take a break sketch


ok yeah but what if Yuri’s not used to having long hair so he keeps flubbing his jumps because it keeps distracting him, and Yurio gets so annoyed that he just starts doing his hair for him

And Victor is more than here for this

anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your art! Its really smooth and colorfull. If its not to much to ask may i request a peko in your artstyle? :)

It’s kinda sketchy but I hope you like it!

I wasn’t planning to do this request, but I really needed a break. haha

(Guys, I’m drowning in requests, please sthap-)

Something different today since I’ve not been able to get out with my camera much. I’m by no means the best artist, but I decided to take a (much needed!) break from revision today to do this sketch of Napo the jaguar from my trip to Chester Zoo. 

Napo can also be found on my blog here: http://thethingsiveseen-photography.tumblr.com/post/151247322860/napo-the-jaguar-at-chester-zoo