MY03 GT1 by Cullen

PNWS Character Queer Headcanons

I don’t make the rules, these just are canon.

Alex Reagan: Pan as they come. She’s got ex girlfriends and boyfriends.

Richard Strand: Repressed bisexual who’s struggling with his attractions to Alex and Nic.

Amalia Chenkova: Pansexual and polyamorous. Basically everyone who meets her falls in love with how cool she is.

Simon Reese: Everyone’s favorite morally ambiguous ace cinnamon roll.

Coralee Strand: Demisexual biromantic who happened to fall in love with the man she was ordered to marry.

Charlie Strand: Badass lesbian who isn’t taking any of your shit.

Nic Silver: Repressed bisexual who is still coming to terms with the fact that he’s in love with Geoff van Sant.

MK: Asexual panromantic polyamorous badass bitch at your service.

Geoff van Sant: Flagrant bisexual who at this point is becoming Nicsexual.

Cameron Ellis: Polyamrous gay and lusting after Nic Silver hard.

Carly Parker: Trans lesbian who’s been in love with her best friend Yumiko for years.

Yumiko Takata: Aromatic pansexual brilliant woman who gets what she want.

Jones: Aroace hacker BAMF.

“Different Angles”
Encaustic objects, Takata Takeya
Ceramics, Ishihara Yoshimitsu

“Blue Square Garden”
Wood bowl, Igarashi Yuki
Ceramics Matsunaga Keita, Ishihara Yoshimitsu
Encaustic tiles, Takata Takeya

artist list.

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