Arcueid’s new design sucks

This isn’t anything new and there has been at least 1000 rants about this before. I’ll still say it again, since it ticks me off every time it crosses my mind. 

Her miniskirt aside, her face and hair look awful. She is now just a Jeanne without ponytail and blue/purple eyes. Do you want a proof?

I hate you, Takeuchi


so i went to takeuchi’s page on the wiki for that last post and i found this:

“Takeuchi’s Noble Phantasm is Unlimited King of Knights (無限の騎士王, ?) - “The mind of a human who pursues the blonde-haired female knight he adores until the utmost limit. Employing all his skills, an infinite number of characters similar to Saber will be given life. A great delusion that erodes the stance of the company.

I am CRYING omfg. As long as you’re self aware takeuchi. Its nice to see he knows he has a problem lmao