takaoka sousuke


Aniya Keiichi : Ace player. Usually irresponsible and acts on his own, but his thoughts about Koshien are stronger than anyone else’s. The most reliable member of the team.

Mikoshiba Toru : Captain. Weak feeling, but he’s serious and puts in a lot of effort.

Shinjo Kei : Easily misunderstood, but he values friendship more than anyone.

Sekikawa Shuta : Can be a little troublesome, but he realy hates losing.

Wakana Tomochika : Mood-maker. When other members are down, he takes the initiative.

Hiyama Kiyooki : Easily gets into fight, but he has a lot of courage.

Okada Yuya : He’s loud and showy (at first sight), but he’s best at making composed decisions.

Yufune Tetsuro : Always uses silly words and stuff. His smile brings joys to everyone.

Hiratsuka Taira : Err… Super Positive!

Imaoka Shinobu : Doesn’t stand out much, but he always gives his best.

by Kawato Koichi

Shit I’m watching Rookies and I’m already crying in first freaking episode. I need a life. Also, there's Sousuke (Izaki) and Kenta (Tokio) from the movie Crows Zero. Wow, they changed a lot - especially Kenta, man, what’s with that facial hair. I almost didn’t recognize him.

Another person, who just changed my life recently - Sato Takeru, who played as Kenshin Himura, is also there tho with a minor role but whatever. Eh, what’s with this cast. I’ve already taken a liking to Mikoshiba and Sekikawa. Oh man.