She likes to run on her wheel through all hours of the night. #runningfordays #winterwhite #hamster #takatakatakataka #wokemeupanhourearly

5 things about me

Thank you akatsuki-no-yona-fandom for tagging me  ^^ This is really late though…

Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly then send this to your 10 favorite followers.

1. I have a good sense of color

2. I am trilingual 

3. I am good at geography

4. I usually don’t procrastinate a lot

5. I can come up with really nice setups, settings, or AUs for stories (just can’t write them lol) 

For anyone who wants a go at this, isemay, miikasaas, koukasthunderbeast, taozipop, totxros, prussia-and-harumi, takatakatakataka, eternalhaikyuu, i-declare-the-poland-rule, and ponyoshao!