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YOI x Takara Tomy Arts Pita! Deformed Acrylic Keychains (Vol. 2)

Original Release Date:
June 2017

Featured Characters (8 Total):
Viktor, Makkachin, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, JJ, Phichit

The second Pita! set for YOI features various Barcelona/GPF scenes (Including the Otayuri bike rescue) as well as the main trio in their costumes from the YOI “History Maker” opening sequence!

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YOI x Takara Tomy Arts Nitotan Rubber Straps (SP/Flags Ver.)

Original Release Date:
May 2017

Featured Characters (7 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, JJ, Phichit

The second version of the Nitotan rubber straps featuring the GPF finalists (In SP costumes) and are quite patriotic, though Viktor is holding flags with Yuuri’s name and “Davai” (In katakana) rather than a Russian one, and Yuuri holds a banner cheering “Ganbaranba!” 

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YOI x Takara Tomy Arts Nitotan Rubber Straps

Original Release Date:
March 2017

Featured Characters (7 Total):
Viktor, Makkachin, Yuuri, Yuri, JJ, Michele, Phichit

The first version of the Nitotan rubber straps featuring the characters in their warmups or casual clothing!

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YOI x Takara Tomy Arts Nitotan Ballchain Plushes

Original Release Date:
March 2017

Featured Characters (3 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri

Outside of rubber straps, Nitotan also released ballchain plushes of the main trio in costumes! Yuuri’s are actually adorned with plastic jewels, while Yuri’s has “fluff.”

More from the Takara Tomy Arts series!

Today our HUGE Amiami box came and it’s two months of backed up YOI stuff (plus stuff from other series but this post is focusing on just YOI), so here is an absolutely massive loot post. I  think this literally almost doubled our YOI collection.

First off is the Chara-Forme Yuri on Ice Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.3 by Empty! These are all Kiss and Cry themed and in my opinion this is one of the cutest sets they’ve released. Look even Georgi is adorable lol. 

This is the Yuri!!! on Ice Rubber Strap Collection Pair by Movic. There’s actually one non-pair in there as you can see lol. Yes they did remember the ring on the Victuuri one, by the way. Recent merch has been getting better about this, thankfully. I really like this set a lot (especially the bottom two. IDEAL). The only thing I’m not a fan of is how the ‘transparent strap’ style of them washes out the color in their faces a bit so you can’t see their blushes from the original art! 

The  Chara-Forme Yuri on Ice Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.2 by Empty! These are all based on the ED theme. The Yuuri in this set is blessed by angels. I don’t make the rules. It’s just true. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Clear Rubber Strap by Sol International. These are really cute and creative and all the straps have different colored sparkly backgrounds!! The top three are obviously themed to go together (both Yuuri and Victor are singing omg), and Yuuri is talking to a tiny Phichit on the bottom one of him. Also Victor and Yuuri as JOINT HASETSU AMBASSADORS is the best thing I never knew I needed. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Choko Kawa Rubber Strap by Sega. I really like the art in this set. It’s really soft and the thick lines are nice!! Also the skating Yurio has a sweet expression, which is rare but good. 

es Series nino Rubber Strap Collection by Kotobukiya. Chris’s pose is so extra. Haha I don’t have much to say here. They’re cute. 

Yuri!!! on Ice YuraYura Keychain by Bushiroad. For some reason my photos of all of these turned out really poorly, so you get these photos where the ones I’m selling are cut off, which I guess doesn’t really matter. I wonder why they put Yuuri in that promo outfit he never wears in so much stuff. I mean it’s a nice outfit but. Anyway, I ended up really LOVING these. The colors are super bright and the art is adorable!! Also no photos but they’re just as detailed on the back (for example Yurio’s hair is braided in the back on the keychain). 

Yuri!!! on Ice Tojikore Acrylic Keychain Vol.2 by TwinCre. So these are actually keychains, but they came with plastic stands, so you can display them as acrylic stands as well which is the BEST IDEA EVER. I love this so much and I dearly hope more keychain sets do it because it is so clever and handy. @abarero figured out a really, really awesome way to display our excessive amounts of keychains, but even then, this is always going to be better to me than hanging up yet another set of keychains. ANYWAY, every single keychain in this set is a gift; from banquet dancing to katsudon pirozhki to just… all of them. It’s so good. Absolutely one of my top three faves released for the series so far. 

Here’s keychains that came by themselves!

The History Maker Yuuri and the ending theme sparkler Yuuri were ACTUALLY amiami exclusive bonuses that came with the Kiss and Cry keychains and the Ending Theme keychains, but since they packed them separately I forgot to include them in those pictures. Whoops. 

Anyway, the big chibi keychains of Victor, Yuuri, Yurio, JJ, and Otabek are by Avex and they’re chibi versions of the Comiket exclusive release keychains. JJ, Otabek, and Yurio belong to @pantacular. 

Charappuccino Phichit is by Birthday. I actually did have Victor and Yuuri ordered too, but they were a couple of the items that got canceled, and they were out of stock. I actually did manage to find them on another site and have reordered them, but they’re not here yet. This keychain is so precious. 

The Tsumamare Victor and Yuuri are the little keychains hanging by their shirts. They’re by Cospa. They’re so cute and expressive. Especially the Yuuri! 

Bocchi-kun are by ACG and they’re the little tiny pouty keychains. They’re super cute, but I admit I’m a little disappointed by how tiny they are. Though I’m familiar with the line, I’ve never ordered a Bocchi-kun before, so I was unaware of their size. I don’t regret ordering them, and I’d still have gotten them (it’s not like they were pricey), but yeah, small. 

That single Yuuri is a Jelly Charm by ACG. And lastly is the Oshikura Victor by Orange Rouge. This actually came out in January, but I missed ordering it. Victor and Yurio are relatively easy to find, but Yuuri seems to be sold out everywhere, so Victor is having to wait. I did find Yuuri somewhere, but he’s a bit overpriced. It’s not TOO bad though, so I’ll probably go ahead and bite the bullet and get him instead of having to resort to bidding on auctions.  


In front, Love&Life and On Ice Victor and Yuuri cellphone stands from Atelier Magi because they’re great. Behind that, Cospa’s Vkusno! rice bowl. Next to that, Gyugyutto cushion straps of Victor and Yuuri by Bell House (Victor gets katsudon but poor Yuuri doesn’t lol). Behind them, Victor and Yuuri mugs by Gift. And inside the mugs, Victor and Yuuri Nitotan plush by Takara Tomy ARTs (which are super cute and nicely detailed). 

Here’s the inside of the rice bowl:

‘sup from Yuuri

Okay here we go. More non-keychain loot.

The Playful Mind (that’s the brand) collaboration stuff was cute as shit so I picked up some stuff from it. Good stuff, high quality, adorable art. 

There’s two (faux) leather trays, a coin purse, a phone case, and two cord holders. 

Above that is two pass cases of Victor and Yuuri being dapper in suits by A3! There were keychains released by Animega with this art, but they are near IMPOSSIBLE to get, and I’m resigned to the fact that it will never happen, so when I saw these pass cases, I decided to snag them instead. You can use them as keychains, so they essentially serve the same purpose.  

There’s Victor and Yuuri hair clips by Emu, which I’ll actually probably sell because they are big! I thought they’d be little ones judging by the price, but they’re big and I have short hair, so we’ll see about that. Above that is three sets of can badges, all by Movic. Then there’s the super cute 2016-2017 School Calendar, which I’m so pleased stands up on its own. 

Down below is three pens. Two of them are those kitschy ‘floaty’ ones where a figure floats down the pen, in this case it’s Victor and Yuuri ‘skating down’ a rink in the pen. They’re cute. The other one is a really cool, elegant pen themed after Yuuri’s FS outfit. 

Some closer up pics: 


The softe things.

Usually I crop images to just the merchandise but like hell I was going to crop out my cat. Oxford now graces this post with his remarkable presence. 

Makkachin tissue box cover by Avex Pictures. Just as fluffy as all the rumors have foretold. 

Then! The Victor and Yuuri pillowcases by M’s. Extremely soft fabric!! Would recommend for resting head upon. The picture is kind of a bad angle and frankly they BOTH look weird in this photo because of it but… I think, upon seeing it in person, the complaints about Victor’s face are very unwarranted. He actually looks really good and sweet and gentle in person and very much like Victor? The problem is parts of the rest of his body, where the anatomy is wonk (but this is just the pillow, so it’s only shoulders up and you don’t get that). And Yuuri looks great of course.  

ANYWAY, that’s end of this massive post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll have a sales post up pretty soon.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

YOI x Takara Tomy Arts Pita! Deformed Acrylic Keychains (Vol. 1)

Original Release Date:
March 2017

Featured Characters (10 Total):
Viktor, Makkachin, Yuuri, Yuri, Georgi, JJ, Michele, Phichit, Seung Gil, Seung Gil’s Dog

The Pita! sets are always hilarious because they emulate the characters being “squashed” against glass - so lots of chubby cheeks abound! Yuri’s solo facial expression is hilarious, and I…have no idea what Georgi is doing.

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Persona 4 the Golden Self-Proclaimed Special Investigation Team Collection capsule toy set coming out in September 2014 from Takara Tomy Arts! In the set:

■ Mystery Curry X
■ Risette’s Homemade Tofu
■ Kanji’s Handmade Rabbit Amigurumi
■ Welcome to the Velvet Room
■ Boy Detective Badge & Cap
■ Yukiko & Chie Brand Cup Ramen
■ Self-Proclaimed Special Investigation Team Memories Sticker Set
■ Junes Receipt-style Memo Pad

I swear I’ll have to get 10 of those memo pads so that I can use the sheets as custom packing slips


Amiami Loot Post+Some Other Stuff from @aitaikuji and @sunyshore in the last couple of weeks!

Thank you to @regularcelery for taking these pics.  ♥ ♥

Yuri!!! on Ice Oyasumi Acrylic Strap set by Sol International. These are so, so adorable. I do wish that there wasn’t a plastic slip over the bed sheet (it’s hard to describe how it’s set up), and I also wish there was a way to display two characters in the same bed together (for obvious reasons), but they’re SO CUTE either ways. Like the true millennials they are (except Yurio who is too young to be one god), they all have their phones with them in bed lol. Anyway, I love all the little character details on some of these. JJ has J’s on his pillows, for example. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Nitotan SP Rubber Mascot by Takara Tomy ARTs. These feature the GPF finalists+Victor all in their short program outfits. Not sure if they’re going to make a free skate outfit set, but I hope so. Victor’s flags say “Yuuri, davai!!” (SO PRECIOUS) and the Yuuri in his training outfit says “I’ll do my best!” 

I love this set a lot, but I have to admit, that Victor made it absolutely irresistible. 

Yuri!!! on Ice CharaVini Strap by Sol International. I don’t really understand the character choices for this set lol. These are ‘vinyl’ straps, so they’re sort of soft and they fold under? It’s hard to describe. They’re very large and quite unique. The outfit choices for the main trio are so cool though!! Yuuri is in his free skate outfit from the previous season, Victor is in that one outfit we see him in on a couple of Yuuri’s posters and on some of the promo art, and Yurio is wearing another outfit we see in promo art that I assume is what he wore for the previous year’s junior events. I was so excited to get that 2015 season Yuuri especially. :D

Yuri!!! on Ice HamuHamu Clip EX by Bandai. Phichit’s dream has come true; he is a hamster. These are both clips and keychains. They’re really cute. The ‘secret’ in the box was the Victor with Makkachin on his head. They’re actually a lot larger than I expected too! Btw this box came with twelve, and there are only eight in the set, so I’ll have some of these to sell, including major characters. :D

Yuri!!! on Ice Rubber Strap Collection by Movic. The main trio in Russian and Japanese outfits. I love this set. The Victor and Yuuri in the yukata are my favorites because Victor is like— shawl over shoulders, so swoony and ready to go out with the boy, and Yuuri’s got his hands on his hips and he’s looking confident and like yesss taking my fiance to the matsuri fuck yes. 

Eformed Yuri!!! on Ice Kime!tto Acrylic Ballchain by F.Heart. Wow this art is so precious! Plus the amiami exclusive was that little Yuuri with Makkachin so I got an extra keychain of best boy thank you amiami. 

Anyway I joked that these were YOI characters trapped in Hellmaster’s crystals because tbh it looked like that but they look less like that in person.

I super duper love this set though, and shoutout to the coach Victor, Phichit, and Guang Hong in addition to that bonus Yuuri because WOW CUTE.

Misc. stuff! 

The two keychains of Victor and Yuuri in the History Maker outfits are Petit Colle! acrylic keychains by Azu Maker. They’re LOVELY with bright colors, and they’re super big and tough and high quality. 

The Yuuri in the Stammi outfit and the Victor in the Eros outfit are Orange Rouge’s Nendoroid Plus Dress Up Acrylic Key Rings! This is a new product line they’ve started with YOI! You can swap their clothes, and as you can see I’ve done just that.  The art is super cute. 

The three Acrylic keychains in the middle of Victor, Yuuri, and Yurio are Bellhouse’s Pukasshu line. They’re cute and the art style is not like any I’ve seen for the series before this. 

The Twin Face Mini Cushion Keychains of Victor and Yuuri are by Hagoromo. They’re chibi versions of the school calendar art. The other side is chibi version of the blushing versions of that art. Really cute and squishy little pillows. 

Lastly, the onsen keychain is a Chara-Forme big acrylic keychain by Empty. All of the YOI chara-forme stuff has been great. The art for it has been so, so good, and this is no exception. 

Yuri!!! on Ice Omanjuu Niginigi Mascot 2. Also features both of the Yuuri mascots from series one and some Omanjuu kigurumi cases for Victor and Yuuri that I picked up.

I missed the first box of these, sadly. I was able to get the Yuuris from it, but I’m still wanting to get the Phichit and JJ. Anyway, THEY ARE SO CUTE WOW.  And Leo and Guang Hong!! Thank you to @sunyshore for hooking me up with them so I was able to get the animate exclusive Victor. Now I have two Victors and two Yuuris. Perfect. 

I did three rubber strap pulls from the May Minna no Kuji YOI event via @aitaikuji. I got Chris, JJ, and Victor. I’d actually already ordered Victor and Yuuri separately from @sunyshore, so I have an extra Victor!  I’ll be looking to trade him for some others in the set (Leo and Guang Hong, hopefully). 

I also have the Makkachin towel from it, which by the way, I ended up with two of, so I’ll be selling one of. And not Minna no Kuji related, but the Victor and Yuuri flower crown sets from Anime Japan! I do have the entire sets (acrylic keychains, buttons, and clearfiles), but the buttons were clipped up on a ribbon and the clearfiles tacked up on the wall and I didn’t feel like getting them down. They are SO gorgeous though. I really do want to get a nice scan of the Yuuri clearfile, because I’ve seen one of the Victor, but not of the Yuuri. Love these flower crown boys.  ♥ ♥ ♥

More Minna no Kuji stuff! The two items behind the plush are zipper pouches themed after Victor and Yuuri’s FS outfits. They’re really nicely made (and also soft and velvety). I love them lots.

And of course, the A and B prizes for the event, the plush! These are SO CUTE. The little blushes are too die for. Yuuri is wearing his free skate outfit, and Victor is of course, in his coach ensemble. Yuuri’s got a bouquet of red roses and his face is so, so sweet and round. The Makkachin in Victor’s arms is precious?? Ahhh they’re just great and super well made.  ♥.♥

Acrylic stands! The ones in the skating outfits are the Animega Exclusive ‘Finishing Pose’ Stands. As you can see they’re not actually the finishing poses from the programs, but they’re still really nice. These have been really, really difficult to get, so I’m super happy @sunyshore​ was able to nab them for me. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, my Yuuri broke the first day it arrived at my house. I’ve glued it back together, but you can still see the crack. I’m hoping to replace it, but it’s a pretty rare item, so we’ll see. I’m still going to display it as is in the meantime. 

They’re really beautiful though, and they’re BIG for acrylic stands. I’d love for Animega for make more of them (Stammi duetto outfits maybe?). 

The other stands are the HMV Collaboration ones. I have the chibi stands from this collab on order too, but I haven’t had them shipped from the proxy yet. These are really cute, and they’re pimping their own merch, which greatly amuses me (especially Victor, who is so proudly displaying the first YOI BD, the cover of which stars Yuuri and him). 

Oh god…

Well the bottom two things are the Victor and Yuuri Mafumofu Cushion Covers by Hagoromo. I actually thought these were pillows, not covers, because apparently I can’t read. But whatever, I can get pillows the right size for them for like 2.00 at Ikea so no big deal. Anyway they feature the school calendar art (and are double sided with the ‘alternate version’ of said calendar art), and they are SOFT AS HECK. They’re an extremely soft fleece-y material and are super huggable.

Above that is the Yuri!!! on Ice Munimuni Marshmallow Mascot Big versions of Victor and Yuuri. These were the first YOI things I splurged on. I paid for them way back near the end of November. Victor came in early to mid April, but Yuuri shipped separately and didn’t arrive until late May, so they were tragically parted for a very long time. THEY ARE FINALLY TOGETHER.  So yeah, that’s why even though I’ve had Victor for quite some time, I never included him in a loot post. I was waiting for Yuuri to come. But now he’s here, and it’s glorious. These things are even softer than I imagined, which is pretty damn soft. They feel like a silky suede material. I already preordered the second series Victor and Yuuri and the Phichit oops. 

Last but not least I literally can’t believe I own this oh my fucking god. The Yuuri Oyasumi Quilt Cover by M’s. 

It’s lovely and soft and SUPER DUPER high quality. You all know I’m not going to be creepy with it, but nonetheless I pulled it out of the bag and threw it on the couch and looked at it and just went “oh my god I can’t believe I own this I can’t believe this is in my house oh my god.” 

No regrets though. :p 

A couple of non-YOI things. For some reason these Love Live! Sunshine!! acrylic keychains by Broccoli never got added to MFC, which is driving me mad because I use that site to archive, but at the same time I’m too lazy to add them myself. ANYWAY, it’s all the girls with sea creatures. And I just love it? It’s so cute. And Ruby has a coelacanth?? I’m so charmed. Bless this set. 

Kotobukiya’s ARTFX Spike Spiegal figure! Wow this turned out super great. I hope they make the rest of the crew. 

@abarero got the Magical Mirai Hatsune Miku nendoroid to add to her ever growing Miku nendoroid collection. It’s adorable. 

I’ll have a new sales post up tomorrow with a lot of additions!

Anyway if you want bigger photos of any of this, let me know. Tumblr likes to shrink stuff as I’m sure you know. 

tendo’s jump festa report!!!

sweet mercy this year’s jump festa was a RIDE. and it only gets wilder and wilder each year apparently. i did not take nearly enough pictures for such a huge event!!! but here’s the report anyway!!

jump festa is a yearly event held in a HUGE convention center in makuhari, chiba, on the weekend before christmas. it is centered around the many comics and franchises from weekly jump, they sell exclusive goods they never stock enough of, and the lines for them are absolutely wild.

tendo would SO definitely have jumped right into those lines in CANON.

it’s still long enough for a readmore i think!

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