Waiting for the photos, this is the hardest part. Waiting for your photos can be quite hard however it will be worth it! Depending on your photographer, they will give you the raws, photos with some edits, or edited photos. It is always important to have good communication with the photographer. Ask them if it is okay to do your own edits, ask them when it is okay to post the photos! And be sure to ALWAYS credit the photographer/edit in your post!

-Once the shoot is over, PLEASE leave your experience with the photographer on their pages. This will help future cosplayers on what to expect with the photographer. This will also help bring them more business and support them (if you had a pleasant experience of course)

anonymous asked:

While I was deep cleaning my store, I had to ring up a customer for ONE CROISSANT and it took forever. She said she'd pay with cash and took forever looking for it. She was so slow that my till logged me out. She finally takes out cash, but puts it away and flips through her cardholder and takes out a card instead. I had to pressed card quickly because she didn't say anything. Dear Customers, don't take forever even when it's not busy and we're not mind readers, tell us when you change your mind

Hotel Tips

I haven’t made an advice post in forever but I think this is important considering how much hassle hotels can be at this point. Here are some things that I do to avoid suspicion when staying at a hotel.

1.) Become a rewards member at a few chains that you will frequent. You will start earning points/nights and as your status increases, the likelihood of them hassling you is much less. They want to keep good customers.

2.) If you have a LLC, open a business credit card or debit card and use it to check in. Always make the reservations under your “do business as” name. That way you just look like a business traveler.

3.) If I am staying at a hotel too close to my house, instead of using my driver’s license, I’ll check in with my passport and say I lost my license. There is no address and most employees won’t even take notice to the address on your reservation.

4.) When checking in, I wear a fake wedding band and I always wear business attire unless it is the weekend. Always carry luggage with you.

5.) Try to survey the entrances and exits. Find different ways to come and go if possible.

6.) Try not to call for extra things like towels. If you anticipate needing more, pack some in your suitcase. Calling for extra towels when there is only one guest seems fishy.

7.) Try to space out your clients if possible and leave the room during the day at least once or twice. It’s really strange to stay in the room all day so try to get out and about.

8.) If you check out early, just leave the key in the room. They will know you are gone.

9.) Don’t overtip the maid. I’ve heard of some providers ‘bribing’ for silence but honestly, it’s a red flag. Certain hotels offer rewards to staff who find escorts so you might be shooting yourself in the foot .

10.) Make sure you hide all your stuff in your suitcase if you leave and have housekeeping clean the room. I guess you could lock it in the safe but I have never had a problem just tucking it into the bottom of my suitcase.

11.) Bring a plastic baggie and put your used condom wrappers and whatever else in there. Dispose of it elsewhere.

Ajax/Wade Imagine - “Don’t Look At Her”

Request – Could I request an ajax x reader imagine or one shot in which the reader is wades sister and after the fire, wade presumes she’s dead but Ajax rescued her from the fire in the mutant factory and took care of her and is now super protective of her. Like If you look at her I’ll snap your neck kind of protective of her.

Warnings – some violence

Spoilers – yes, for deadpool

This isn’t what you had pictured when a stone faced man had approached you with a black business card, telling you he could free you from your terrible life. You weren’t sure what you had pictured, but it definitely wasn’t Ajax bringing you a cup of tea as you lay in bed. Your brother, Wade, definitely hadn’t received the same treatment. You smiled as you took the mug from Ajax’s hands.

“Thank you.” You said, taking a tentative sip of the hot beverage as he sat beside you.

“How are you feeling today?” He asked, a look of concern on his face.

“It’s been weeks Ajax, I feel much better. Fine in fact.” You replied, smiling at him. A frown quickly came over your face as you thought of your brother. “Wade.” You mumbled, looking down.

“I’m sorry.” Ajax said, knowing he could never tell you the truth.

“Are you sure he’s dead?” You asked, and he nodded. You placed the mug down on the bedside table and swung your legs out of the bed. Ajax moved so that you could stand up, and handed you a pile of clothes.

“I bought you some clothes, for when you were better.” He said, and you smiled gratefully, thanking him as you took them. You stood awkwardly facing each other for a few moments, before Ajax realised. “Right, I’ll leave you to get dressed.” He said, leaving the room. When you were dressed you left too, finding him sitting at the table in the kitchen.

“I want to find Wade.” You said. Ajax went to say something, but you cut him off. “Or at least find out what happened to him. Please.” Ajax sighed, before nodding.

“Okay, but don’t get your hopes up.” You nodded as you both walked outside towards his car. He drove you to the sight of the ‘mutant factory’ and you wrapped your arms around yourself as you remembered your experience there and the fire. The car came to a stop and you climbed out, quickly walking over to the rubble on the ground. Ajax fell into step beside you, hands in his jacket pockets as he kicked pieces of burnt wood around. You looked walked around the destroyed factory, becoming increasingly dismayed as you saw no sign of life, never mind your brother. You didn’t know if he had mutated. You didn’t even know if you had mutated, having received a head injury in the fire, though suffered no burns. You turned to Ajax, arms crossed as you sighed.

“Maybe we should just leave, or we could - ” You were cut off by Ajax pushing you behind him. You frowned, turning to shout at him, when you saw another person.

“You.” The man hissed, before lunging towards Ajax, with hands like claws. You gasped, and the man turned to you, distracted for just long enough for Ajax to punch him in the gut. The man fell to his knees, and glanced up at you.

“Don’t look at her.” Ajax growled, kicking the man back on the ground. “Turn around.” He said to you as he pulled a gun out of his jacket. You quickly obliged, squeezing your eyes shut as you heard a gunshot. After a few seconds you opened your eyes, seeing another figure a few yards away. You were about to warn Ajax when you stopped yourself, feeling as though you recognised the person.

“Wade.” You whispered under your breath, moving to approach the man, but he turned, quickly running away. You looked at Ajax but he didn’t seem to have noticed the man. You shrugged to yourself as Ajax ushered you back to his car, a hand placed at you lower back as he looked around for any signs of threat. You couldn’t get the thought of Wade out of your head though, and you wondered whether you should tell Ajax about the other figure you had seen.

(Should I continue this?)

- K


Bottle Spell: Employment

SOURCE: Allura’s Grimoire


Glass Bottle/Jar
Yellow Candle(s)
Bergamot Incense
7 Small Tiger’s Eye Pieces
Sun Water
Copper/Brass Coin
Photograph Of Yourself
+ Any other symbols of success you wish to include


If possible, plan to perform this spell on the night of a Waxing Crescent Moon.

Prepare a space to perform this spell. Set up the altar you have fashioned with the yellow candle(s) and bergamot incense, any stones associated with success (extra Tiger’s Eye is ideal), a small bowl filled with the Sun Water, and anything else you wish to include (such as coins, business cards, or anything representational of the kind of job you are seeking).

Take the photograph of yourself and cut out the silhouette along the closest outline.  Ideally, the picture should be a recent, clear portrait, to the waist. Place it in the bottle so that it looks out, like a label.

Pass each of the seven Tiger’s Eye pieces through the fire of the candle flame.

Elements of fire, please bless my request.

Pass each of the seven Tiger’s Eye pieces through the smoke emanating from the incense.

Elements of air, please bless my request.

Pass each of the seven Tiger’s Eye pieces through the Sun Water.

Elements of water, please bless my request.

Hold the Tiger’s Eye pieces in your fist, and visualize all the elements aligning to realize your request. Drop the pieces, one by one, into the bottle.

Elements of earth, please bless my request.

Say a sincere prayer to whatever or whoever you wish, stating your request and asking for whatever assistance you need – a fortunate job opening, charisma for an interview, an aura of success, a stroke of luck. If you have recently found a “lucky” coin, drop it in while you say your prayer for an extra bit of financial luck.

Lastly, add the ashes of the bergamot incense to the bottle – the more ashes you have accumulated, the better.

Seal the top with yellow wax. Affix a single copper or brass coin to the top of the lid/stopper with a few drops of wax, and then cover the coin over with another layer of wax. Carve a Tir rune into the wax covering the coin.

As you seal the bottle, recite the following incantation, over and over:

May new opportunities come my way
May I find a new job by _____ Day
Earth, Wind, Fire, and Sea,
This is my will, so mote it be!

Whenever you remember, repeat the incantation in your mind, visualizing the outcome you desire. Imagine many events aligning in your favour, resulting in employment and success.


Each element of the spell has a particular power. Yellow candles correspond with prosperity, increasing opportunities, and removing negative thinking. Bergamot is known for bringing about prosperity and success – adding a few drops of the essential oil to your wallet attracts money. It is also known to increase confidence, motivation, concentration, and assertiveness. Tiger’s Eye promotes wealth, success, and protection. Tir is the rune of victory; useful whenever competition is a factor.

I recommend performing this spell on the Waxing Crescent Moon because that particular moon phase is conducive to constructive magic and the attraction of wealth, success, and luck.

This spell can be performed for others as well; the spellcaster need only alter the phrasing, visualization, and photograph accordingly.

I wrote and performed this spell for my dad towards the end of 2015. It worked to the letter in that I specified “by New Year’s Day”, and he received the call on the 31st of December, 2015. I gave the spell a breadth of just over two months to manifest, although I am reasonably confident that a shorter time could be managed provided you put in the extra energy and are realistic. When specifying the “due date”, I used New Year’s Day because it was suitable and had the significance of new beginnings. It would be ideal if you were able to specify a significant “named” day of some kind (e.g. Valentine’s Day), but you can also use the specific names of the individual full moons of the year (listed below).

January: Wolf Moon Day
February: Snow Moon Day
March: Worm Moon Day
April: Pink Moon Day
May: Flower Moon Day
June: Strawberry Moon Day
July: Thunder Moon Day
August: Sturgeon Moon Day
September: Harvest Moon Day
October: Hunter’s Moon Day
November: Beaver Moon Day
December: Cold Moon Day

Being Junmyeon’s girlfriend means
  • you literally never pay for anything like you could be buying a new shirt and he’s just tagging along “innocently” and you look down at your purse for two seconds to fish out your credit card when he’s already paid
  • and you’re like “you really don’t have to do that every time”
  • and he’s like “of course i do. i take care of you” and he kisses you
  • insists on taking you out regularly to make sure you feel appreciated and also because he loves seeing you all dressed up
  • but he also loves to chill with you sunday mornings and make brunch
  • and you’re busy cooking away with him
  • and chanyeol wanders into the kitchen because he smells food
  • and you think junmyeon is gonna tell him to leave but he’s just like “you’ll have to wait a bit until the food’s ready and then i’ll give you a plate”
  • picturing him as a father because he is the ULTIMATE DAD
  • and so you’re staring at him cocking your head a little imagining him with children and he looks over and asks what you’re doing
  • and you tell him and he’s like “i think about that all the time!”
  • you spill something on his shirt one day and he goes into the other room to take it off but you catch a glimpse anyway
  • and you forget your name and who you are because D A M N
  • lazy rainy afternoons where you just huddle under the covers in his bed and talk
  • and he’s just stroking your hair and listening to your voice and loving every second of it
  • and sehun walks in and he’s all pouty because you’re in his spot
  • but he leaves because he gets distracted by something
  • and junmyeon pulls you in closer grateful to have some time alone to have you all to himself
  • you are a queen a top priority a shining gem in his life so he always does everything in his power to make sure you never forget
Wonho - The night before

You sat opposite one another, either side of the table occupied by friends chatting away but the two of you sat in silence, neither wanting to lift your head in fear of the other trying to tackle the topic of yesterday night. It was originally meant to be a few drinks with you and the guys, just to have some time to relax and have fun. Only it spiralled out of control and a few drinks turned into many and by the end of the night, everyone had passed out except you and Hoseok, who were busy attempting to play cards.
“H-Hey, you can’t do that!” You yelled, taking the card Hoseok had hidden up his sleeve. He grumbled, reaching out for it as you yanked it back, giggling as he launched himself at you, grabbing your wrists before your head hit the floor, himself losing the balance on his knees, falling beside you.
“Cheater.” You pouted, breaking out into a laugh, head turning to look at him, his smile radiating back at you. The room fell silent, Hoseok’s toothy grin fell back into a soft one, his hand wrapping around your cheek, pulling you closer, his lips finding yours. Your arms slid round him almost instantaneously, his free arm around your middle. As the kiss broke apart, the two of you remained in that position, falling asleep, heads next to one another.

When you woke up, he wasn’t there, and that lead you up until this very moment. You both moved your chopsticks forward to the plate with the dumplings on, stopping as you clanked both pairs together. You gulped, looking up, Hoseok met your eyes and quickly turned away, yanking his chopsticks back. You sighed, dropping yours to the table. You weren’t putting up with this. Grabbing your jacket, you said your apologies and swiftly left the room.

You got halfway down the stairs til his voice called out your name. You froze up. Hands balling into fists as you turned to face him.
“Do I exist to you now?” You spat. His lips formed a frown, walking down the steps to be closer to you.
“___..” He spoke softly, arm reaching out to yours, you slapped it away, shaking your head.
“No. You ditched me last night, I woke up completely alone and now you won’t even look in my direction. Go away.” You replied. You went to leave but he grabbed your wrist tugging you back to face him.
“I was scared.” He whispered. Your eyes softened, tilting your head. What was there to be scared of? You didn’t bite. He chewed on his lower lip a little before continuing.
“That you’d hate me, that you’d ask questions. It wasn’t some drunken mistake and I didn’t mean to upset you.” You sighed, taking his hands in yours, giving a reassuring smile; you hated seeing him uncomfortable.
“Why would I hate you?” You shook your head. Hoseok didn’t make eye contact, shrugging casually, head leaning to the left.
“I like you, and I don’t know how mutual that feeling is, and I was scared you’d push me away and you wouldn’t want to talk to me again.” You felt your heart swell up to your throat, cheeks turning red; he likes you. You.
“That feeling is very mutual.” You whispered. Hoseok’s eyes widened, his lips moving in as quickly as he could, pausing just centimetres from yours.
“Can I kiss you?” He whispered, breath hitting your lips. You grinned, leaning in for a quick peck.
“Only if you don’t run off straight after.” He chuckled, arms sliding tight around your waist, lips finding yours.

This is the last week I’ll be offering this deal on these ATCs!

TRADITIONAL ATC (artist trading card) COMMISSIONS!

Anyone remember these? Golly gee I sure do!

Since I just moved and am in need of funds, and because I’m trying to expand my repertoire of available commissions, I’ll be taking REALLY CHEAP $10 ATC commissions all through the rest of March!

$10 / Card - Feel free to buy multiple! 

- Single Character

- No full body (these are the size of a business card)

- Furry/Fanart/Human OK

- Shipped to you! Please provide your address with your paypal payment!

- Please be aware that my colours are limited as these are traditional

- These commissions are in a “wing-it” style: please give me a ref sheet, a general idea of what you’re looking for, and maybe a few words about your character. The rest will be decided by me.

- Progress shots at the sketch level will be available upon request, but none after that point as I won’t be able to change anything.

PM me to grab one of these, or if you have any more questions!

//Cayde-6 Reminisces//

Wha–, Oh, you mean this old thing? Not for sale. Not mine to sell, truth be told. This here, this is an old deck of playing cards, pre-Golden Age. No kidding, this is about the oldest, fanciest damn deck of cards on the whole planet.

Here, fine, take a look. Hey now, that’s look, not touch buddy! Just a few of these cards could pay for your next Sparrow. See why? Gold bordering on the edges,  filigree on the backs, the works. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.  Too busy making guns, I guess.

Only been played with a handful of times, since the owner dug 'em out of some rubble in Old Vegas, anyway. He only whipped these bad boys out on very… special…occasions, and only with the closest of friends.

The owner? Guy went by the name of Andal Brask. Y'know,  the Hunter Vanguard before yours truly? You might’ve heard of him. Andal Brask is…was… a bit of a legend.

Hehe, and an idiot. Sly bastard would put money on 'bout anything. Always had something to bet on. Always had a pair of dice in his pocket. Always a deck of cards on his belt.

But more than that, he always had your back. Guy was a hell of a marksman, give him a rifle and he could take the hat off a Knight from across the Hellmouth. Couldn’t tell ya how many times he saved my skin.

I eventually gave him a nickname, “Angel Brask”, on account of him always being the angel over my shoulder with that rifle of his.  I thought it was clever. He hated it. Thought it sounded too sappy. Too…pure…for a sleezy old bastard such as himself.

Can’t help but wonder what he thinks of it now…

Michaels Story: Part 2

“Rome get your muthafuckin ass on the ground. Right now.” Michael kept the steel to his dome as Rome bent down, still naked, to the ground. Lord , don’t let me kill my brother cause I wanna kill him.

Tanya stood in the corner crying. “Baby please. Please! Don’t kill him!” Michael looked at her like she was crazy. Is this bitch stupid. She been passing out pussy like business cards. And now she wanna beg ??? “Bitch you lucky I don’t blow your brains out too get on the ground !” He pointed it at her.

“Michael please! The babies!” She cried. The babies. The babies. My babies. Michael walked around with his hands in head still waving the pistol around. Should I kill them and take the babies and run? No I can’t do that.

“Bro just let me explain.” Rome said. Michael pointed the gun at his brother. “Explain what nigga! You’ve been fucking my girl. The mother of my CHILDREN! Explain what !” Michael yelled.

Tanya still crying grabbed Michaels coat, the ring fell out. Seeing the ring brought Michael back to earth, brought Tanya to tears , and brought Rome a ticket on the bitter ass nigga train.

“Michael please. Please let’s talk about this. I know it looks wrong. I know it does but it was a mistake.” She begged. Rome looked at her and jumped up.

“A mistake ? Bitch you begged me very weekend to fly from Florida to "visit the kids” and now I’m a mistake !? Fuck you Tanya!“ Rome yelled.

Tanya jumped up. "Rome please! You’ve been begging for pussy since high school ! I gave you pity sex!” She yelled back. Michael sat with his head in hands , rocking and looking at the ring. My whole life , everything I worked for. Everything I did to make her happy , to get this ring.

My own brother, betrayed me. She’s the mother of my kids I can’t shoot her.

Rome grabbed his clothes. “Michael I can’t do this. You can have the dumb bitch man. I’m sorry bro. I’m sorry.” Rome turned to get his shoes and three shots rang through the house, two in his back , one in his head.

Tanya stood there with the pistol in her hand still pointing it at Rome…

mmmmkay well avert your eyes from the botched gold leaf job the store only had fake gold leaf and ive never worked with the fake crapbUT heres a painting for my buddy pyxus and her priest Byriel as the magician tarot card, i looked up a lotta cards and felt this one best suited him also it was fun to mix that in with religious themes because hes a nerd priest

but ya pyxus is a really rad gm who takes tons of time outta her busy life to babysit all of us pissing children in the guild and she deserves nice things like i mean a lot nicer then this because last night 4 am me thought this was good enough but i wake up to knowing i coulda worked way more on this so i do apologize for that

but just lookit that dumb shimmer who doesnt like gold shining crap

Handy-Dandy new app~

Dear convention-going friends,

Even if you’re not a cosplayer, I’m sure you’ve noticed the increasing numbers of cosplayers who pass out business cards. Heck, you might even be one of them. 

I’m also sure we are all aware of the struggles of keeping track of business cards when we’re getting tons of other free swag and cards and the like that generally get dumped into one bag to be sorted through later when you’ve forgotten how to match the memory to the memento.

WELL. Let me tell you a thing.

There’s an app called Haystack that is 100% FREE for individuals. It’s a business card app. As in you put in your info and it creates a business card for you. 

Bam. Look at that. Someone takes your photo, you pull out your phone and have them take a picture of that immediately after. And then they can actually connect the dots and find you and tag you in that shit! :o

AND! If the other person ALSO has the haystack app, the app will SCAN business cards! Both paper cards and app ones. And organize them all nicely in a list.

AND not only that, but you see there on the left side (edit: RIGHT. RIGHT SIDE. I KNOW MY SIDES.) where the logo/black photo bubbles are? THAT’S ACTUALLY A PHOTO GALLERY. So let’s say the cosplayer’s card you just scanned is from the Haystack app. When the app recognizes that (I’m assuming via phone number or email listed), it will give you that person’s FULL Haystack card, meaning if they’ve uploaded other photos of their cosplay, you’ll get to browse through those.

For cosplayer’s that’s great way to showcase each cosplay you’re doing throughout the con or for photographers to showcase samples of their work.

It’s also super easy to go in and change/update your info! No more wasting money on cards. No more leftover cards. This app could seriously change up how photographers and cosplayers share their information at conventions.

DOWNLOADS!! iphone vs other guys