take a hit

@lameeejaneee was super sweet and tagged lil old me, so y'all get to see me stoned and confused by technology 😂 I’m passing it on to @persephonegoddessoftheunderworld @floralwitchprincess @thesmokinglesbian and anyone who needs to take a minute to themselves 💛

Got tagged by @dank-gore to take a hit, soooo i took a few haha 😁😁

But I wanna see @ghoulishfigure @steezyuniverselovesyou @stoned-adventurer @fairyganjmother to take a hit today ☺️ also hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!

Stop, drop & take a hit 💖
I was tagged by my babes @lameeejaneee & @eyesthesizeofmoons

I’ll tag @bakedlilbae @thankyoufortrippingwithme @sadhippieslut @suckmybigbong @smokinghiigh & @lilnippyy
Have a wonderful day love bugs! 💓

happy 420 connor day

i cant believe the greasy boi is growing up yall

Morning babes! Stop drop & take a hit ☀️💨
I was tagged by @lameeejaneee , @lilnippyy & @eyesthesizeofmoons I’m so sorry I got so high and couldn’t remember your username Hahahaha

I’ll tag @bakedlilbae , @thankyoufortrippingwithme , @sadhippieslut , @smokinghiigh & @paradisiak 💖💞💓💗 have a great day everybody!

All that I see, is the wickedness around me.
I refuse to believe, the apocalypse inside of me.
I can’t even trust myself.
I’m burning in my skin.
@whoduhthunkit tagged me recently to take a hit so enjoy this one, it was a quickie 😘😘
Lets see Kitten ( @thelittlefae )
Mama Cat ( @kawaiidabber )
My Friendly Neighborhood Dragon
( @rachelsfuckingzooted )
M'Lady Arwen ( @sateavasea )
My favorite Raven Claw ( @chocolatemamashighdeas )
And Bae ( @magicalflowfairy )
Show me show me shooooow meeeeeee pleasseeeeeeee
Also would like to add new friendsssss