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Don Frye Vs. Yoshihiro Takayama
PRIDE 21: Demolition
[June 23rd, 2002]

In addition to the MMA debuts of Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianenko, PRIDE 21: Demolition is an event famous for one of the most brutal slugfests in modern MMA history. Granted, this blog is a showcase for professional wrestling history, but I would be amiss not to include this epic battle between two men who have respect for the ring, one of which is a former 25-year veteran in pro wrestling.

Don Frye had a vicious battle against Vader in 2003, but had to have undergone some serious preparation to step into the ring against Japanese legend Yoshihiro Takayama. These two embody what it means to throw everything you’ve got at your opponent, opening the bout with a series of punches that probably hurt worse than your average Western shootout. Following the trade-off of punches, Frye and Takayama attempt to wear each other down in a fight that would level the average man, proving that either of the competitors featured are anything but “average”. If you like fights where both men take an extreme amount of punishment without the use of inanimate weaponry, this is one you’ll enjoy for the 7 minutes of brutality featured.