take a drawing

ahhh I’m too tired to finish this right now;;

I’ll finish this tomorrow


Decided to check back in for a bit and saw I got tagged by @stariousfalls to post my background and lockscreen, the last song I listened to and a “pic” of myself. Thank you, friend. ❤

My lockscreen is of the boys, of course, and my background is of the drawing I did. Last song I listened to is Intention by Kiiara. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for awhile. Erm…. Still not really comfortable showing my face so here is one of my many bags. XD Maybe one day. Just not anytime soon. ^^;

I think people might have done this so I’m not really going to tag anyone. Maybe next time. And now I’m going back to my break.

My hand and arm have mostly healed! 
I’m excited to hop back into art!

I was initially really stressed about not being able to work on my commissions, but I feel a lot more grateful now that I had chance to take a long break from drawing and I guess kinda rethink how I’ve been approaching it mentally.
I’m too pessimistic and stressed most of the time, especially when it comes to my art, so I’m going to try and actively counteract that more. 
I want to have a healthier mentality with art, and not let it become this subject matter I beat myself up over. I gotta encourage and pump myself up! Gotta be nice to yerself!

min-child  asked:

I love your work so much you are amazing!💕💕 also how long does it typically take for you to draw?

OOOmg thank you so muh!!!! *hugs hugs hugs!

How long?? D; time is relative XD It depends on what I’m doing, for doodles I like to spend 2 hours and see what comes, I can make a bunch of doods or practices that won’t take me more than 5 min. each or just sketching from real life, I don’t take the exact time but I use 2 hours for doodling :)

for finished inked pictures it can go from 2 hrs to 6 hours, but If I’m making big detailed water color or acrilyc it can take me days to finish it XD, comic pages also take me from 2 to 5 hours depending on detail!

time is not that important but what is important is to finish what you do and don’t abandon even if you don’t like how is getting :) but time fly when you have fun!

anonymous asked:

How did Dream get his wings? (Could this be drawn in memory moment? Just asking sorry if im bothering you)

He got them from eating the golden apples. For those who don’t know, they’re entirely composed of light magic and can change between being physical or not physical–whatever’s convenient. They aren’t limited to being wings, either.

I might draw the event some time in the future, but right now, I’m taking a short break from drawing. (the drawings I’ve been posting were already in my computer)

anonymous asked:

U should just like write all your ocs entire back-story like if you wrote anything of any length about them idc I would spend the rest of my goddamn life reading about them if it took that long honestly wtf I'm obsessed???? Help?????????

I HAVE A WEBCOMIC jndkslfnd dfjed that’s what that’s for o mg

the only reason i keep everything pretty short and vague is bc i’ll be touching on the majority of their stories in the comic, i just take forever drawing panels lmao