take a dog instead of cats and it's me

We pass
and you look weary,
you tell me
you haven’t slept in days.

I say, don’t get me wrong,
you do look beautiful –
(as you have been, always.)

You live in a deluxe apartment,
people pass by ‘neath your feet.

Nobody knows 'bout your hardship,
you’re trapped in a cage of concrete.

You feel it’s too much to ask for more,
you’re blessed with high-end
and your husband, he certainly loves you,
so you keep your chin up;
ignore your unease.

You gave up your dream of the forest,
instead of dogs, you now have a cat,
but you don’t want to be a bother,
he’ll never know
why tears stain your bed.

He can’t help that he’s bound to the city,
its lights and noise he’d never forsake,
he simply can’t live life without them,
and anyway,
isn’t love a game of give and take?

(I guess it is, if you know what’s at stake.)

You tell me that you’re truly happy,
in the end that’s all that matters to me.

I don’t tell you about my own home,
'neath the forest’s green canopy,
though you’d
definitely know where to find it.

It’s where I once carved
that heart in
a tree.

Home is where the heart is - M.A. Tempels © 2015