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Married with Benefits (Part 6)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 1,011

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Steve closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He recognized the voice even when he hadn’t made eye contact. He knew that the kiss between you and him had been purposely interrupted and he curled his hands into fists, nails digging into the flesh of his palms until he was sure they had made marks on his skin. He wanted nothing more than to punch something, someone.

He took a deep breath before exhaling through his nostrils, the sound full of exasperation and annoyance. His eyes opened and he took you in, biting your bottom lip and looking quite embarrassed. But you hadn’t moved. You were still so close to him. And this made him smile.

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So I don’t write any specific reader descriptions but you got me thinking about my time spent in Brazil last year and the amazing art of capoeira. I think I can make an exception:) It’s only a cheeky drabble but I hope you like it, anon?

BTW, this is my FIRST EVER follower request so I hope I’ve done alright?

If you want some context on what capoeira looks like, here’s a great VIDEO. 

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Bucky hardly ever worked same missions as S.H.I.E.L.D. Him, Sam and Steve were only ever called upon if the task was particularly tricky. This was one of those times and Bucky was exceptionally nervous because today he would be joined by the S.H.I.E.L.D. team which contained his girlfriend. The whole reason why their relationship worked thus far was because they never mixed private and work life. In a way, they both knew this time would come but were too scared to ever talk about it; leaving it undealt with. But life has a funny way of making us face the uncomfortable and scary; whether we like it or not.

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Garlic Bread for Dinner

Jonghyun pisses off his boyfriend, and Taemin figures the only way to get his point across is to stick it to him right where it hurts most. (Based off of that post about vampire and human couples.)

Taemin stares angrily at his boyfriend talking to the annoying, loud, obnoxious blond that Taemin has told him again and again that he doesn’t like and he doesn’t want Jonghyun to talk to him but no, Jonghyun is talking to him and completely oblivious to the obvious flirting Kibum is trying to engage in and it makes Taemin’s blood boil.

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'Tis a very whiny thing to ask for, but PHE anon sure could use a fluffy mini-fic-pick-me-up. *Scuttles away*

“Hey, Becs…” Beca felt a hand on her shoulder, but squeezed her eyes tighter. They had two hours, at most, to enjoy this time between cooing and crying and singing and sighing, and she wasn’t going to waste it with pillow talk. After a few more nudges, though, it seemed evident that Chloe wasn’t going to let up. With a huff, she flipped over, nose to nose to her wife. 

“Your toes are fucking freezing, weirdo,” she spat. With the moonlight and the glow to Chloe’s eyes, her face was outlined sharply - the softness still there but dotted with a few bags beneath her eyes, held up by freckles that tended to hide under her daily makeup. Beca reached up to trace them, and Chloe hummed. “What’s the deal?” 

Nibbling at her lip, Chloe scanned Beca’s face - it was a move she did whenever she wanted to broach a topic with the other woman, like she was collected every pixel of data she could before deciding to speak. 

“I’m worried about her,” she finally said, her voice a small squeak. When Beca responded by sighing and turning to face the ceiling, she quickly pushed herself onto her elbows and hovered over the other girl. “Beca, I’m serious! She hasn’t smiled! Like, not once! And all the books I’ve read have said that by the eighth week a baby should be smiling.” 

“Chlo,” Beca breathed out, running her hands over her forehead and into her hair. “Maybeeee she just takes after her mom and prefers a nice, solid scowl of disdain and exasperation.”

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This coffee shop has a card limit that is ten cents over the price of a large coffee and quite frankly this is extortion and I won't stand for it. I'm being coerced into eating cake.

Okay, now I’m picturing Gabriel hunching over a piece of cake glowering at the world in general and taking a huge bite because “I paid for it, goddammit, I’m gonna eat—oh.  Okay, who’s the baker, I need to marry them.”

And Sam comes out wiping his hands on his apron and smiling that hesitant smile, and Gabriel falls in love on the spot.