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Shingeki no Kyojin Chimi Chara Mascot 3 - Eren Jaeger & Levi Ackerman

I could put my paws on Eren of this Chimi series - I bought Levi last September in Tokyo from a gacha machine (so he was lonely for a loooong time).

I am usually not a huge fan of the Chimi series but these two are adorable. Look at the details: the 3DMG equipment, the salut (Levi’s left hand is under the cape), Levi’s undercut. :3

(Last pic - sorry, I needed the height difference… >_<)

Persona 4 the Golden Self-Proclaimed Special Investigation Team Collection capsule toy set coming out in September 2014 from Takara Tomy Arts! In the set:

■ Mystery Curry X
■ Risette’s Homemade Tofu
■ Kanji’s Handmade Rabbit Amigurumi
■ Welcome to the Velvet Room
■ Boy Detective Badge & Cap
■ Yukiko & Chie Brand Cup Ramen
■ Self-Proclaimed Special Investigation Team Memories Sticker Set
■ Junes Receipt-style Memo Pad

I swear I’ll have to get 10 of those memo pads so that I can use the sheets as custom packing slips


UberFriendship’s next new series unboxed FINALLY, where I finally get around to opening & assembling all the stuff I’ve ordered online over the past year.

In this premier episode, we’re assembling a Takara Tomy Arts Animal Crossing New Leaf house.

  • The plan is for the puzzle RPG game to be out at the end of this month (July) or the 1st 10 days of the next month. Currently the game’s still undergoing major testing, so please be patient about it.
  • A comic anthology is set for a September 8th (Thurs) release. 13 authors created stories especially for this and all the characters are included.
  • The 3rd novel is slated for the 17th of August, so here’s the cover of it.
  • These plushies will be sold starting October by Takara Tomy Arts. Dadacha and Zundar are roughly to scale. Animega currently has a Boueibu fair too, so do go and check it out if you can.
  • Covers for the character song albums due to be released on August 17th.


Takara Tomy Arts has released Vol. 2 of the popular One Punch Man gacha figurine keychains, this time featuring Saitama chewing gum, Genos in his signature pink apron, bubblegum-face Saitama, Sonic, and introducing Mumen Rider and Fubuki!

The figurine keychains are roughly 4.5cm in height and was released at the end of August 2016.

Order your favorite hero on Aitai☆Kuji today! For those interested in the One Punch Man Vol. 1 gacha figurine keychains, be sure to check them out here!

Long story short, Honaka rallies up idols for Sachiko!

Art, Characters, Comic © Me

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Hyrule Warriors Figurines to be Released in Japan by Takara Tomy ARTS

This month, Takara Tomy ARTS, a Japanese toy distributor, will be selling figurines of four characters from the Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda crossover title, Hyrule Warriors. These toys can be considered official Hyrule Warriors merchandise, as they are officially licensed by Nintendo.

These figurines will be representations of Link, Princess Zelda, Ganondorf, and Lana. An interesting detail is that the Twilight Princess version of Ganondorf has been chosen over his Hyrule Warriors design for the figurine…

Wow, Honaka’s original outfit is getting quite the attention~

Art, Characters, Comic © Me

Pripara © Takara Tomy Arts

Wanna see your oc as a background idol? Send me a reference pic or description of them, plus a coord for them to wear! :D