take a dog instead of cats and it's me

I snuck out to take a super quick shower while she was still asleep and she took my warm spot. At least she’s shuffling around some on her own now.

the signs as shitposts ive made

aries: why do you need 21 pilots like don’t you think 21 is a little excessive. 21 pilots is far too much for one plane. they’ll crash the fucking plane.

taurus: what do you call a dinosaur that likes other dinosaurs of 2+ genders. a birexual. or a binosaur, as my friend decided on. whatever

gemini: small, fears conflict, has a debilitating anxiety disorder, would still fuck you up though

cancer: yes, i am a Pansexual. you thought that meant im attracted to people of all genders or that gender is not relevant to my attraction? oh, hun. no. i just really like the greek god of nature.

leo: *takes out drum kit* this song is called “I’m So Bi, I’m Incredibly Bi, I Love The Ladies And I Love The Guys, It’s Time For Me To Say Good Bi”

virgo: if you expect the unexpected, then the unexpected becomes the expected and vice versa, therefore you are not expecting the unexpected and instead are expecting the expected when you mean to expect the unexpected

libra: reproduction is weird like its that easy to create a new human

scorpio: someone: are you a cat person or a dog person?

me, a 1/3 human 1/3 cat 1/3 dog hybrid creature: uh

sagittarius: hey baby are you medusa because im getting rock hard just looking at you. *she takes off her mask* wait what you really are medu- *turns to stone*

capricorn: when its 9a.m. in the afternoon

aquarius: everything i am, everything i ever was, and everything i ever will be… is gay. super duper gay. too gay.

pisces: me during the apocalypse: ehh so what not like its the end of the world

The songs of episode 5x19 of Glee: Old Dog, New Tricks (spoilers)

The songs for the episode Chris Colfer wrote are very well picked, imo. They seem to fit the storylines and/or are a bit tongue-in-cheek with the theme of the week. Only Chris can think of using a Madonna song and a Broadway female power ballad from ‘Cats’(!) for a production of ‘Peter Pan’, lol.

Despite the justified heavy focus on Kurt (with him therefore getting more songs than average this week), there is something to sing for everyone, if only in the big group number, and there are some surprising singers’ combinations. But above all: the songs seem to be so much simple, sheer FUN, like the old Glee days. Watch and learn, RIB: the student is surpassing the master here.

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We pass
and you look weary,
you tell me
you haven’t slept in days.

I say, don’t get me wrong,
you do look beautiful –
(as you have been, always.)

You live in a deluxe apartment,
people pass by ‘neath your feet.

Nobody knows 'bout your hardship,
you’re trapped in a cage of concrete.

You feel it’s too much to ask for more,
you’re blessed with high-end
and your husband, he certainly loves you,
so you keep your chin up;
ignore your unease.

You gave up your dream of the forest,
instead of dogs, you now have a cat,
but you don’t want to be a bother,
he’ll never know
why tears stain your bed.

He can’t help that he’s bound to the city,
its lights and noise he’d never forsake,
he simply can’t live life without them,
and anyway,
isn’t love a game of give and take?

(I guess it is, if you know what’s at stake.)

You tell me that you’re truly happy,
in the end that’s all that matters to me.

I don’t tell you about my own home,
'neath the forest’s green canopy,
though you’d
definitely know where to find it.

It’s where I once carved
that heart in
a tree.

Home is where the heart is - M.A. Tempels © 2015