MY03 GT1 by Cullen


Durarara!!×2 Shō (デュラララ!!×2 承)

The new cover art for the April issue of Animage Magazine (Amazon US | JP), illustrated by chief animation director Akira Takata (高田晃), was also included on a giant-sized poster that came with the issue.

Although I have many recreational activities and passions, this car was once my pride and joy. Worked from the ground up and tore apart countless times. Everything, from paint, interior/bodywork, front end conversions, wiring, engine swaps, natural aspiration, forced induction, 2 or 3 big brake kits (I forget), all by yours truly. Setup for canyons (earlier stages) then ultimately track days.

Bought her as a junker and she’s definitely been through her stages as I’ve learned much through trial and error. Seat time to busting my knuckles, now she’s just a shell in my lawn.
Taking my past experiences and applying it to my new specified time attack Integra will definitely be fun, scary, and frustrating at times.
This Washington rain and weather is all new to me, especially growing up in Southern California. But I think I’m really starting to like it here. I’m an outdoorsy type of guy, and live for the rush and thrill of adventure. This rainy weather is definitely limiting on when I can and can’t work on the Integra, but I believe I’m making decent progress on it. Looking to get some seat time in the next couple months! Pretty stoked 😬😬😬😬


Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (四月は君の嘘)

New art from Your Lie in April in the April issue of Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | JP), with a lovely duet between Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, illustrated by Natsume’s Book of Friends character designer, Akira Takata (高田晃).