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Daryl x Reader - Taking care of you (30 Days series) [SMUT]



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DAY 6: Scar worship

–> DAY 7

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

–> Requests are open by the way

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

The fic take place after Rick leave Daryl at the Kingdom (episode 9 season 7)

Warning: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT and fluff (Actually I wanted it to be just a fluffy fanfiction but I couldn’t help to write a little bit of smut)


“Daryl you’ll stay here”

Daryl look at Rick with wide eyes.

Rick put an hand on his shoulder: “we’ll comeback, besides, (Y/n) will stay here with you so you could really enjoy the Kingdom” Rick continues with a wink.

Daryl turns his head to me while I take his hand: “yep, you’ll not get rid of me easly” I said smiling.

He smile back at me, then we turn to see our family walk away from the Kingdom.

I could see that Daryl wasn’t too fond of this decision I look at him: hey, haven’t you listen to Rick? They’ll be back. They know that you can fight but for now, you are a target so you need to stay hidden". ————————————————————————— ——————————————————-

There wasn’t much to do here, so, after dinner, we both head to take a shower and rest.

I laying down on the bed, the only thing that cover my body is a big towel.

I could hear Daryl shower in the other room, and while I wait for him, I start thinking at all the days spent without him.

When Negan took him away from us, every day was hell for me.

I couldn’t do anything, I hardly eat and sleep, the only thing I could do was thinking about all the things Negan was doing to him.

Then, after Negan’s first visit, after I saw him being taken away again I really went crazy, and, while I was tidying up the mess in our house (thank you Saviours, really) , I stumbled into one of Daryl shirts. In that moment I had a really bad mental breakdown, I cry and screamed while I hugged his shirt, thinking that I would never see him again.

My thoughts are interrupted by Daryl entering the room, his hair are wet and the only thing covering him is a towel that hung from his hips.

I couldn’t help but notice that, in addition to the scars on his back, there are other dark bruises.

I can feel my eyes get teary so I hugged him from behind: “What did they do to you?” I whisper.

Daryl didn’t answer, he just relax into my arms.

How could people hurt him like that? He deserve nothing but love.

With this thought in mind I start to lay little kisses along the scars on his back.

I can feel him get stiff at that:“(Y/n) what are you doin’?”

I detach from his back just for give him an answer: “I’m loving you… all of you”.

With that said, I peck the bruise on his shoulder and turn him around so I could lay him on the bed.

I settle myself on him and start to kiss the scar on his shoulder left by a bullet, a gift from Dwight. 

While I start a trail of kisses from his shoulder down his chest, he start to massage my scalp.

After sometime spent worshipping his chest, I go down and finally reach his waist.

While I start to pull away his towel, I could see the outline of his erection.

Daryl lift his head: “ (Y/n)…are you sure?”

Smiling I answer: “Of course, you went through a lot, let me take care of you”.

Finally I take his erection in my hands and after pumping it a little, I take him in my mouth.

I start to bob my head really slow, almost teasingly .

Meanwhile Daryl start moaning very loudly, his fingers clutch my hair tightly: “oh god baby, I love you so much”.

I can’t help but moan at that, bobbing my head faster and faster, taking more of him, feeling him touching the back of my throat with the tip of his cock:

“Yeah like that babe”.

After a while Daryl start to grunt and try to pull me away from him

“(Y/n) please, I need to be inside of you”.

He didn’t need to told me twice, quickly I climb on him, and sink onto his erection.

We both moan, while Daryl start to play with my breasts: “God, you’re this wet just givin’ me a blowjob?”

“Shut up and enjoy the ride” I said, winking at him, then I start to ride him hard and fast.

It didn’t take long to reach our orgasms.

Before he came he lift up to kiss me, so we can muffle our moans while we reach our high.

We came together, kissing each other, then Daryl lay on the bed with me on him.

The silence was filled with the sound of our heavy breathing and little kisses, until I start talking:

“I really missed you”.

I can feel him smile while he’s busy leaving kisses on the top of my head: “ I missed you too baby”

We stayed like this, cuddling and kissing each other until we both fell asleep.

Maybe we’ll enjoy stay here, at the Kingdom. 

Flying Colors: Chapter 2

Chapter 1 

Fairy Tail AU: High School Marching Band

Rating: T for some language

Pairings: Mainly Nalu; Hints of Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, Chendy, Fraxus

Word Count: 1k

Chapter 2: Trusting a Trumpet

“Mind if I join you?”

Lucy jumped at the sound of his voice, and did a terrible job at hiding it. She snapped her eyes to the smiling face above her. “O-Oh, you’re Natsu, right?”

He reached out a friendly hand to help her stand. “Yep! Surprised you know my name, since I moved here a few weeks ago. I’ve heard your name. Luigi, right?” 

“It’s Lucy…And Mr. Dreyar calls you out on the field a lot,” she laughed, taking his hand. “You seem to have the ego of your trumpet.” 

Natsu put on a show of being taken aback, even putting his hand over his heart as if he’d been fatally wounded. “Me?! You don’t even know me!” 

Lucy crossed her arms, and threw him a curious look. “Anyway. You said you wanted to join me? Like, for dinner? Don’t you have your other ‘brass buddies’ to hang out with?” She formed her fingers into air quotes when mentioning his friends.

“Guess they couldn’t wait to get to Taco Bell or some shit. You’re the last one here so, I guess your’e my backup plan for dinner.” Lucy gave him the evil eye when he decided to flair up his dull statement with finger guns.

“How flattering. But I’m afraid I usually eat alone, and that’s the way I like it.” She picked up her bag and started for the exit of the guard room. Natsu quickly stepped in front of her, an idea singing across his face.

He noticed her bag, covered in keychains, some of them being little kittens. “If you eat dinner with me just this once, I will let you meet my cat!” 

Lucy’s face brightened, but soon returned to a look of frustration. “Jeez, how desperate are you?” The words came out slightly harsher than she intended, and she silently reprimanded herself.

Surprisingly, the boy was not hurt at all by the question. “I don’t like eating alone! I do it too often, anyway. That’s why I like being in band. Gives me people to eat with.” His cafard words did not match his bright tone.

Lucy pondered for a small moment. I do like cats. And I kind of feel bad for him. There’s no reason not to, anyway. She lightly slapped his shoulder and called, “Alright, let’s go! I’m expecting kitty love after this.”

Natsu followed her, his eyes and mind still trying to size her up. “Where are we going?” He expected some kind of cafe or fast food restaurant, especially after a long day. He could have definitely gone for a spicy chicken sandwich.

“Baskin Robbins of course!” 

Natsu nearly stopped dead in his tracks. “Ice cream?! After a hot and stressful day in the sun? Are you looking forward to throwing up?”

“I don’t have a weak stomach. I eat there every day after band.” Lucy sometimes forgot that it wasn’t the brightest to eat dairy products before and after camp. But she stopped caring after last year.

“I hope I throw up all over you.” He mocked her moderately aggressive tone from before.

“Point that talkative mouth of yours away from me, or face my wrath,” she threatened him, while continuing her walk through the common area.  

“Ha! I could take you in a heartbeat!” Natsu said proudly.

“I’ve spent countless hours over the last six years of my life flinging a giant flag several feet into the air. I wouldn’t be so sure,” she replied with a smug grin, and a slight flex of her upper arm.

The realization from her words struck the fear of god into Natsu’s eyes. He held up his hands in a silent surrender. “Good thing we are walking.”

“Hey! I could have a car!” she retorted at the insinuation. 

“We are almost to the parking lot and you haven’t gotten keys out yet. Don’t take it so hard! I hate riding in cars anyway.” He sighed, and started messing with his phone as a distraction.

“If it makes you feel better, I hate cars, too.” Lucy looked down where they walked, studying the hot asphalt changing from grey to black. Natsu looked in her direction for a moment before darting his eyes away. 

Neither of them questioned each other, and they decided to walk in silence, leaving only the roar of the hated cars as they whizzed by.

Lucy found it difficult to keep from laughing at Natsu. He was obviously one of those people who couldn’t help but gulp their ice cream, with no concern about the mess it may leave. She felt the need to wipe away the ice cream in his fluffy hair, but restrained herself.

“I can’t believe they don’t have jalapeños on hand here,” he said in a grieving tone. 

“I can’t believe we didn’t have to call 911 after you ate vanilla ice cream topped with twelve squirts of fire sauce,” Lucy was surprised they even had sauce that spicy. She was sure that she would die if she ever tasted it. Her tongue tightened in her mouth at the mere thought of it. The confectioner definitely agreed with her, after their shared look of mental pain.

“Obviously the cream negates most of the sauce, Lucy. It’s basic science,” he swigged the cup of complementary water.

“Your brain is basic science,” she responded while chewing on the last part of her sweet waffle cone. The sugary taste started to turn bitter as she processed more of her surroundings. She nervously checked the time on her phone and panicked. “I gotta go! My dad has been waiting for me for ten minutes.”

“Wait! Are we friends now?” he called after the disappearing blonde, undisguised curiosity in his voice.

Lucy continued walking, but smiled warmly to herself. “I have to meet your cat first!” The door closed swiftly behind her, leaving Natsu to himself.

I’m hoping to post a new chapter every few days, and they’ll hopefully get longer as I get used to writing again~


I can’t believe timelessarmourforalexander and I actually did this! LADAN ILY <3 BUT ENJOY while we go hide in a corner…

NSFW-ish content ahead.

  • Alec has been on night patrolling duties and he comes home one night. He’s totally drained and there’s still adrenaline in his system. He decides to drink a little out of the blue. One glass very quickly become two, which only results to becoming three and Alec feels unusually active.
  • Magnus comes into their living room saying something about ‘doing something interesting’ and before he knows it he’s pushed on the hot pink couch.
  • 3. So Magnus is caught off guard but Alec is grinning widely and yup he’s definitely drunk. He goes over to the stereo and turns it on.
  • An upbeat song starts to play and Alec starts moving his body to the beat. And not like awkward swaying, no he’s full on dancing. Hips, arms, legs everything is moving in a steady rhythm and okay Magnus is very aroused and what has gotten into his Nephilim? He’s also very proud at how smooth Alec’s moves are, he has been giving him some dancing lessons.
  • All of a sudden Alec climbs on Magnus’s lap and grinds down. He does it teasingly slow and Magnus is moaning which causes Alec to speed up his grinding to a rhythm bone tingling rhythm. Magnus realizes, when he’s able to form coherent thoughts, that he’s grinding to the beat.
  •  Alec finds himself uncontrollably leaning dow to bite Magnus’s earlobe, his eyes fixated on Magnus’ squirming body. Alec kiss the skin and then begins singing the chorus softly into his ear.
  • All of a sudden Alec starts leaves kisses along Magnus’ jaw, on his chin and he hovers just over Magnus’s lips teasingly, while practically purring the lyrics into his ear, his breath hot and full of peppermint; His eyes are on Magnus the whole time.

‘One love, two mouths

One love, one house

No shirt, no blouse…’

And Magnus is cursing and 'Fuck Alec, what’s gotten into you? Not that I’m complaining, darling. Ah…’

  • At the same time Alec has his hand’s under Magnus’s shirt, trailing his waist, up his stomach, his chest, till his hands finds Magnus’s nipples.
  • Alec then kisses down his chest with chapped lips after taking his shirt off eagerly; a few rough rides against his thigh, and his lips finds magnus’s nipples easily. He swirls his tongue Over it whilst humming the tune seductively and Magnus feels the vibrations right down to his core.
  • Magnus is a fucking mess and he groans trying to ease his desire to just take him there but then; but alec pushes him down hard and rides his thigh again and fucking sings the chorus once more, his lips are now atttached to magnus’s bottom lip as he attempts to undo the warlock’s jeans. Magnus gasps in surprise. Alec takes Magnus’s bottom lip between his teeth, tugs at it and slowly lets it go, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin.
  • Alec finally crouches down, tugs Magnus’s zipper down with his teeth and then proceeds to blow him
  • And okay the blowing is to the beat (this sounds weird but shhh)
  • Magnus is a writhing mess and when he’s over the edge he cries out Alec’s name.
  • Then Magnus takes his revenge. He gets up, grabs his very sexy shadowhunter boyfriend and pushed him into the sofa.
  • And then proceeds to ride him.

(Yes we shall be in a hole that I dug where you can find us. See if you can figure out the song)

Send me prompts!


Seth Rollins x reader

This drabble came from a conversation with @smutwwe after an anon asked me who I’d rather sleep with sub!Seth or dom!Seth and I replied “both”.

You’re tying a naked Seth to your bed, much to his surprise.

“Babe, what- what are doing?”

“Shut up, Seth, you know exactly what I’m doing.” You smirk down at him, as his confused expression turns to a lusty one.

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I miss Anders, I said. I’ll make a custom Hawke, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

@losebetter and I nearly suffocated from laughter doing this. MODS - NOT EVEN ONCE.

Under My Control

Eisuke x Reader

You’re tying a naked Eisuke to your bed, much to his surprise. “Babe, what- what are you doing?” He asks. "Shut up, Eisuke, you know exactly what I’m doing.” You smirk down at him, as his confused expression turns to a lusty one. "You know what I want to do to you? I’m gonna drive you insane, I’m gonna tease you until you can’t take it anymore, I’m gonna rub myself against you, I’m gonna take your dick into my mouth, then I’m gonna ride you, hard…” You start some dirty talking, as you rub yourself really slowly against him, making his breath uneven. You can see him swallowing hard as you keep talking dirty to him, also feeling his erection growing harder and harder under your already wet core. “You’ll moan and groan and growl in desire and frustration and you’ll beg to touch me, you’ll beg me to unleash yourself, you’ll lose… your… mind.” You whisper against his ear, nipping at him, then starting to trail kisses all over his body. You finally reach his dick, grabbing it in your hands and pumping it painfully slow. You kiss its tip, licking and pressing sloppy hot kisses on his length. You tease him a bit more and he’s already a groaning mess. You take his dick in your mouth and the fact that he can’t touch you or himself, it’s driving him insane. "You like it this way, baby?” You moan against his dick. "Hmm, yeah…” He moans, not being able to form words or even think straight. “Let me touch you, please.” He begs. "Uh oh, what did I tell you? I told you you’d be begging to touch me.” You smirk teasingly, faking a pout as you spoke. “Don’t be a bad boy.” What you didn’t know was that he was managing to loosen up the ties on his hands and that you didn’t tie the ties very well you put on his feet. You positioned yourself on top of him, taking him inside of you. That felt so good, you felt so filled up. You start riding him, bouncing your ass up and down, in circles, whatever you felt like doing. You’re the moaning mess right now, and Eisuke is in a complete haze. He fucking growled just now and seeing him that undone, that wild and frustrated..it was driving you crazy, it’s turning you on so much. Suddenly, you hear a thud, followed by another, and you’re on your back in a heartbeat. Done with all the teasing, he manages to unleash his hands, rolling your bodies, pressing you down with a hand as he unleashes his feet with the other. "Eisuke, what-” You ask shocked, but he cuts you off. "Now, what were you saying you’d do to me?” He smirks down at you. "You listen to me right now…I’m gonna hold your hands over your head…” He says as he is holding your hands as he said. “And I’m gonna fuck you hard, so hard, you’re gonna scream my name so loudly, the whole building will know how good I’m fucking you. And you’ll beg me to touch you, you’ll beg to touch me, to let you run your hands up and down my back, to let you grab my ass, just like I know you love doing and I’m not gonna let you.” You can’t help but moan just by listening to his voice and feeling his dick’s tip pressing against your core. He doesn’t waste any time in getting inside you and make you moan mercilessly under him, as he pounds into you harder and deeply, hitting you in all the right spots. With your hands still tightly in his grip, he leans down and takes a nipple in his mouth, sucking and nipping it, driving you insane. You let out a huge moan and shout his name, and he fucking growls again. You can’t handle it when he growls, it sends heat right to your core. He keeps thrusting into you mercilessly. Damn, he did say he’d give it to you hard and he is. "Eisuke..fuck. Please… please let me touch you.” You beg, your hands aching to touch him, to feel him, rub his body, grab his ass. His thrusts become sloppy but still deeply and he’s having trouble in controlling himself already so he lets your hands go. Finally..the release you wanted as you feel his sweaty toned back and ass under your hands. "Babe, I’m gonna cum.” You moan, as you feel the pressure in your belly. "Cum for me, _____….Cum for me.” He pleads, as he starts feeling your walls clenching around his dick. After a few more thrusts, you’re both a moaning mess, your bodies shuddering and quivering against each other. With his face hidden in your neck as he tries to regain composure, he lets out a chuckle. "What?” You ask, confused. "Damn, what came over you today?” He asks, pulling back to look at you. "I wanted you… under my control.” You smirk, as he leans down and presses a kiss to your lips. "Well, feel free to do it anytime. Just know, you’ll end up under my control.”

The Human Way

Title: The Human Way 

Prompt: @wayward-mirage: Ask and you shall receive!  Lucifer x reader.  And let’s go with public smut if you are comfortable writing it.  If not, then how about watching fireworks together.  *** I decided to go with the public smut ^^ 

 Summary: Lucifer decides he wants to help you out on a case, but when he sees you in your FBI attire, that tight skirt…he can’t help but get a little frisky.  

 Warnings: SMUT

 Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather, @percywinchester27, @thewicked-end, @chaos-and-the-calm67, @nerdwholikesword, @chelsea072498, @pizzarollpatrol, @savingapplepie-eatingthings, @cici0507, @wayward-mirage, @charliebradbury1104, @melonberri, @bellastellaluna, @pinolief2001

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Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

There were a lot of benefits to being a hunter.  You had one hell of a poker face.  It was hard to surprise you.  You were able to stay calm in intense and awkward situations.

The disadvantage of dating and being in love with an archangel…he proved all of those benefits you thought you had…wrong.

“I’m just curious. You are always hunting, I want to see what it is like.”  Lucifer stated as he sat at the small table in your motel room.  

He had stopped by last night and the two of you spent the night in, enjoying each other’s company.  Both of you had been pretty busy lately, so it was nice to have some time together.  And Lucifer decided it would be great to prolong that time, and accompany you on a hunt.

“Alright, you can come.  But you follow my lead, we do it the human way, and no killing anyone.”  You said quickly as you zipped up your duffle.

Lucifer remained silent for a moment before agreeing to your terms.  You began discussing the case with him, giving him all the details and giving your ideas of what the monster of the week could be.

And before too long, you were sitting in your car in front of the police station.

“I approve of that skirt.”  He spoke seductively as he looked you over.

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When (most of) y'all request smut:
  • Gally: Bondage, rough, dominant kinky sex. Give the reader bruises, tie her up, make her beg and call him "Sir."
  • Thomas: Normal, hot sex scene with good storyline, lots of rough times and teasing Thomas until he takes the reader hard
  • Minho: Ride him so effing hard and talk dirty and hickey the living daylights out of him and make the reader beg to climax
  • Newt: Fluff for my precious baby and make him awkward but not too awkward and so cute and kissy with his first time
Teen cutie oral.

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Scarred For Life

Originally posted by dailytylerhoechlin

Request: #63 - Getting caught, #64 - Explaining their relationship to someone who didn’t know, and #9 - First time with Derek

Author’s Note: So, I tried to make this kinda funny and cute! This combo was interesting, so I hope you like what I came up with! Enjoy c;

Please, always use a condom/practice safe sex

Warnings: Always language; obvious smut; just porn from the start


“You’re sure…there’s no…pack stuff…today?” I huffed in between heavy breaths and light moans. Derek’s mouth was working relentlessly on my neck, making it hard to concentrate.

“Yes,” he breathed, grinding his hips against mine. I groaned loudly, my nails digging into his shoulders. Derek had me pressed against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist, fingers in his hair as he kissed me breathless, hands squeezing my ass.

“Fuck,” I whispered, feeling him bite down on the junction of my neck and shoulder.

“You know, your brother wouldn’t approve of this,” he stated, playfulness in his voice. I pulled back, giving him a look.

“Really? You’re gonna bring up Stiles right now?”

“Right. Sorry,” he muttered, grinning before kissing me again. His lips trailed along my jaw, nipping here and there, before finding that spot behind my ear that made me gasp. Biting my lip to hold back a smile, I began to tug on the collar of his shirt until he pulled back enough to allow me to pull it over his head. He gave me that famous Hale smirk as I ran my eyes up and down his exposed torso.

“Like what you see?” he asked playfully.

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The MBTI Types as Questionable Benjamin Franklin Quotes

ENTP: “Men and Melons are hard to know”

INTJ: “Death takes no bribes”

ESTP: “If you ride a horse, sit close and tight, if you ride a man sit easy and light”

ESTJ: “Late children, early orphans”

INFJ: “Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead”

ESFP: “Craft must be at charge for clothes, but the truth can go naked”

ENFJ: “Fish and visitors stink after two days”

ISTP: “Fools make feasts and wise men eat them”

ENFP” “Eat to live, and not eat to live”

INFP: An empty bag can not stand upright”

INTP: “There’s many witty men whose brains can’t fill their bellies”

ENTJ: “There is much difference between imitating a good man and counterfeiting him”

ESFJ: “To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals”

ISFP: “Clean your finger before you point at my spots”

ISFJ: “Visit your aunt, but not every day; and call at your brother’s, but not every night”

ISTJ: “You may delay but time will not”

muracookie  asked:

Okay one more. Can I get Natsu doing all the Karasuno boy’s hair? I feel like that would be THE cutest thing. BOOM two down. I'm now satisfied.

On occasion, when the team has a Sunday practice and Hinata’s mom is working, he’ll have to bring Natsu to practice with him. She’s old enough now to ride her bike on her own, though she has a hard time with the hills. The ride takes longer than usual, but they’re always a bit early. And then the fun begins.

She starts with Asahi, who can’t possibly say no to her begging face. He sits in front of her while she digs through her little backpack, which they see is full of hair products (she’s well prepared). She likes doing Asahi’s hair because it’s long and she can braid it. It’s a cute French braid, and there’s little hairs poking out everywhere, but he smiles and tells her thank you.

Next is Noya, who actually offers after excitedly watching her do Asahi’s hair. The libero’s hair is crunchy from his products, but she manages to gather it into some sort of messy bunch and puts a ribbon around it. Again, there are sparse hairs sticking out everywhere, and he sort of looks like there’s a big spike sticking out the back of his head, but he loves it and thanks her profusely.

Next comes Tanaka, who’s been milling about and watching wistfully. She has a special headband that she brings just for him, and makes a fuss over him the same as she does for the others. He loves it, and he and Noya parade around, showing off their “new looks.”

Usually after that, it’s easy to convince Suga, who bends easily in the wake of her pout. Suga gets some pins to pull back his bangs and a cute barrette with a butterfly on it—“Because it’s pretty, like you!” And of course he rocks it.

Wish Suga down, it’s easy to convince Daichi too, though her options are limited with that short, bristly hair. For him, she whips out the products—“Natsu, where did you styling gel from?!”—and slicks it back. He actually looks pretty awesome, going from nerd dad to cool dad.

Next come the rest of the second years, led by a smiling Ennoshita. He gets his hair slicked back too, and he looks ridiculously amazing. Like, he could be in a magazine. Kinoshita gets his bangs clipped back like Suga, because his hair is too fine to do much else with. And Narita gets a special headband of his own—which always makes Tanaka pout a little.

Usually at that point, practice starts and Natsu hangs out with Kiyoko and Yachi, who of course let the little girl do their hair—they’re Natsu’s favorites, after all. Kiyoko gets a fancy up-do with a brightly colored pin. Yachi gets a really elaborate wrap-around braid that bakes her look super mature. The boys go crazy over their beautiful managers.

During a break, it’s Hinata’s turn. Natsu likes to make him look silly, so it’s lots of little pigtails all over his head. He totally eats it up, even though he looks a little bit like an orange-spiked Hellraiser.

At that point, it isn’t hard to sway a grimacing Kageyama. He acts reluctant, but he’s been watching everyone out of the corner of his eye. She does his bangs up with silver barrettes and makes him look super handsome—which she tells him, and gets him stammering and shouting a little bit.

Usually Yamaguchi accepts defeat at this point, and takes a seat in front of her without being asked. His hair is longer, so he gets that half-up/half-down look, complete with a bright pink hair tie. And oops, he looks amazing. Probably the best of the bunch—except maybe Mr. Super Fly Ennoshita.

You might think Tsukki would be really resistant to this, but he’s surprisingly pretty good with kids. And he actually likes Natsu, so he relents easily even though he’s the last one. He’s one of her favorites, so he gets a special headband too—it’s a cool cosmic print, as opposed to the other boys’ solid colored ones. She spends a lot of time pinning it back and getting the headband just right. And he gives her a sincere smile when she’s finished.

Everyone secretly looks forward to her next visit.

Fred “The Hammer” Williamson | Vintage Eye Candy

— American actor and former professional football player. Film credits include Three the Hard Way (1974), Take a Hard Ride (1975), One Down, Two to Go (1982). Co-starred with George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino in From Dusk til Dawn.

When the night falls (request)

Anonymus asked:

Hi can I have a scenario with T.O.P where it’s your first night together after your wedding!!! Thank you and I love love love this blog to death!!!

Dear anon, thanks so much! :) I feel like I’m not good at writing smut… I hope you enjoy anyways.


“Don’t peek.” Seunghyun insisted, that you went the whole way to your hotelroom blindfolded. He loved to surprise you, so you let him. “We’re there.”, he said. “So what are you waitng for?”, you asked as you realised that you stood right in front of the room. “Tsk, jagi. You should know me better.” Suddenly he took you bridal style and seemed to open the door with his foot, but you couldn’t see since you still were blindfolded. It took some steps until he stopped. How big was this hotel room? Finally he let you down and said: “You can have a look now.” So you took of the blindfold and what you saw made you gasp.

This wasn’t just a simple hotel room, it was a suite. You seemed to stand in a huge living room. Everything in this room looked so expensive and elegant. Since you knew that Seunghyun loved art, furniture and such things you were surprised about the fact that you didn’t expect this. You were so deep in your thoughts, that you jumped a little, when Seunghyun hugged you lightly from behind and whispered in your ear: “Do you like it, princess?” His deep voice sent shivers down your spine and you just nodded. “It is wonderful. Are the other rooms just as beautiful?” You could feel him smile, After he kissed your neck lightly, he took your hands. “I can show you.”

The first room you entered was the bathroom. But it wasn’t just a room. It was like a wellness oasis. Your mouth gaped open and you let go of him. There was a shower that was big enough to let a whole family shower at the same time. And maybe you’d need a whole family to operate it, since there were so many buttons and switches. The bathtub wasn’t small either and seemed to be a whirlpool, too. You were hardly able to look at everything, when Seunghyun took your hand again. “We’ll have enough time to discover everything here… Later.” You could hear a slight impatience in his voice and you knew where he would lead you next. The thought of what was about to happen made you smile.

The bedroom was just as big as the rest of the suite you saw. In the middle of it was the biggest bed you’d ever seen. But this time Seunghyun didn’t give you time to look at everything. He hugged you from behind again, kissing your neck. You tilted your head to give him better access and whispered: “What are you about to do, Mr.Choi?” “What do you think, Ms. Choi?”, he asked and stopped kissing your neck, just to knibble on your earlobe. Meanwhile his hands seemed to have a life of their own. They first caressed your belly, then your hips and ended grabbing your butt, which caused you to sigh a little. You liked, when he started like that. Not too rough, but not too soft. It was just right. You turned around and grabbed his tie. You walked backwards, pulling you with him.

When you were about to reach the bed, you let go of him, made him stand some steps away from the bed and smiled at him seductively. You turned your back at him and asked him: “Could you help me with that?” Seungyhun opened the zipper of your dress and as soon as he did you turned around again. You let the dress fall down on the ground, making him stand where he was just with your gaze. You stepped out of the dress and went to the bed. You turned around to him another time, showing him yourself in those sexy lingerie you bought just for this day. Then you let yourself fall on the bed. “How about you join me?” But when he was about to join you, you stopped him with your foot. “Na ah, there’s way to much clothing on you.”

You never saw him taking of his clothes that fast before. When there were just his boxers left, he almost jumped on the bed, crushing his lips onto yours. This kiss didn’t start slow, it was heated right away. He let his tongue slide over your lips, begging for entrance which you gave him gladly. There was no fight for dominance, there was just lust in this kiss. Seunghyun’s hands seemed to be everywhere from your breasts to your belly, your thighs, your legs and your back. But your hands roamed his body as well, just avoiding the part of his body that was covered by his boxers.

“Do you know what you do to me, when you look like that?”, he asked after you broke the kiss. Seunghyun started kissing your jawline, then your neck, while his hands tried to open your bra impatiently. All you could do was moaning lightly, since he found your sweet spot. Finally he took of your bra and started to caress your now naked breasts. While his hands started do go down your body, his lips and tongue kissed and liked your breasts, causing you to moan some more. “I love the sounds you make.”, he murmured against your skin. “And I love how wet and ready you already are.” He touched your clothed core lightly, feeling the damp satin. You moaned some more and started to move your hips against the touch.

“You’re as impatient as I am.”, he said with dark and lustfilled voice. Suddenly he took of your panties, leaving you naked. His fingers found his way to your core again, parting your folds and entering his index finger into you. “I see and feel that there is not much preparation needed.”, Seughyun said, while he slowly moved in and out of you. All you could do was moan. “Please, more.”, you managed to whisper between moans. When he heard your lustfilled voice, he moaned slightly on his own and came closer to you with his body so you could feel his already hard member on your hips. “You want more?”, he asked with a husky voice and suddenly added a second finger, but still moving them in a painfully slow pace. “Aaaah, please…”, you breathed out, trying to take off his boxers. “Just… Fuck me already. I know you can’t wait.”

This seemed to pull a switch in Seunghyun. He took of his boxers and placed himself between your legs and kissed you deep and passionate. His hands moved up and down your sides and when they reached your hips again, he grabbed them hard and pushed himself into you in one swift move. Both of you moaned loud, enjoying the feeling. Seunghyun couldn’t wait, so he started to move in a fast pace, burying himself as deep inside you as he could. Soon the room was filled with your moans, groans and the sound of your skin slapping against each other.

“I won’t last any longer.”, Seunghyun groaned, his movements getting out of pace. “Me too, just… aaaah.”, you breathed out, crying out your lust, when he hit your gspot again and again. With no waring given, you came hard, taking you with him. He growled deep, riding out your orgasms and then collapsing next to you. After you found your breath again, he said: “That was fast. I should book a suite more often.” You smiled at him and added: “But do you know, what’s the best about it? Our honeymoon has just started.”