take a brake

Freedom in Chains

She sat at her desk, hair all in disarray
And wondered what she should do
For her life seemed so bleak and worthless that day,
She wanted to talk, but with who?
She had no friends to speak of, no siblings to call, no pets to cuddle and play
So she pick up a pen and scratched down a few things about life going her way
She lost herself in the magic of bringing words to life
And spend the rest of her day there, forgetting about her strife
The day turned into nighttime and blissfully she wrote on
Staying up all night till light peeked in at dawn
About a half month later, again sitting in her chair
her parents came in to talk, much to her despair
They wanted her to get out more, take a brake from inside her head
Maybe go out walking, just to be outside instead
They worried she was unhappy, always in that chair
Writing of things that didn’t exist and never would be there
She promised she would go walking, so they would leave her be
Because they didn’t understand it, what it’s like to be free.
They said she was always stuck here, as if a prison cell
That the pen was some kind of addiction and she would end in hell
So that the people who didn’t understand would leave her be
she hid her writings away where none could see
But she never gave up her grip on her pen
She still writes now as she did back then.
It was a place she could forget her pains
There was beauty in the writing, and freedom in the chains


sango and kagome in the rain!

I planed on finishing this drawing for @kagsanweek​ arghhhhhhhh- I’m really sad to be late but happy because it gave me an excuse to draw those ladies!

hey! I forgot to mention this but I have my finals now from may to june (I take some of my subject this year and rest next year) I do have time from test to test so I won’t be taking brake from drawing but it might be the reason why I’m less active and posting and I wanted to say sorry for that T^T

good luck to all of you who are taking them or finished~! and congratulation to all of you who graduate~!

How to Hermione the Shit out of Your Studying.

(Some Hermione inspired study tips.)

Want to study.

Hermione studies as hard as she does because she wants to. So try to think about WHY you want to study, is it because you are interested in the subject? Is it because you want a certain grade? Is it because you want to pass the subject to go on to something else? Once you figure that out, then you can go from feeling like you “have” to study to feeling like you want to study. Remember that you don’t have to study if you don’t want to, but usually you will want to, because you would rather study than face the consequences of not studying.


While it may not be necessary to read every word of every textbook before your classes even start, it will be extremely helpful to read any chapters, articles, websites or extra information your lecturers give you. Do any extra questions as well. Usually your lecture would have gone out of his/her way to get this information to you, this is because they think it will help you, and it probably will.

Answer questions in class.

Trying to answer questions in class will help to keep you concentrated on the topic at hand, you can’t answer questions if you haven’t been paying attention. This will not only show your lecturer that you are interested in learning (and they may be more lenient on you if you are ever after an extension or miss a class) it will also help you to identify when you don’t understand something, and gives you the chance to clarify.

Help others.

“Its leviooosar, not leviosaarr.” … Okay, so maybe try help others in a more understanding way. But when you see someone struggling with something in class or an assignment, help them. This is something that pretty much everyone will appreciate, and it can also help you to solidify your own knowledge. There have been heaps of studies that show that you are much more likely to retain information once you have taught someone else about it.

Get things done early.

This is one that pretty much everyone knows, but very few ever do. Try to be one of those few, if you get assignments or readings done early, then you can always ask questions if you get stuck on something, have more time to work on other things, not feel stressed about it, you’ll have the chance to polish up anything you aren’t super happy with and more. Trust me, it is worth it.

Find a nice environment to study in.

Some people like their desk while others like their bed and some people fall asleep if they study in bed. Find something that works for you. I find that if I take a trip to my local café or library I am much more motivated because I have gone there for the purpose of studying.. Whereas at home I sometimes I find it too distracting.

Don’t forget to take time to have fun.

While Hermione does study a lot, she also has fun and enjoys herself. Studying and learning is awesome, but give yourself some time to unwind. Don’t let yourself get burnt out, take regular brakes during long study sessions, and try to set bigger chunks of time aside some days to relax, play games or see friends. You might feel fine after the first 2 hours, but after an 8 hour study session with no breaks.. You may not feel so motivated…

Maggie Stiefvater talks 'All the Crooked Saints,' and here's a first look at the cover

Maggie Stiefvater may have concluded the Raven Cycle just last year, but the author already has a new stand-alone YA novel hitting shelves later this year.

The book, titled All the Crooked Saints, takes place in the 1960s in Bicho Raro, Colorado and follows the lives of three members of the Soria family-each of whom is searching for their own miracle. There’s Beatriz, who appears to lack feelings but wants to study her mind; Daniel, the “Saint” of Bicho Raro, a miracle worker for everyone but himself; and Joaquin (a.k.a. Diablo Diablo), who runs a pirate radio station at night.

Adding to the mystery (and magic) of the book is the book’s intriguing cover-which EW is pleased to reveal exclusively below.

“There are owls in the book because owls are a very scientific creature that gets credited with a lot of magical superstitions,” Stiefvater tells EW. “There are roses in the book because roses are a very magical flower that take a lot of science to truly understand. Put that together and well - as the kids say, that’s it. That’s the book.”

With Stiefvater’s latest novel set to hit stores on Oct. 10, EW caught up with the bestselling author to find out more about what’s in store for readers, her process, and of course, her upcoming Ronan Lynch trilogy.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: All three of your characters are looking for a miracle. What do miracles, or the idea of miracles mean to them?
MAGGIE STIEFVATER: Miracles! Miracles! Miracles! This book is full of them. I was taught by nuns for the first dozen years of my life, and so I was raised with a pantheon of peculiar saints: decapitated saints who carried their own severed head through the streets of cities, saints who exorcised demons from the bottoms of milk pails, saints who flew unexpectedly.

The Soria family are saints as well, and the miracle they perform for pilgrims to Bicho Raro is as strange as most miracles are: They can make the darkness inside you visible. Once the pilgrims see their inner darkness face to face, it’s up to them to perform another miracle on themselves: banishing the darkness for good. It can be a tricky business to vanquish your inner demons, even once you know what they are, but the Sorias are forbidden to help with this part. They’ve all been told that if a Soria interferes with the second miracle, it will bring out their own darkness, and a saint’s darkness, so the story goes, is a most potent and dangerous thing.

The three cousins in the story all have their own relationship with the family miracles: Daniel, the current acting Saint of Bicho Raro, wants to help the pilgrims overcome their darkness through holiness and empathy. Beatriz, on the other hand, would prefer if the Sorias approached the miracle from a more logical and scientific place. And Joaquin is less interested in miracles and more interested in broadcasting rock & roll from a pirate radio station in the back of a battered box truck.

How did you come up with the name “Bicho Raro”?
I’d just finished writing the rather heavy final installment of the Raven Cycle, and I thought it would be nice to switch things up with something playful and - dare I say it? “Feel good”? Does that sound like a Stiefvater novel to you?

So I tried to be as playful in my language as I could. I figured if my words were frolicking, readers might too. “Bicho raro” (“rare bug”) is just a little way to speak fondly about odd people, like “strange bird” or “odd duck.” It’s less about the Soria family themselves and more about the varied pilgrims who come to Bicho Raro.

What inspired the novel’s setting?
Three years ago, I convinced Scholastic that instead of flying to all of my tour events for Sinner, the companion book to the Shiver trilogy, I would instead drive my 1973 Camaro to them. Seven thousand miles, coast to coast, just an American girl in a muscle car, seeing the breadbasket of our fine country while hawking a novel about burned-out werewolves - nothing could go wrong.

Spoiler: Everything went wrong. I spent my time evenly divided between meeting readers and repairing the Camaro by the side of the road.

At one point, the brakes went out (for the second time), and I coasted into an auto repair shop in Del Norte, Colorado. The sun was white, the air was dust, and the mountains were sharp as hell all around. While I waited for the mechanic to take a look at my brake lines, the receptionist told me tall tales and ghost stories about straight-arrow desert roads and demons dancing in the dust and strangers appearing in the night.

I thought to myself: This is where my next novel takes place.

What made you decide to set All the Crooked Saints in the 60s? Is there something in the history of Colorado at that time that speaks to you?
Music! Music! Music! When I was growing up in the 80s, my father always had the radio set to the Golden Oldies - I didn’t realize, in fact, that it wasn’t contemporary music. I thought Del Shannon and Patsy Cline and the Byrds were everyone’s current groove. Even after I discovered differently, it didn’t matter; that music had become the sound of my childhood. There’s something about 60s music and the 60s in general that I think pairs perfectly with a novel about the teen experience - 60s America was going through an adolescence in a lot of ways, and it was a time of mystical joy, innocence lost, increasingly uncomfortable self-awareness of the limitations of tradition, and colorful agitation for change, all of it emotional and urgent. If that’s not a description of being a teen, I don’t know what is.

I’ve been dying to write a novel steeped with the music of that time for about five years now, and for this one, it made sense. I had an incredibly grand and self-indulgent time listening to the music Joaquin and Beatriz spin in their covert broadcasts.

Your work has always been infused with aspects of magical realism. What would you say are some of your influences?
Magic! Magic! Magic! For this book in particular, Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garca Mrquez, Erick Setiawan, Ali Shaw, and maybe even John Irving - I have read a lot of wonderful magic realism and wry, intimate family stories over the last decade, and Saints is my affectionate nod to them. It was also informed by movies, though - I really wanted to capture the mood of films like Big Fish, Chocolat, and Amlie. That whimsy and magic and nostalgia. These are strange, hard times that we’re living in, and I wanted to write about magic - I always do - but I also felt like I wanted to leave readers with something that made them happy, hopeful, and excited about all the odd miracles that exist in the world and in themselves.

Of course, I have to ask one question about the upcoming Ronan trilogy. Is there anything you could tease about it?
Insert, Stiefvater said, an enigmatic smile here.

All the Crooked Saints will be available for purchase on Oct. 10.

This article was originally published on ew.com

perry falls in love with heinz as he learns more about him; it’d be impossible not to, listening to all his stories and hopes and dreams and gradually starting to understand what drives him, what he fears, what he needs

but heinz just sort of sees perry and thinks, this is all i need to know

Geno’s interview for Maxim (April 2017). 

Big thanks to @atsomnambulist for the help with the translation! 😇

-You live in the United States ten months in a year. What do you miss most about Russia?

- It used to be difficult, my parents did not visit that much. And now I’m comfortable, all who are close and dear to me often visit Pittsburgh. I don’t worry about food, I’m not fussy. What I miss the most is the Russian banya (sauna). Whenever I arrive in Moscow, I immediately go to “Sanduny”. I like to hang out with friends, sometimes in nightclubs too. You get tired of a year of matches and flights across the America, so you need some time to relax.

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Too Sweet. Part 8- BTSVampire!au

Genre: Angst/ Fluff? (I’m sure there will be some elements of fluff eventually) / M(Mature themes) / Descriptions of blood and…other things/ Supernatural

Biased: You X Yoongi X Jungkook X Vampire!au BTS

Type: Vampire!au

A/n: Hii~ like I said the drabble blueberries is apart of this so yeah 🌸 this is probably the longest chapter I’ve ever written for Too sweet^^ enjoy~

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I INTRO/Prologue I Part 1 I Pt. 2 I Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 I Pt. 5 I Pt. 6 I Pt. 7 I Pt. 8 I

“Are we done? My brain hurts…” 

“We’ve been here for less than an hour, but if you want to take a brake go ahead.” He finally let you go. You went to the chef who always took requests for snacks and tasty treats.

“Hi, can I have a bowl of blueberries?” The chef took your requests and went to the back of the kitchen. You stood there, waiting for the bowl of blueberries and low and behold Jungkook was walking over to you.
“Y/N.” He said your voice with a singsong tone, a lollipop between his lips and a grin. 

“What do you want?” He retorted, glancing at him briefly before taking the fruit back to your table.

“Oh, you know what I want.” He chuckled, his hand coming to brush your hair from your shoulder. “I see you’ve been pretty busy. Is there any place they haven’t bitten you?” He was referring to the multiple night wounds, littlering your skin beautifully. You rolled your eyes, trying to get away from him by taking your books and going to the study area. Namjoon had left and you were cursing yourself for leaving him for a stupid bowl of blueberries.

“I’ll be there in a minute Y/N.” Namjoon spoke walking past the hall and you hoped he’d come soon. Jungkook prowled around, there weren’t many students and the area you were sitting was somewhat secluded. He kept staring at you.

“Can you stop staring at me?” 

“Uh, no.” He laughed, closing your book and getting in your face. “I can stare at you as long as I’d like. If it wasn’t for Jin Hyung I’d be doing far more than staring, trust me.” You glared at him, getting up and attempting to leave but  he pinned you to the wall by your shoulders, a cocky grin plastered on his face. 

“You’re such a-” He silenced you with taking the lollipop and pressing it to your lips before tossing it somewhere.

“You’re such a sweetheart.” He quipped. “Y’know,” he leaned in, twiddling with your hair, “there’s no reason for me not to feed from you. They just don’t want me to have a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with us…Us doing this together. I personally think you were meant for me, a gift from above per se.” If there was one thing they all had in common it was their eyes, all of them had such mesmerizing eyes. “Your blood smells so good…” He brushed his nose against your neck, making you wince at the feeling.

“That’s nice isn’t it?” He blew air on your skin, sending shivers up your spine. 

“Jungkook, we’re not supposed to be doing this.” You mumbled, praying that your voice sounded convincing enough—his teeth were touching your skin.
“Why does it feel so right then?-”

“Jungkook. Get off of her.” Jin spoke, all 5 of the boys staring at you and Jungkook. Jungkook glared at them, then looked back to you.

“Ah, they found us…” He sighed. “Do you not want this? You want it from Yoongi…” He asked, grinning.

“I- Jin said you weren’t allowed to-” He cut you off.
“Do you or do you not, that’s the question. Simple question really. You don’t seem to-” 

“Get away from her right now Jungkook! I won’t say it again. Jimin take him to his room and make sure he stays there.” That’s the first time you’ve seen Jin show any type of anger. Jungkook was dragged away from you, all of the boys following him except Jin and Yoongi.

“Are you okay?” Jin walked closer to you, inspecting you for any physical harm.
“Jin…why is it so bad for Jungkook to feed from me? It seems harmless to me. He says there’s nothing wrong with us-” 

“Don’t ask me about that Y/N. It’s nothing you need to worry about.” Jin ran his fingers through his hair.


“Don’t ask me again. Sleep in one of our rooms tonight, or just until I can talk to Jungkook.” With that he was gone, Yoongi was silent, not saying anything with his lips but his eyes told all. It was a look of condemnation, frustration, selfishness, you weren’t sure why he would feel that way. They all wanted one thing from you, how was Jungkook any different? How could he hurt you?

“It’s called jealousy Yoongi, we’ve all experienced it before.” Jin was steadily typing on his computer as Yoongi laid sprawled across the couch, contemplating his life. It was the day of the gala and he wasn’t looking forward to it, he was obligated to attend but if you were gonna be there he may be able to tough through the boring event. Jin had told him that you were busy preparing for tonight and despite how hungry he was it was inappropriate to feed on special occasions like this, Yoongi knew that already. Jin kind of chuckled at him. It was funny to see the normally mature and calm vampire in a predicament like this. 

“Since this is a student event all of of the head families won’t be there, I assigned specific seating for you to be with Namjoon and I. The event starts at 7, that’s less than two hours from now. We should get ready.” He looked to Yoongi, who didn’t have anything to say to that. Jin only wondered how you might respond to this, you not being familiar with events like this. This was going to be a fun night.

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-BTS Reaction to you calling them daddy for the first time-

♥BTS reaction to you calling them for the first time daddy♥ 


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He was looking himself at the mirror for an hour and you just couldn’t take it anymore…You wanted attention too but nope this boy was getting ready for an TV interview and doing everything by himself at home instead of the staff at the station you tried already many times to call for him but he only shushed you so you took matters into your own hands.

You:Jinie! (You whined)

*No answear*

You:Daddy! (You tagged at his jacket)

Jin:Yah! Y/n not know! (Face red from embarrassment)


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He’s at his studio all day trying to get right a track for his new mixtape…And you well…didn’t took that with such a good approach…you know damn well he would lock himself up all day trying to write lyrichs and do beats and melodys bu you aint having this shit you need attention and you’re gonna get it oneway or another!So you did and went to his studio and knocked slightly not getting an answear so you burst inside without thinking…Wrong just wrong.

You:Daddy! (You yelled stomping your foot to the floor)

He pushed a botton and you could clearly see it wrote ‘stop recording’ he turned around giving you a little smile that tells ‘I’m gonna kill your ass if you don’t get out’ 

You:I’m sorry! (You apologized and tunred around shutting the door shut at your way out) 


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Like Yoongi he was at his studio all day but this time it was for their comaback and you knew really well that know that they won a billboard award your boyfriend wanted this to be the perfect comeback and to prove everyone that they deserved this award…But you’re a growing girl you need attention and effection from him and now that you’re on a brake from college/school you had nothing to do at home as all of your friends went to visit their familys.One day he was sitting on the couch writting some lyrichs down to send to the genius aka Yoongi and he looked so fine you just had to get his attention…

You:Joon~ (He sat beside him laying your head at his shoulder)

Namjoon:Yes babe? (He answeared but contunied writting down)

You:Daddy? (You whispered at his ear earning  a smirk from him)

Namjoon:Go to our room daddy needs to have a talk with you…


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Doing a dance studio at the house was the wrost idea you ever had and you currently started regretting it…Your boyfriend Jung Hoseok also known as J-Hope was in that damn room all day trying to get the dance right for the new MV they were filming for DNA and it just drove you up the wall…So you went inside the dance studio closed the radio he had playing.

You:Daddy I need attention too! (You whined)

He slightly chuckled.

Hoseok:Come here baby.


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He had the most hectic schedule in your opinion and now that finally Bang PD let him take a brake and spend some time with you his hairstylist came and started discussing for his new hair colour at this comeback and you just weren’t having it NOT TODAY..So you took action!You got beside him and tagged at his hand.

You:Daddy I want ice cream can we get some please? 

He was about to die for good now not only you called him daddy in public and not in bed but his hairstylist was infront so he had to act normal…He just bit his lip and nodded bowing to the noona and walking away with you.


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His interview was tommorow and he hadn’t anything to wear so he dragged you to the nearest Gucci store cause you weren’t just his girlfriend but also his personal stylist for some specials occasions and this was one of them.He tried everything on and when I mean anything I mean anything you were tired and really bored so you had to get him home as quickly as possible.He was trying on some shoes for the fifth time and you had to get his attention it’s now or never!So you stepped infront of him.

You:Daddy can we go home now?

His head shot up as he looked at you in disbelief he wanted you to call him that for a very long time and he had told you about it before but now he didn’t knew how to react…

Taehyung:Ughhhh sure princess


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This baby would be so flustrated not only it was the first time you called him daddy but calling him daddy in the middle of a store when he was looking for some new consoles for the both of you didn’t help him at all.You told him already about this new cool console you wanted so bad and he agreed in buying it for you but the think is he didn’t knew the price of it and when he saw it he instantly turned around walking away to find a cheaper one as he knew he wasn’t getting paid until next week doubting that you two would survive the whole week with such a little budget…

You:But daddy I really want it! (You whined)

Jungkook:Y/n…baby..please don’t…

*Just imagine youre Tae*


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oK so, a lot of people liked my Boyfriend!Haechan thing (For some reason) and I wanted to make another one of these. BEWARE: Crap quality

  • okie dokie
  • mark seems pretty shy
  • so when you guys first start dating, it’d probably be awkward
  • “Uh.. C-can I hug you?”
  • “oF CoUrsE XD”
  • He’ll Eventually warm up to you
  • I think sometimes he will do skin ship with you in public
  • Depends on his mood
  • Like probably not in front of his members XD
  • He probably gets stressed a lot
  • so
  • you do all you can to Make him happy and healthy
  • Bring him food, Make him take brakes, and one thing that makes him happy,
  • your Hugs ^^
  • he’d have this stressed look on his face, probably dead inside,
  • THEN YOU’D HUG HIM AND HIS MOod would go from
  • :(  TO  ^o^
  • He probably wouldn’t get jealous easily
  • but if he does I don’t think he’ll be harsh with it
  • he sees yuta flirting with you, and play along cuz y’know its Yuta XD
  • Mark gets a little annoyed
  • He’ll probably Just make up an excuse to pull you away from Them or smth Lol
  • IN ALL, Mark is a Perfect boyfriend!

IS THIS LONGER THAN MY HAECHAN ONE?! Idk fam. These are super fun to make XD


Based of the first of these prompts by @promptsforvoltron

“Blue Paladin! Lance, was it? Me and my family owe you our lives. Thank you for everything.” Were the exact words that came from the alien man that day. As soon as he heard those words Lance burst into tears. He felt euphoric. He’d done something right for once and people noticed. He was able to sputter out a “no problem” before wandering toward the lions. While he walked Keith and Shiro had blocked his path.                                                                                 “Lance! What happened? are you okay?” Shiro said quickly, placing a hand on the Cuban boy’s shoulder.                                                                                 “No, don’t worry. Happy tears. One of the aliens thanked me and I just got overwhelmed. You guys can go back to celebrating.” Keith then stepped closer to Shiro so Lance would have a better view of him when he spoke.                     “Why would that make you cry? The aliens always thank us after we save them.” The smile in Lance’s face began to waver.                                               “They thank us as a group. I’m sure you two are used to them coming up and thanking you personally cause you always do things right and help them. Until today no one ever took the time to thank me,” Lance mumbled the last of what he said in hopes that they wouldn’t take notice, “I’m no help anyway so it makes sense that they don’t thank me.” Underneath the facade of not wanting them to notice Lance’s psyche was screaming for him to tell them how he felt. What he knew. He was just an extra group member. He had no use. if he wasn’t needed to form voltron they probably wouldn’t keep him around. They shouldn’t keep him around. as these thoughts pass through his mind as they had a million times he lost track of what was happening around him. Keith had walked away to Hunk while Shiro seemed do be debating what to say next. Of course Keith walked away. He was so much better at everything, why would he care what Lance was feeling. Why would anyone care. As his thoughts spiraled down to a dark bu familiar place the tracks of tears that had just begun to dry were dampened again by fresh tears. Shiro’s eyes were closed in concentration so he did not take notice of the distress the Blue Paladin was facing. Lance accepted that Shiro wouldn’t care anyway so he might as well just leave. The planet they were on was mostly forest so he began to walk aimlessly into the nearest opening in the trees. He tripped in a root while moving along. Useless. Can’t even walk without tripping. Why not just let Keith pilot my lion to? He’d be so much better at it. He continued forward to the mantra of self-doubt that were his thoughts until he found a lake surrounded by trees. He climbed the closest one and after falling many times and having to take brakes to calm his self-loathing to a point where he could once again try to climb the tree. Once he made it to the highest, sturdiest branch he curled his legs to his chest and leaned against the trunk. It had taken him almost twenty minutes just to climb the tree. How could someone so dumb be a paladin of voltron? All he ever did was mess up. He’d say the wrong thing or turn the wrong way or hit the wrong button but it was always wrong. The sounds of the wind and the forest mixed with the waves of the lake began to slow his thoughts, but it simply traded quantity for severity. As he spiraled farther and farther into his mind he was dealt harder and harder truths. I’m the worst paladin, was the lightest thought during those few moments. After minutes of swaying in the wind to the tune of his own insecurities a thought that he hadn’t expected to come in that moment. This thought only came in the middle of the night while he would beat and beat at the training dummy until he fell to the floor from exhaustion and wondered why he even tried. They’d be better off if I just died. For some reason everything felt real then. Lance felt like he would be better off to just end it then try to keep up with the others. As the thought repeated itself over and over and over like the chorus of a song Lance edged closer to the end of the branch. The lake underneath looked so inviting. It’s soft waves would accept him and let him escape. He reached the edge and stood up. He let himself fall face down into the lake. He had been right, the water was accepting, but after only moments he felt himself being teared out of the water. His quite thoughts replaced with people yelling and frantic movement. This times the tears didn’t come.      

Belladonna Farm (Part 1)

Yay! The first part of my new Nessian series! This will be a seven part fic and will have a couple aesthetic boards to go with it. 

Fun Fact: The setting for this fic is a real place that I have been to and took pictures of for the aesthetics. Everything about it is 100% true except for the mountains (which I added because Illyrians).

Please let me know what you guys think! 

Tagging: @aelinxfeyre @rowanismybae (let me know if you want to be added to this tag list!)

Aesthetic Board 1



1. also called deadly nightshade. a poisonous plant, Atropa belladonna, or the nightshade family, having purplish-red flowers and blackberries

2. Italian for ‘beautiful lady’


Nesta checks her phone again, squinting as she tries to understand the directions the stupid GPS app is telling her. She is pretty sure that it is completely wrong. After all, the last town is twenty miles back, and all around her are corn fields, with a small mountain range situated behind them. The road she is currently driving on is paved, but has many potholes, and the closest neighbors are several kilometers apart. Surely her late Aunt Ripleigh - who had loved to talk all day if she had an audience - wouldn’t want to live all the way out here in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, that may as well have been Nesta’s city heart talking. She could never imagine staying in a place like this for a long period of time, corn fields surrounding you, the sun beating down constantly. As it is, she has the air conditioning blasting in her car and the humidity is still getting to her hair. Not that she has anyone to impress. Nesta briefly feels a bit grateful for a week with no one around. Maybe she won’t even do her makeup while she’s staying here. Wherever here is.

As she continues to drive down the dull, straight road, Nesta once again curses the circumstances that put her here. Of course, she has no one to blame, because she can’t very well blame her dead great aunt for naming her in her will. Although Nesta fiercely wants to be angry that Aunt Ripleigh had decided that she should be the one given the farm house at the base of a mountain.

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Honda’s Dad speculation

So after watching the movie and rereading some of the original series I noticed something. In Death T they had just escaped from Katsuya getting cut up with a chainsaw and nearly lost all of their hands. They were taking a small brake from the game and all began talking.

When I first read this I was always more focuses on Katsuya. Understandably, he is my favorite character and this was one of his most shinning moments in the first series, at least in my opinion. It was also one of the amazing friendship moments between all four. The moment where they make the mark on their hands. However when I saw the new movie I remembered this again, but this time for Honda.

Honda says in the movie that he has to work at his father’s factory, and he is clearly not thrilled about it. However in the series we don’t learn much about Honda’s family. We know he has an older sister who has a kid, and a dog. So when he said that I thought about this. How Honda says that he was just so angry, and angry with himself.

Honda’s father has picked out how his life is going to go! In the sub Honda says he has to learn to take over his fathers factory. So he isn’t just working there, his dad is grooming him to take over the factory and be the next one in charge. He has already decided what Hiroto is going to be doing with his life. I wonder if that is why Hiroto was always so angry. He is angry at his father for taking away that choice of his future and the fact that he can’t do anything about it. And Katsuya knows this.

They both have Dad’s that don’t understand them, that don’t care what they want. I wonder if that was why they started to hang out in the first place? Sorry, just rambling, don’t mind me.

Hey guys! Don’t worry I haven’t forget you! Just have to take a little brake from everything. I’m feeling better now, so here I’ll try to be more active on the blog