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This should go up on AO3 soon and I’ll add the link. I’m still on official hiatus from fic prompts and chapter updates, but I’m writing other things as I have time and inspiration strikes. This was spawned out of a brief conversation about a specific line of dialogue and it was fun to write. It got sappy and I do not apologize.

Gen/Family Bonding
Tim Drake + Bruce Wayne
Rated T for Language
~2500 words

The Batmobile roared into the Cave and the engine cut-off, plunging the bay into silence. Only voices from the medical unit carried over when Batman leapt out of the car.

“How is he?” he called, pulling back his cowl as he hurried up the steps.

“Dazed and a little incoherent,” came Alfred’s reply. “I’m still assessing him now.”

Bruce had been on patrol with Damian when Oracle had informed him over the comm that Tim had been taken back to the cave with a head injury of unspecified severity. Cassandra had found him and then had fallen silent on the comms after letting Oracle know.

He climbed the steps to see Tim perched on the edge of the gurney, a bucket in his hands. It looked freshly rinsed. Cass was sitting on the countertop with her arms wrapped around her folded legs. Alfred was prepping a CT scanner they’d invested in after an earlier nasty head wound.

“Is Robin with you?” Alfred asked, glancing over as Bruce took in the scene.

“He’s with Batgirl,” Bruce said, not taking his eyes off Tim.

“Miss Cassandra might appreciate your help in engaging Master Timothy’s attention.”

“Listen,” Cass said, when Bruce took a step closer to them. Tim had still not noticed his arrival, or if he had, he had given no indication of it. “Tim. Tell me again. Becoming Robin.”

“So,” Tim said, his word slurred. He leaned forward over the bucket and nearly toppled off the gurney. Cass slid forward, a tangle of limbs unfurling and stretching toward him in the same instant Bruce put a hand on Tim’s shoulder and gently pushed him upright again.

“So,” Tim repeated, “you know, you know the first part.”

“Green. Girls. Fast cars,” Cass supplied, weight braced on her hands on the countertop. She held her body aloft, an inch above the surface, by her splayed palms.

Bruce’s heartbeat stuttered, knowing and hating this origin story. He loved Tim but he tried not to think often of why Tim was there.

“Exaaaactly,” Tim said. “Gone. So, B, you know B, he’s a fucking disaster. Like Cass you don’t even know how bad. He was erratic and violent and reclusive like a baby kangaroo. Cass, don’t laugh at me, I’m serious,” Tim’s voice took on a pleading tone and Cass was in fact, giggling behind her hands. She’d dropped back to the counter to cover her face. “Baby kangaroos are dangerous, Cass. They have really strong legs but they hide, too,” Tim sounded near tears.

“Okay,” she said, consoling. Bruce felt like he wasn’t doing much to help other than ensuring Tim wouldn’t topple over, but he was also reluctant to miss the rest of the story from Tim’s perspective.

“He was hiding and I knew where to find him,” Tim said. “I snuck in. Who gives a fuck about rules, not me. I never have. Anyway I found him, and he was all like, ‘What are you doing here, punk? Aren’t you Jack Drake’s kid?’”

Bruce had half-anticipated this part of the story, but he has not anticipated that Tim’s voice would rise to a falsetto while imitating Bruce’s lines instead of dropping to a lower octave. He had to stifle a sudden laugh.

Cass’ eyes were shining and Bruce realized belatedly she’d said “again” earlier. She had wanted him to hear this.

“Then what,” Cass prompted when Tim’s attention began to drift.

“Oh,” Tim said. “Oh yeah. So. So, I found him. And he was angry. But I just told him the truth. I said, ‘bitch, you need some kid to stabilize you, and I guess I have to be it.’”

Bruce, despite his twinges of guilt and amusement, could not actually argue with the truth of this summation.

“I seem to remember more pleading on your end, Master Timothy,” Alfred interjected a bit defensively.

“No, that’s pretty much it,” Bruce said with a wry grin. Cass beamed at him unabashedly.

Tim turned as if surprised and looked up at Bruce standing next to him.

“Hey, bitch,” he said in a sluggish tone. “I mean, Bruce,” he amended without apology.

“Hey, kid,” Bruce said. “They told me you hit your head.”

“That’s stupid,” Tim spit out bitterly. “Something else hit my head, not me. I’m not an idiot.”

“Brick wall,” Cass said.

“That,” Tim said forcefully, pointing a finger at her. “What Rainbow Daughter said.”

“True name,” Cass clarified for Bruce. “Secret.”

“The scanner is ready,” Alfred said. “Master Timothy, if you might lie back?”

“Try and make me,” Tim said. “I can go back out there. I’m fine!”

“Tim,” Bruce said, a little sternly, and Tim sighed and reclined on the bed, still clutching the bucket. “Has he been nauseous?” Bruce asked Alfred.

“No,” Tim answered. “I just like this bucket.”

“Ask him questions,” Alfred said. “Keep him awake, if you might.”

“Favorite dinosaur?” Cass asked before Bruce could think of anything.

“Velociraptor,” Tim answered with a scoffing noise. “What kind of question is that.”

“Movie?” Bruce asked and Cass gave him an alarmed expression. From inside the portable scanner Tim sniffled hard and bit back a sob.

“Dumbo,” he whispered a second later.

“Favorite happy film,” Alfred amended, giving Bruce a severe look. “One must specify.”

Cass added a reproving frown to this, and a nod, as if it was common sense.

Inside the machine, Tim sniffed again and answered in a steadier tone, “No such thing. Is Bruce still there?”

“Yes,” Bruce answered.

“Tell them. There are no happy films,” Tim insisted.

“I’m sure there are some happy films,” Bruce countered slowly, looking to see Alfred’s still disapproving reaction to this concession.

“But you haven’t seen any,” Tim said sourly. “You can’t think of any. Art is misery.”

Bruce, who had been feeling slightly bewildered by his apparently massive misjudgment moments before, knew immediately that this was something he could salvage.

“That isn’t true,” he argued, ignoring the absurdity of disagreeing with a stubborn teenager who had a probably massive concussion. “What about the photo essay on abandoned research labs in Gotham?”

“The one I did for Wired?” Tim asked hesitantly. “Yeah, that was fun.”

In the corner of Bruce’s line of sight, Cass bit her lip to hold back a pleased smile.

“Nikon or Canon?” Bruce asked next, dragging a wheeled stool over to the gurney and sitting down.

“Digital or traditional?” Tim asked, his whole body now otherwise still.

“Both,” Cass said. “I guessed.”

“Canon for digital, Nikon for traditional,” Tim said. “Were you right?”

“Yes,” Cass said quietly, despite having no proof of this. Bruce didn’t doubt her. He himself had been fairly certain.

“Hell yes,” Tim said triumphantly. “Sibs know shit.”

“Sibs know shit,” Cass repeated solemnly, like it was a vow of some kind. For all the weight they gave it, Bruce supposed it might have been.

“I’m gonna sleep,” Tim announced with a yawn. “It’s so cold in here.”

“Tim,” Bruce said, instead of trying to persuade him otherwise. “Which USSR camera model did you prefer?”

“You don’t remember that,” Tim said as if it were obvious fact. “No way.”

“Of course I do,” Bruce said, because he did.

“Zorki-6,” Tim said with a fond sigh.

“Why?” Bruce asked, because he wanted to keep him talking and because he’d always been curious about the antique camera Tim had spent a long spring season taking everywhere. He’d come to Bruce’s office after school most afternoons to sit on the couch and do homework and fiddle with the settings. He’d take pictures from the window, or traipse around the building with the camera, and develop them in the darkroom at the manor afterward instead of going home. But Bruce has never asked– Tim had been skittish about his art then, likely to tuck it away if anyone paid attention.

“Because no one else that I knew had one,” Tim said. “And it smelled like your old briefcase.”

Bruce was so acutely aware of Cass sitting nearby and Alfred beside him overseeing the machine as it powered down that it didn’t take much effort to retain his face’s composure, but there was a moment where it nearly broke in surprise and sentimental warmth.

“Good smell,” Cass said.

“Hell yes,” Tim said again. “One of the best. Like vanilla extract.”

Bruce was frozen on the stool while they discussed this and he exchanged a look with Alfred that told him, without words, that his semblance of facial control was likely a myth.

“Ew,” Cass said. “Bitter.”

“I told you, you can’t taste it,” Tim said. “Extract is gross to taste.”

The machine rolled back and Tim was prone on the bed, still, the small bin wrapped in his arms.

“This is just a cursory glance,” Alfred said, “but I don’t see anything concerning. His heart rate is still a tad elevated.”

A suspicion bloomed in Bruce’s mind and his frozen limbs moved again. He slid the stool down toward Tim’s head and leaned over the bed, looking into the boy’s face.

“Tim. How many shots of espresso did you get in your red eye tonight?”

“Oh,” Tim said, thinking. “Before I fought with the wall.”

“Yes,” Bruce said, a smile quirking one side of his mouth.

“Uh,” Tim said, meeting Bruce’s gaze and then looking down at the bin. “You’re going to be pissed.”

“I won’t be,” Bruce said, promising to himself as much as Tim. “If you tell me, you might get to sleep soon.”

“I’m so tired,” Tim allowed. “Really. Like, it’s been days. Fudge. I’m so tired.”

“C’mon,” Bruce said, and he felt Cass move behind him before he saw her at his elbow.

Cass bent forward and kissed Tim’s forehead.

“You tell,” she said. “Or else.”

“Seven,” Tim whined with a hand over his eyes. “Seven, okay? And maaaaybe a Red Bull. I’m a robin. It gives me wings.”

“Well, that solves that mystery,” Bruce said, sitting up. “Al, mark this one down as a minor concussion and an excess of caffeine consumption.”

“Master Timothy,” Alfred said, aghast. “You ought to know better.”

“I said don’t be mad!” Tim protested.

“Master Bruce made such a promise,” Alfred replied sharply, with worry in his voice. “You will be staying here for a few days, is that understood?”

Tim nodded sullenly and stuck both arms in the air, suddenly, the bin clattering on the floor when it fell.

“Carry me,” he ordered. “I can’t feel my legs.”

Cass reached over and prodded his knee; Tim’s leg jerked away.

“Liar,” she said simply.

“I’m compromised.” Tim jiggled his arms, held out in a zombie-like fashion. “Somebody. I don’t want to sleep in the cave.”

Bruce stood up and slid an arm under Tim’s shoulders and another under his knees. Tim slumped against him, unresisting, as he straightened.

“Night, Timmy,” Cass called from her reclaimed perch on the counter while Alfred muttered under his breath. When Bruce glanced back, she’d scooted down to hug the older man around the neck and Alfred patted her hands.

“How bad is your headache?” Bruce asked as he climbed the steps in the cave.

“Middling,” Tim mumbled against the batsuit Bruce was still wearing.

“And anxiety?” Bruce prompted next, knowing from experience the side effects of that much caffeine. He’d gotten a few stern lectures from Alfred when he hadn’t been much older than Tim.

“Um,” Tim said, “pretty shitty. How’d you know?”

“When was the last time you asked me to carry you?” Bruce questioned in reply. “I think the answer is probably never.”

“I was serious about my legs. They fell asleep,” Tim said, his head still turned against Bruce’s chest as Bruce side-stepped through the narrow door. The boy sounded almost asleep already, but more lucid than earlier. “I didn’t want to fall in front of you guys.”

“Hm,” Bruce said. He rounded the corner and began climbing the second set of stairs. Tim had never, even with muscle, been very heavy.

“I miss you,” Tim mumbled when they reached the top. “I try really hard not to be bitter about Damian, but I miss how things were before. When it was us.”

“Me, too,” Bruce said, knowing he meant it and that no one else was around to hear. He knew Damian would take it the wrong way and was glad he was still out, but he felt the same way about each of them as Robin. He did miss the days when he was out on the rooftops with Tim.

“I know it wouldn’t be the same,” Tim said, as if consoling himself.

“Handle,” Bruce prompted, stopping at the door.

Tim flopped his hand over and swung it wildly around, reaching without looking. When his fingers landed on the knob, he turned and his grip slipped off.

“It’s locked,” he complained. “I don’t know where I left the key.”

“I can kick it open,” Bruce said, considering. “But Alfred might be upset. I could pick the lock. Or we can go down the hall and you can steal my bed for the night.”

“Where would you sleep?” Tim demanded groggily, and Bruce took that as his cue and headed further down the hall.

“The couch in my office,” Bruce said. “Or a guest room.”

“Your bed has good pillows,” Tim mumbled when Bruce worked the knob with his knee and pushed the door open. He carried Tim across the room to the bed and stood there for a moment, then dropped him abruptly onto the comforter.

“Bruce,” Tim complained, laughing. He crawled under the covers until all but the top of his head had disappeared and from under the thick blankets, he sighed.

Bruce sat on the edge of the side table and reached over and ruffled Tim’s hair.

“You did stabilize me, you know,” he said quietly.

“I know,” Tim said in a drifting tone.

“You can’t keep doing this, Tim,” Bruce said when Tim rolled over and pressed his hand against Bruce’s outstretched hand. “Come by my office. Or we can patrol. But you need sleep. And less caffeine.”

Tim nodded and yawned.

“Okay,” he said. “Sorry.”

“You’re a good kid, Tim,” Bruce added. He wished he said it more often.

“You too, bitch,” Tim said, and then he giggled. It sounded young and childish coming from him. “Sorry. Sorry. I mean, thanks. My heart is still going crazy.”

It was Bruce’s turn to yawn.

“You okay?” he asked. “I need to get out of this suit.”

“Mhm,” Tim said. “M’good. Night, Bruce.”

“Goodnight, Tim,” Bruce answered, standing. “Shout if you need something.”

The answer was a soft snore. Bruce closed the door behind him and stopped to pick the lock to Tim’s door on the way down the hall.

It was unlocked.

Bruce grinned.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Sam Desantis

When it comes to capturing moments that give you all the feels, Sam Desantis has it on lock. The way that Sam captures raw moments in time and turns them into nostalgic memories is insanely inspiring. We can’t get enough of her moody “blue” photos and can’t wait to see SXSW through her lens as she captures the festival as a guest blogger for Vans Girls. Follow along all week on the Vans Girls blog and Instagram and get lost in Sam’s photography…

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To the upcoming freshman babies:

1. Dress comfy. Not everyday has to be “dress to impress day.” Frankly, more people are gonna be focusing on cramming studying in before the next class to really notice.

2. Wear comfy shoes. Most likely you’ll have a short passing period and you really don’t want to be late to class.

3. Some teachers are okay with being alittle late if you explain your situation, but some teachers are demons from the netherworld so just be careful and see what teachers are which during the “new year” buff time.

4. DONT SKIP. Honestly, where would you go? What would you do? And there are cameras and adminstration everywhere, do not take the risk. Just go to class. You’d be occupied at least.

5. Be polite to the lunchladies, more than not they’ll let you slide if you don’t have enough lunch money for lunch.

6. Always carry change for lunch/snacks for vending machines. ( About 3$ is fine. )

7. Study.


9. S T U D Y. Even the day before is fine, just do it at least once.

10. Sleep. Don’t stay up all night on an assignment. You can always finish it in the morning, during free time in other classes, on the bus, in the car, etc., etc., etc.

11. COMMUNICATE. Talk to your teachers if something in class isn’t working out, I.e, getting to class on time, getting to ANOTHER class on time that’s after that particular one, needing an extra period/lunch/few hours to finish an assignment/ homework. TRUST ME, they aren’t like last years 8th grade teachers. They actually listen.
Yes, even the mean ones.

12. You don’t have to make friends the first month.

13. You don’t have to make friends the first 2 months.

14. You can ask to work solo, if you explain the teachers will most likely let you.



17. Lunch isn’t as scary as you think. If you get to school earlier and know where lunch gets held at, scope out the land and see what looks good for you.

18. Alot of the upper classmen understand, you can talk to them anytime for advice, where to go, such and such.

19. Hygiene. Carry deodorant, perfume, lotion, gum, breath mints, whatever.
Just carry it.
ESPECIALLY, if you have p.e.

20. Hydrate.




23. Stay away from the guys with beards and mustaches/gotees.


25. Overall, just be careful. Adapt. The teachers are right, you’re not in middle school anymore.

Or else.....|Fred Weasley x Reader

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You plopped down next to your friend Evelyn in the Great Hall at the Gryffindor table. Your hair was a mess, with little white specks of flour everywhere.

“Who pissed you off today?” She asked, scooping a serving of pasta onto her plate.

Blowing your (H/C) hair out of your face, you started ranting. “Weasley. He’s such a fricking prick. Have you seen his face? It’s annoying. It makes me so mad! It makes me want to–” You made some choking motions with your hand. 

“Ah.’” She rolled her eyes playfully. “I’m gonna need you to specify which one.

“Fred.” You snarled. You stabbed at your salad with a fork maniacally.

“You’ve had a six-year feud with that boy, (Y/N)! You’re going to need to get over it!”

You huffed in reply.

“Anyways. What happened to all–” She gestured to your hair. “–that?

That was the trigger phrase. You started launching off about how Fred had stuffed flour into your blow-dryer. You had stumbled out of the shower in a hurry, and when you’d turned on the device a shower of flour had shot straight at you. “I managed to get some of it out.”

“Clearly not enough. Why do you even use a blow dryer? You know there are spells to dry your hair.” Evelyn laughed but stopped when you gave her a shrill glare. 

As you were once again picking at your food, you heard the laughter of the Weasley twins. They were always together and were always pulling pranks on the helpless. 

As they walked by you, Fred piped up: “Nice hair (Y/N).” You dug your fingernails into the table and scrunched your face.

“HEY! Weasley!” The murmuring quieted down in the Hall. Fred and George turned.

“I think she’s talking to you, Fred,” George whispered to his twin.

“Yes! I’m talking to you two! You pricks! You filled my blow dryer with flour this morning didn’t you?!” You marched on up to where they were standing.

“Actually, love, I think we did that last night.” Fred grinned. “Didn’t we George?”

By now, the whole Hall was silent, listening to you shout at the Twins.

“Does it matter?! Look what you did to my HAIR!” You pointed at the clumps of white sticking like glue on your head. “Who’s idea was this? Do you have any idea how flour sticks to wet hair?!!”

“Well….it was mine, but–” Fred began. You got up right in his face, so close that your noses were almost touching.

“Don’t ever do that again. Or else…” You hesitated. “Or else…”

“Or else what?” Fred smirked and crossed his shoulders.

“Or else……OR ELSE…..” You held up your finger and racked your brain for a reason.You could hear muffled laughs from the people around you. Your face started turning red, and you scrunched your nose. “ARGHH!!—-”

You were shut up by Fred kissing you. Gasps were heard everywhere. Colin pulled out his camera to take a picture. Girls whispered in each other’s ears. Evelyn’s fork dropped out of her hand and clattered on the floor with a *clink*.

You, however, were frozen. It was like time and space had stopped when Fred had kissed you. Heat rose to your face.

When he pulled away, your mouth was hanging open in awe and your face was redder than before.

“Sorry. You’re too cute when you’re angry.” Fred shot you a killer grin and walked away. “Later, (Y/N)!”

George lagged behind him, just as surprised as you and the others.

After the murmuring shot back up in the Great Hall and Evelyn called you, you shot back to life.

“W-what? What happened?” You asked her, daze. There were looks shot at you from here and there. 

“Fred Weasley just kissed you!” That really made you wake up. Heat crawled to your face again and you turned around. Fred was talking with Harry, Hermione, and Ron further down the Gryffindor table.


“This photo was taken during a day exploring New York City. I recently moved here from Georgia, so I have a long list of famous and unique places that I want to see in the city. I stopped into this plant shop that doubled as a thrift store, Green Fingers Market, in Manhattan. I take my camera with me everywhere I go, for reasons like these. The market was succulent heaven and I captured so many of them. This is one of my favorite photos from that day!” - Lauren Clark

(Happy Ending AU) Seeing how excited she gets when he lets her borrow his camera, Jonathan saves up all that he can from his paycheck to buy a Polaroid camera for El’s next birthday. Eleven absolutely adores this, of course, fascinated by the way that the pictures seem to magically materialize when the camera prints them. She takes it with her everywhere, trying to capture every moment of her new life. 

Presently, she spreads the polaroids out in front of her on the floor. Each moment perfectly preserved and with a little date and description in careful marker underneath. 

Four thirteen year old boys crowded around a table in a dimly lit basement “Hard at work for another DnD campaign - November 1984″

One moppy haired boy in a neatly pressed suit beside one young girl with a pixie cut in a graceful light blue dress
“Snow Ball - December 1984″ 

Two college age kids posed next to a heap of luggage, arms around their nervous parents
“Nancy and Jonathan leave for college - August 1985″ 

That same moppy haired boy, slightly taller, proudly holding a stack of Eggo waffles that’s nearly two feet high 
“Eleven’s Birthday - November 1987″

Four eighteen year old boys paired up with four eighteen year old girls, all dressed in proper suits and elegant dresses (the girl in the light pink dress stands out the most)
“Hawkins High School Prom - May 1989″ 

She presses each one gently into the photo album at her feet, ghosting her fingers over the blank pages, soon to be filled with all the more adventures to come. That ragtag gang of DnD-playing, science loving kids is now grown up and going off to college. What could go wrong, right?

BTS Reaction: To their girlfriend being apassionate about games, art and anime.


It was the first time that he went to your house, you decide to show him your room, he maybe was waiting to see a normal girl room, you know, posters of some artist or even a doll’s shelf, but you did have a shelf, but not precisely of dolls but video games.

Since “Mario Kart” until terror games like “Outlast” or “Amnesia”, you really had a great variety. (I love those games)

“So this is why sometimes you do not answer my texts, next time I come let’s play Mario Kart, I’ll let you win”

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“YN! I’m home, where are you?!”


You were paiting a new work, he stood next to you, admiring how you were working. 

“Hi honey” You said and painted his nose tenderly “You like it?” He nodded as he kissed your cheek, hugging your waist “I am glad because it is you”

“Really? YN…I don’t know what to say… Th-ank you, it’s beautiful…I am very proud of you” *Shy*

(Imagine him stroking your cheek)


“YN you are even listening to me?” Namjoon asked you while he gave you a disapproving look.

“Sorry jagi, I was watching an episode of Shingeki no Kyojin”

“Seriously, you should start to pay attetion to the real man who is here talking to you instead of this anime guy, you’re missing all this” *Jealous as fuck*


“Hoseokie! Please, please, tell me your opinion about this choreography, be honest okay?

You started to dance, a slow song, moving according to the music, he immediately could feel the passion with which you were dancing, at the end he is a great dancer too.

“I think I just found my dancing partner..NOW I CAN DO THOSE DANCES OF COUPLES THAT I SAW THE OTHER DAY!”


“How many nights did I take to count the stars?, that’s time it would take to fix my heart” (Sorry If you don’t like one direction but I love that part)

You are always listening to music and singing, that’s something Jimin could notice as soon you and him started to live together. He would really enjoy hear you singing. Because you sing with passion, as him, even when you are not an idol.

“Wah, my jagiya has really great voice”


“And?!” He asked you in the moment you showed up at the door. You went to an audition for a role in a movie,

“I don’t know… They said they will call me” You said, a little bit nerveous, because that’s what they said to everybody.



“Yey! My little girl it’s going to be a famous actress!!” *A very proud Taehyung*


“Hey Kookie!” You called him.

“Hum?” He turned around to look at you *Flash* 

“Perfect” You looked the picture you took of your boyfriend, he smiled at you “What?” You asked.

“Nothing, it’s just I can’t believe you take your camera to everywhere”

“Well, I love taking pictures of everything, like a normal person” 

“A normal person doesn’t wait 2 hours at the same position for ‘The perfect moment’ to take a picture YN”

Yah! I already finish it! Sorry for the waiting, I hope you like it!

Also, for art I used all the art concepts (Music, painting, dance, cinema and photography), the last one is considered like an extension of painting but I used it anyways. I hope it’s what you meant, if it’s not, sorry.

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Welp. Can we has some maaaayjor fluff with the bros? Like domestic fluff and waking up together and how they sleep beside their s/o?

Yes you can! God I love fluff but I tried my best.

Noctis- If he ever wakes up before his s/o, which is fucking rare mind you. He’d cuddle them close and think about just how lucky he was. There was a person that cared about him, that loved him enough to stay by his side despite all the crap that came with being royalty. All the shit that comes with a world that seems like it’s falling apart, there’s a person right beside him the whole way through. There’s someone right there to keep him together. There’s someone to love him and he loves them just as much. On mornings where he wakes up before they do, he pulls them close and whispers light thank yous in their ear. Because he knows without them, he would have been lost a long time ago.

When they sleep together Noct usually falls asleep first on his belly. Leaving his s/o to smile a bit at him and curl up against his side. One of their arms usually wrapping across his back to stay close to him. When they wake up however it’s usually a tangled mess of limbs cause they both rolled around in their dreams.

Prompto- You guys know that one couple that always takes selfies together? Doesn’t matter where they are, there’s always a phone out and someone’s taking a selfie? That’s these two. At home, in public, out shopping, fucking selfies everywhere. Though sometimes Prompto will take his camera and just take candid shots of his s/o. He has a few in a scrapbook that he likes to look through. A few of his favorites include one of them sleeping in the morning after they stayed over for the first time. Another one is them in the kitchen, wearing one of his shirts and hair a mess while cooking breakfast. It’s these imprompto impromptu photos that he loves the most. Though this isn’t gonna stop him from just wrapping his arms around his s/o and bright them in close for another selfie.

When it came to sleeping he normally starts off on his side and his s/o will casually slip in behind him. Wrapping their arms around him from behind, one hand holding his and their body curling around his own. It’s probably his favorite position cause sometimes Angel Cake just wants to be held. Though when morning rolls around the positions have switched to where he’s the one spooning and holding his s/o close to him.

Gladio- Speaking of s/o’s sleeping in, he’s having none of that. Nope. Every morning, unless s/o is legit not feeling well, it’s an anniversary, or a birthday, he’s picking them up and out of bed before the sun rises. Like actually picking them up, tossing them over his shoulder, and carrying them. If at home he’ll pull up a chair to a window, if out camping he’ll find a large rock for him to sit on, but he’ll sit down with them in his lap none the less and try to wake them up enough to see the sunrise with them. It’s their own morning ritual. Their head resting against his chest and his arms around them with the sky turning red and eventually a shade of blue. He does this every morning, holding the person he loves the most, because one day they might not be there and one day the sun may not rise again.

This man sleeps like a rock. On his back. Starfishing out on the entire bed. His s/o would just ever so gracefully climb on top of him and lay on him. They had no choice when he takes up the whole bed by himself. But it’s okay, cause sometime in the middle of the night they always roll off him. Effectively kicking him in the leg to move over and stealing all the blankets to create a cocoon. Gladio sometimes wakes up with mysterious bruises on his legs now.

Ignis- This is a couple that cooks together. Usually side by side with him manning the stove while his s/o cuts up fruits, veggies, or reads off the instructions of the recipehh. When they first started doing this I can see this smooth mother fucker holding his s/o’s hands from behind. Guiding them how to properly cut veggies without hurting themselves. Of course cuts are inevitable and when they do happen he’s there with the first aid kit. Nursing their cut finger with a bandage and a kiss all while telling them to be more careful. He doesn’t wanna have to stitch his love back together after all.

Ignis over here isn’t much of a mover when he sleeps. He’d lay on his side with his s/o facing him and just pull them in close to his chest. Once asleep he’d stay in that position. No doubt a habit he picked up after traveling around with three people and a tent for a while. He’d wake up his s/o by lightly peppering kisses on their face until they wanted to get up.

Someone get me a Prompto to cuddle. I need him.

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Before I start this I just wanna say a h u g e thank you for 2,400 followers!! It means the world to me !!!!! Someone mentioned photographer!yoongi to me and I just really think that sounds like something that needs to be done so here is half of the Daegu line, my spirit animal that I think a lot of people can relate to, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka August D

  • So this is gonna be a mix of college!yoongi and also photographer!yoongi bc I have a plAN
  • Okay but I just wanna point some things out bc they’re fucking me UP
  • Just picture this for a second
  • Photography major!Yoongi who always has his camera
  • Like he has his school bag on him while he’s on campus of course but he also has his camera bag
  • Bc he never knows when he’s gonna see something that makes him want to stop and take a few pictures
  • He would prefer film over digital
  • Don’t get me wrong he does love digital cameras too
  • They’re quicker to use than a film camera so if he needs something to be done quickly he can just use a digital camera and be good to go
  • And he gets to play around with editing
  • He normally doesn’t edit much bc he likes to keep things natural
  • But there are a few times where he takes a picture and the lighting isn’t up to his standards maybe or maybe there’s someone in the frame and he wants to crop it out
  • He can’t really do that with film so he does like being able to perfect things that are bothering him
  • But he would prefer a film camera
  • Idk why but I see him as such a film camera guy
  • He has a collection of cameras for every occasion
  • He’s got a couple polaroid cameras of course, which are good to use when he’s going for a certain look
  • He’s got a couple digital cameras, some are old, some are new and haven’t been touched and are still waiting for the day he takes pictures with them which knowing Yoongi will not take long
  • He’s of course got his bbys, his film cameras, most of them are a bit banged up after being used so much bc he literally takes them everywhere
  • They’re his go to camera so of course he’s gonna take it on the go but that also means sometimes they deal with bumpy car rides
  • And there was the time he let one of his friend’s kid play with one of his cameras and she ended up dropping it
  • They still work of course, he makes sure of that but they aren’t all shiny and new
  • But at the same time he kinda loves that about them
  • You know how when you open a book and the pages have the lil dog ears and you can tell people have read it and it’s just got personality bc of it
  • It’s exactly like that
  • There are rolls of films literally everywhere
  • He has five cases on him at all times
  • They’re scattered all over his room, he even finds one in his shoe one day and he spends like a solid ten minutes wondering how the fuck
  • He’s almost always in the darkroom
  • He seems to always have something developing, something printing and something drying
  • Everyone in the photography center knows him, all of the students and the workers and the professors
  • You two meet on campus
  • You happen to be sitting in one of his favorite places (on campus) to take pictures
  • You two have seen each other a few times
  • Standing in the same line, walking in the same direction, sitting in the same area that type of thing
  • You can’t help but notice that the guy that almost always has a camera covering his face is actually niCE when he lowers the camera
  • The glasses, the beanies, you’ve even seen him smile once when a little girl ran up to him and asked him if she could see what pictures he was taking
  • Your heart honestly melted bc not only does the cute guy have the most adorable smile you’ve ever seen but he’s also smiling at a child and being cute and letting her take pictures with his camera
  • After that event you give him the name of Suga bc he seems like a total sweetheart so whenever you see him around campus, you always call him Suga in your head
  • You finally decide to say hi while he’s putting a new roll of film into his camera
  • “What kind of camera is that??”
  • He looks up and your heart does the thing again bc he’s got these beautiful brown eyes that are amplified by the glasses and he just looks so cute but also ni C E
  • Like his hair is all ruffled up now that he’s taken the beanie off and it looks so soft and touchable 
  • He starts talking about the camera, which was actually a pretty good first conversation 
  • Like you were worried that maybe he’d just tell you that it’s a film camera and then carry on with his business but thankfully he tells you a bit more about it
  • You two end up sitting in the grass together, under the shade of a tree so he can load the camera without exposing the film as much
  • He shows you some of the pictures he’s taken and you just about fall in love bc they’re so beautiful
  • Like they’re simple things that he just elevates somehow
  • Like he’ll take a picture of some cool shadows but just the angle makes it go from oh cool to damn that’s pretty
  • You two talk for hours as he’s taking all of these pictures that you know will be amazing
  • “Why don’t you show me those once you’ve got them all printed out?? Maybe you can text me once they’re all done??”
  • Spoiler once you two are dating, he lets you try out his favorite camera
  • He definitely stands a lot closer than he has to and his hands are covering yours to show you what to do even though you could easily figure it out by him just verbally telling you
  • But you aren’t complaining bc his hands are soft and warm
  • You end up sneaking a few pictures of him which he has no idea about until he’s developed the film
  • Even though he prefers to be behind the camera, he still has to smile at it bc now he knows why you’d been bugging him to print them out for you
  • He sends you a picture of the finished product of one of the pictures you took of him
  • “I’ll buy you a frame on my way home”
Special valentines ||c.h.

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The sun beaming through the white curtains lighting the whole room. Half awake, y/n turned to Calum’s side of the bed wanting him close. But instead feeling empty blue sheets of where he would be. Confused, y/n sat up in bed yawning, stretching her arms. The clock above the door showed the 8:28 am which is odd for Calum to be this early.

 Y/n got up from bed to check on what’s happening. The bedroom door creaking open quietly following the sounds of pots clinking and little giggles through out the house. She walked down the main hall to the kitchen seeing her husband stand over the stove watching over the pancakes with a spatula in one hand still wearing his pajamas and messy bed hair. Their daughter Violet running from the kitchen back to the living room with the doll in her hand. “Stop running around and watch cartoons.” he demanded. “Daddy I’m hungry!” she whined. 

“There almost ready I promise, just go watch cartoons.” flipping the pancake. 

“I want to flip a pancake! Violet cheered jumping up and down in excitement. Calum smiled down at her, “You think you can handle it.” raising an eyebrow. “Yeah!” 

Calum handed Violet the spatula picking her up so she could reach the stove, he guided her hand so that the spatula was under the pancake. “Now flip it!” he encouraged. Violet turned her hand the left flipping the heart shape pancake. “Daddy I did it I flipped it.” she yelled wiggling out of her dads grip Calum set her down on the floor, she ran around the kitchen with the spatula in her hands laughing. “Your going to wake your mom.” he laughed. 

“Already awake.” y/n interrupted walking into the kitchen, “Mommy I flipped the pancake! I flipped it!” she excited, y/n leaned down to her eye level giving her a soft kiss on the forehead, “I saw that good job sweetie.” she smiled. “How long have you been standing there.” Calum questioned turning off the stove, putting the pancake on a plate. “Long enough.” she shrugged. 

“Well happy valentines day baby.” walking up to his wife, giving her a kiss on her slightly chapped lips pulling her in by the waist. Violet ran to her room dropping the spatula on the floor. She came back with a drawing in her hands“Happy valentines day!” Violet said holding out a piece of paper. “What’s this?” Calum wondered.

“A drawing I made in school!” she smiled, it was a drawing of the three them with hearts everywhere with the misspelled words of valentines.

Y/n took the drawing out her hands “I love it.” hanging it up on the fridge, Calum picked her up giving her a huge kiss on the cheek making her giggle. “Thank you sweet pea.” 

The three of them sat together on the glass table eating the heart shape pancakes. Violet was engaged on the cartoons shown on the screen shoving food in her mouth.  “Slow down Violet.” y/n told her. 

“Y/n we have to be ready by 7 for dinner reservations.” Calum mumbled with food in his mouth taking in more bites. 

“What about Violet?” y/n questioned. 

“She’s spending the night with Michael.” he smirked winking at her. Y/n let out a chuckle drinking her coffee. 

“Uncle Michael!” Violet cheered. She loved spending time with him but Violet always came back with some ridiculous story that happened or even with her hair a different color.

“Okay but tell Michael not to dye her hair this time-or an R rated movie.” she warned giving Calum a stare. 

“Mommy I want my hair to be the color purple!” 

“No way.” shaking her head “Come on baby, she wants to do it so let her.” Calum defended. 

“Okay okay fine.” she sighed. 

Calum and y/n dropped off Violet at Michael’s apartment before they went out to dinner, y/n telling Michael what not to do. “Wait-does that mean we cant watch deadpool together?” Michael asked. 

“No! She’s four years old, she cant be watching that.” y/n panicked. 

“Fine, we’ll just watch spongebob or something.” rolling his eyes. 

“Spongebob!”  Violet excited, jumping around laughing. 

“Thanks so much for watching her for the night.” Calum added. “No problem man, she’s my little valentine.” Michael smiled petting her hair. “Can you color my hair.” their daughter asked. 

“What color sweetheart.”

“Purple! Purple!” she excited. Micahel laughed picking her up. “Deal, we just need to go to the store and get some color okay?” 

“Yeah!” smiling super big. Y/n sighed in disagreement, “Just be careful okay, dont give her too much junk.” 

“Yeah I know.” 

“Thanks again Mike.” Calum thanked. Calum and y/n both said their goodbye to their daughter giving her a kiss, “We’ll see you tomorrow okay sweet pea? Be good and have fun.” Calum said giving her a hug. “Okay bye mommy bye daddy.” 

“Goodbye sweet heart.” leaving Michael’s apartment. Calum walked his wife to the car with of course cameras everywhere taking pictures, he opened the door for her, she got in from the passenger seat, closing her door and getting into his seat on their way to the restaurant. It was a comfortable silence between them with music playing quietly on the radio. Calum’s hand on her bare thigh feeling the hem of her red dress while steering the wheel with his other hand. Y/n couldnt help but how good her husband fixed himself up wearing a black button up with matching pants. “You look great by the way Cal.” breaking off the silence. He smiled a bit gripping her thigh tighter still focusing on the road, “I can say the same thing about you too.” glancing at y/n. “Were going to have fun tonight baby.” he added. Y/n hummed in response, she leaned over to Calum whispering in his ear, “I know we will.” kissing his cheek. 

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For my first post i decided to make a “What’s in my backpack”

Let’s start with my agenda

1. It’s a good day to have good day 2016 Agenda:  I purchased this pretty agenda in december, in a store called Marshalls, it was around $8 and it has enough space on each day. It also includes stickers and I really liked that. 

2. My blue and green notebook: It’s just a simple notebook, since I’m an art student I am only taking one lecture class so I just need one notebook. 

3. Cute stickers: I purchased this cute stickers at Walmart. They were only .99 cents each and I use them to decorated my agenda. 

4. My black sketchbook: Like I said earlier, I am an art student, so I have to have a sketchbook. I recently got this one so it’s empty, but I will fill it up with things.

5. Camera Work book: My major is Photography, so I recently bought this book at the Art Institute of Chicago, and I am in love with it. I’ve been reading it for a while now and it’s coming with me to school.

6. My pens and pencil bag: I love to have with me tons of pens and highlighters, I really love to have them with me, it makes me want to have all my notes all cute. I have the same pen three times and that’s because it is my favorite, (Bic)
I also have my usb memories, and cute erasers. I bought my pencil bag at Marshalls and it was $3.99. And most of my supplies are from Walmart. 

7. My Frends headphones: I got this headphones on my birthday, they are my favorite headphones and I carry them with me everywhere, but I also have my regular earphones just in case.

8. My Macbook Air: I bought myself the laptop as a christmas present. My old laptop was getting so slow and it was giving me problems.

9. The North Face backpack: I got this backpack last summer and it is honestly the best thing ever. It’s big enough to carry all of my stuff, it has three different pockets and small zippers in side. Plus it’s purple with aqua green and those are my favorite colors. (around $60)

10. My canon camera: Since I’m a photography student, I have to take my camera with me to school and everywhere. I got it two summers ago and I love it.

I hope you like my first post on my blog!! 

Our Little Secret

Title: Our Little Secret
Pairings: Bucky x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Fluffy
Word Count: 788 

The past three nights you’d been woken up from strange noises coming from the room next door to yours, Bucky’s room. You’d thought nothing of it, it was common for him to have nightmares and he’d explicitly told you not to come in and if it got too bad call for Steve.

He had also been retreating to his room after every meal, which wasn’t too weird if Steve wasn’t around, as he was currently on a mission but you knew something was off, he ate at a pace too fast for anyone.

After a third sleepless night you were praying whatever had been going on with him had stopped.

It hadn’t.

You through a robe over your shorts and baggy top before quietly walking over to his room. You hesitated before knocking on his door. You waited patiently, not wanting to just walk in on him but curiosity got the better of you after you heard something along the lines of ‘Just be quiet for a few seconds’ and then a bark.

Your eyes widened at the possibility of what he was hiding and you pushed the door open, only to be pounced on by what looked like a black labrador puppy. Even though you were extremely surprised, you held the animal up as  best as you could noticing it struggling. After a few more seconds Bucky pulled the dog back and let you come in, gesturing you to shut the door, which you did.

“So this is what’s been waking me up?”  You asked him with a raised eyebrow as you stepped closer to look at the dog. “Where did you find him?” You asked quietly as you fussed the dog who seemed to be enjoying it.

“He was alone in the park I found. I stayed for an hour to make sure no one was looking for him before bringing him back here.”

Only then did you notice that he only had 3 legs, you felt your heart melt a little more. “I guess that could be why.” You sighed patting Bucky’s hand away from the collar to allow the dog to jump on to you.

“Yeah..” He mumbled and ran a hand through his long hair. “Couldn’t resist him for obvious reasons.”

“Yeah? You’re such a softie.” You teased him as the dog made itself at home and sat in your lap.

“I’m an assassin.”   He reminded you and you shook your head.

“You’re an Avenger and you brought home a homeless dog with three legs.”

He didn’t reply, just sat on his bed. “You can’t tell anyone. Stark doesn’t allow pets.”

“Do you think he won’t find out you smuggled a dog into his tower?” You asked with a frown, looking up at him. “How have you been taking him out or getting food?” You asked, Tony had cameras everywhere.

“You think I can’t loop cameras? He taught me after a mission and didn’t think I could use it here?” He shrugged which made you smile at him. The man out of time had hacked Stark security systems.

“Does anyone else know?” He responded by shaking his head. “Our secret then?” You  asked with a grin and fell back, gently bringing the dog with you. You’d always been a dog person since you were younger and the fact Bucky had one, that you knew he wouldn’t be able to give away made everything better. “I’d love to be there when you do the big reveal though.” You teased him.


The night you had found out Bucky had a dog was just over a month ago and since then you’d been into his room every night and sat with them both for hours just chatting and binge watching TV. It was safe to say everyone had noticed you two sitting closer at dinner  and then rushing off almost immediately. Of course Tony assumed you were ‘getting it on’ and teased you whenever you were away from Bucky.

Which led to this night. You were in your usual position, leaning into Bucky’s left side with your dog, you now shared him because you helped pay for him, sat in across both your legs while you watched a movie. Tony and Steve barged in, fellow Avengers behind them and they stopped still when you saw them.

Steve’s face was smiling, almost grinning at Bucky and you weren’t one hundred percent sure why he was so happy but you focused in on Tony. He looked mad and you were pretty sure he was being held onto by Natasha.

“You bought a dog in? Is it you two who have been messing around with my cameras?”

You sheepishly looked at Bucky before turning back to the others. “Surprise?”

It was the first “real” Hollywood party on his own without Blaine by his side. To say he felt a bit out of the loop would be putting it lightly. He had Candice by his side, but that only went so far. Plus, he’d hoped Cooper would be there, maybe show him the ropes or whatever, but he was out with some actress his agent had set him up with. Candice moved to go say hi to some of her friends and Sebastian found himself alone, third drink of the night, and his buzz finally starting. He was halfway through his glass as he stood to the side, taking it all in. The cameras were everywhere and he knew this should be his last drink because, thinking in terms of PR, he could just see a headline ‘New Father Out Drinking the Night Away’.

1.) Hug your parents. Or whoever it is that makes sure you’re safe everyday. Tell them you love them. One day they won’t be here, and it will feel like you can’t breathe. You will spend hours thinking of things you wish you had said. Don’t let that happen. Tell them you love them. 

2.) You’re going to lose friends. Over petty stuff, and over serious stuff. And thats okay because you’re going to make new friends too. Eliminate the toxic people in your life. You owe yourself that much. 

3.) If they tell you they love you, take caution. Please for the love of God make sure their actions back up their words. If they make you cry more than they make you laugh, leave. If they lay a hand on you, leave. If you’re questioning it at all, leave. 

4.) If its great and you love them back? Treasure it. Savor every single mushy text message. Write poems about their eyes. Don’t think about tomorrow, focus on today. Take pictures. Be the couple everyone envies. 

5.) When things become hard, like “I can’t get out of bed” hard, DO NOT IGNORE THAT, that isn’t how things should be. If you ever start thinking about harming your beautiful body I want you to talk to someone. It will be difficult but it could be the difference between life and death. You won’t sound stupid or dramatic. 

6.) Bring your camera everywhere. Take pictures everyday. When you look back on them, it will be one of the best feelings in the world. It’s true what they say about re-living a moment. Just take my word for it.

7.) You’re going to roll your eyes at this one – do your homework. Study. Do as well as you can. Get your diploma and get out of that town that makes you miserable. There is so much more to this life than your bedroom walls. If school becomes too much, reach out. But don’t forget school is a great ticket out of this place. 

8.) Don’t let others tell you what is and what isn’t cool. You will regret this for the rest of your life if you do. 

9.) If you are unsure of who you are, that’s okay. I’m 18 and I still am figuring myself out. Who you are is beautiful. Anyone who makes you feel otherwise doesn’t deserve to be in your life. 

10.) If you’re alone and shaking because it hurts too much, if you’re collapsed on the floor because you’re tired of waking up, go get help. It’s not okay to want to end your life. Stay alive. Stay alive. Stay alive.

11.) Don’t drink and drive, simple. 

12.) BE LOUD. Voice your opinion. Be heard. Help those who are unable to be loud, and make sure your opinion doesn’t disrespect anyone elses existence. People are going to try and quite you down, because they would rather ignore the problems in the world. This is when you need to be the loudest. 

13.) Wear the red lipstick. 

14.) Take a day out of your busy schedule and go to a playground. It’s good to honor our youth. Who cares if you look silly? These are the days that will mean the most. 

15.) Family is very important in our lives but sadly even they can be unhealthy. Get out of there. Put yourself first. Don’t let your family drag you down with them. You can love them without being caught up in their mess. This won’t make you a bad daughter, son, or person.

 16.) Find a band that makes you feel at ease, that you can listen to when you’re not sure about anything. This band will have value the rest of your life. 

17.) Your shorts weren’t too short. Your shirt wasn’t too low. This wasn’t your fault. It isn’t your fault. 

18.) Climb mountains. Swim in rivers, and oceans. Worship nature, remember where we came from. 

19.) Make sure you tell your friends you love them often. Chances are they need to hear it. 

20.) Will it always be easy? No. But guess what? It’s going to be worth it.

—  things I wish I had been told growing up. 

(Female Reader, 1)

Over the years your relationship with him had been maturing. You gained more respect, as their touches became increasingly more gentle, and their words more adoring. It was already astonishing when he had asked you to be his. But you never expected your relationship with him to last this long, or to develop into this.


Holding your hand, his fingers were intertwined with your own, as his forehead rested against your own. While his arm was wrapped loosely around your waist, holding your body to his own.
You two swayed gently with the soft beat, with your eyes closed. Causing the world and the people to fade away into the background. Making it become just the two of you in an nearly endless space, where only the other one mattered.
A sense of peace had washed over the two of you, as you felt contested, and Ruki knew this was the perfect moment. And with the ending of the song, he pulled away, giving you a warm smile as he softly tugged on your arm.
Leading you out of the ball room and through the archway which was decorated with pure white roses and twinkling little lights. Ruki took you out into the garden, and in silences the two of you walked hand in hand down the smooth gray stone bath. That winded through the bushes of various colors roses. And the two of you kept walking, with Ruki leading you farther and farther away from the ballroom and deeper into the heart of the garden.
Where you found a white wooden gazebo, adored with enchanting black roses, and sparkling lights.
“The black roses are beautiful but a bit depressing.” You commented breaking the silence.
Ruki only smiled, as he let go of your hand and picked a rose,
“Black roses traditionally means death, but they have another meaning that is often overlooked.” He said as he walked back over to you, and adjusted the rose to sit in your hair.
“What’s the other meaning?” You asked curiously, as he slipped his finger underneath your chin and tilted your head back.
“Deep, undying commitment.” He whispered softly, his voice deep and soft sending shivered down your spine. “Which is what I pledge to you.”
Ruki pulled away, and sank down onto one knee, pulling a small black box out of his pocket. And opening it to reveal an engagement ring.
Your heart neatly stopped in your chest at the sight. And your hand came up to your mouth, while tears formed in the corner of your eyes.
“My lady Eve, will you give me the greatest honor and pleasure of becoming your Adam for the rest of our eternity?”


Kou and you were buried deep within the forest, in a small field of wild flowers, with a thin babbling brooking twisting its way through the middle.
Together you laid side by side on a lush soft pastel pink blanket. With your sweets already eaten and the mess packed into the light brown picnic basket set off to the side.
The two of you listened in silence as the crickets chirped around you, with the occasional hoo of an owl. While the trees softly swayed with the light warm summer breeze.
“It’s beautiful out here Kou, when did you find it?” You questioned as you took your eyes of the trillions of stars that decorated the inky black night sky. To look over at Kou laying next to you.
“I found it about a month ago, it was overgrown and dirty, but I managed to convince Yuma to help me clear out the space for you.” Kou confessed as he rolled over onto his side and tucked a stray locked of hair behind your ear.
“For me?” You questioned confused, as the corner of Kou’s lips twitched up into a half smirk. He didn’t answer your questioned, instead he cupped your cheek and leaned it.
Brushing his soft lush lips against your own, Kou kissed your deeply and lovingly. In a way that had you breathless as your heart fluttered like a butterfly without your chest. And all questions in your mind faded away and you melted into him.
Pulling away, Kou smiled softly, as he stared at your pouty lips, and hazy eyes.
“Let’s dance m-neko-chan.” He stated suddenly, as he pulled out his phone and played a soft melody.
Standing up, he pulled you up by your wrist and suddenly began to twirl your bewildered self around the meadow.
Finally you tossed all care into the wind as you just accepted the moment, and allowed yourself to be swept away by Kou. Without thinking about what he would want in return for this nearly magical date.
The two of you twirled around the meadow, as your laughter mixed with his own soft chuckles. As he lead you around in grand circles. Till he came to a stop with the music,
“Kitten-chan, I had planed on doing this before my fans, to make this grand and public. But I realized this is not about them, and it’s not about my career. It’s about me and what I want as a vampire. Which is you, so it should only be the two of us in a this most special moment. And so my sweet kitten-chan I ask you this,” Kou pulled out a small white little box, opening it to show a delicate engagement ring.
“Will you be my little kitten?”


From sun rise to well past sun set Yuma was out in his garden, it had been so for months on end, every since he had told you that you weren’t allowed to look or enter anymore. And even his brothers had been making sure you didn’t look out through the windows that would give you some insight as to what he was doing in the garden.
You would have been worried he was going to leave you if it wasn’t for the reassurance and sweet promises that it was a surprise for you. So you tolerated it even though the curiosity always gnawed at you in the back of your mind.
Even now, the curiosity burned like fire in the back of your mind as Yuma and yourself sat in your shared bedroom. While you sat across from each other on the bed while eating pizza.
Yuma smirked as he watched you finished your slice of pizza down to the crust oblivious to the pizza sauce on the corner of your lips.
“Oi mesubuta, you have some sauce right,” Yuma leaned forward and cupped your face to hold you still as he licked the sauce off the corner of your lips with his tongue. Causing your cheeks to flare up with a deep blush.
“Heh, you ready to see your surprise yet?” He questioned as you nearly jumped off of the bed, your eyes wide as your heart flew.
“Yes!” You exclaimed a bit too loudly, as Yuma cringed at your volume eliciting a sheepish, “Sorry.” From you as you toned down the loudness of your voice.
“Already let’s go.” Yuma held out his hand as he stood up, and you raced around the bed over to him.
Wrapping his strong arms around you, Yuma teleported you onto the the roof.
“It’s took months of planning, and months of expanding it but now that’s it’s complete.” Yuma lead you to the edge of the roof, where you overlook the now expanded garden, where there was an abundance of snow white roses and in the middle as a winding path you noticed it spelt, ‘Will you Marry Me’ in cursive.
Shock overtook you, as your legs started to feel weak, and your knees started to lock. As you felt winded almost, causing you to grab onto Yuma to keep from falling off the edge.
Looking to Yuma as he held you tighter and closer to him, as he pulled an engagement ring.
“Please marry me mesubuta?” He asked with a large smile, and hope sparkling in his brown eyes.


For the past year Azusa had been carrying a camera with him everywhere, always taking photographs of you and himself together. And whenever you had questioned his newest hobby he told you that he just wanted to capture every moment with you.
But now you were following the sound of the click of Azusa’s camera throughout the manor. While confusion swam inside your mind, along with other questions as to why Azusa had you chasing after I’m suddenly. When you came into a room that had been empty before now.
It was filled with fresh daisies scattered through the room. And see through white curtains blew in and out of the open window with the breeze. As well as three light brown wooden desks. And on them were various pictures of you and him.
Pictures of you holding hands, with your fingers intertwined, of you kisses each other softly. Of you smile and sparkling eyes. There were even ones of you sleeping, eating, and you trying in clothing.
So many memories, all of them centered around you,
“Azusa was it this?” You called aloud, hoping he would end this game of chase to come and answer your questioned. When his arms wrapped around you from behind.
“All of these pictures…I told you…that I didn’t want to miss a moment… a moment of us…because you make me…so happy. Everything about you…your smile…your eyes…your laugh and speech…everything you are…to the warm that comes from…your heart. I don’t want to miss a single moment…of any of that…which makes me feel….so alive.” Touched by his gentle words tears slowly started to roll down your cheek, as your breath hitches and your bottom lip trembled.
Reaching into his pocket, Azusa held before you, a simple sapphire engagement ring.
“Will you please…by mine forever….Eve…I want to be your Adam…and the one person…who will always remain by your…side forever. So will you…marry me Eve?”