takara sagashi

Waccha and Souma were trying to solve a mystery then Waccha noticed Souma was sweating a lot as he keeps wiping off his sweat. Souma is really sensitive to heat ( ̄▽ ̄)


(Much like this gifset, Yoshiki!)

DVD リアル宝探し「〜風魔からの挑戦〜」in 小田原 紹介用映像
DVD Real Treasure Hunt 「〜Challenge from Fuma〜」in Odawara Trailer 

Release Date: 2017.03.05

- Umehara Yuichiro & Yamashita Daiki
- Shirai Yusuke & Enoki Junya
- Chiba Shoya & Adachi Yuto
- Furukawa Makoto & Murata Taishi
- Kobayashi Daiki & Nakajima Yoshiki 

The staff asked Ono Yuuki about his impression on his “Real Takara Sagashi” experience and answered this:

Ono Yuuki: Uhmm… I haven’t had this much fun with Takuya before *Egu smiles* so I’m quite happy.
Everyone: Eh? What’s up with him? Are you gonna confess your love? (to Egu)
Ono Yuuki: So from now on, please take care of me. *happily taps Egu’s left arm*
Eguchi Takuya: What the-? *smiles and points at Ono Yuuki*
Kaji Yuki: Iyaaaah! *Hits Ono Yuuki with a fake sword*
Everyone: *laughs*
Kaji Yuki: Loki’s inside him! He’s weird, he must be possessed by Loki.
Kaji Yuki and Yonaga Tsubasa: Go away Loki! Go away Loki!
Ono Yuuki: So that’s what I thought. I want to do this again someday. Thank you very much!

Note: Loki is the character who “cursed” these seiyuus that lead them into treasure hunting :D

Please watch the Real Takara Sagashi “Jashin Roki no Noroi in Tokyo Doitsu Mura” (リアル宝探し「邪神ロキの呪いin東京ドイツ村」) DVD for more details


The Ghibli Museum Shorts Art Booklets The Ghibli Museum shows several short films exclusive to the Ghibli museum. The Saturn Theater has windows where automated shades lower and open before and after each showing of its short films. This is because Hayao Miyazaki designed the theater with small children in mind, who could possibly be scared of the closed in theater. The museum shows one of the following Ghibli short-films in the Saturn Theatre and these are their artbooks above in order: Koro’s Big Walk コロの大さんぽ Koro no dai-sampo Water Spider Monmon 水グモもんもん Mizugumo Monmon Mei and the Kittenbus めいとこねこバス Mei to Konekobasu The Day I Harvested a Star 星をかった日 Hoshi o Katta Hi The Whale Hunt くじらとり Kujiratori Looking for a home やどさがし Yadosagashi A Sumo Wrestler’s Tail ちゅうずもう Chūzumō Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess パン種とタマゴ姫 Pan dane to tamago hime Treasure Hunting たからさがし Takara Sagashi Updating my Ghibli Collection