more bey kids /////

beyblade is absolutely awful for consistency re: art style and character design between different seasons (so many eye colour changes… why this), so shoving my fave kids into my own style was a fun lil challenge!!

i’m definitely more partial to season 1 and 3 though for sure

Happy belated Mothers Day!

I’m always late for these holidays dude orz… ANYWAY! I’m bringing nostalgia back! And decided to draw a new piece from a set I made in 2005 ° A ° !!
Beymoms with their Beychildren ♥

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Harry Potter- beyblade head cannons would be 😍🤓😍


Well, okay. This is a bit too broad and I did sort of collate it into a 15 part fic but I’m not going into all that now. BUT BRACE YOURSELF FOR A LOT OF RAMBLING <3

Let me just outline how the beyblade world would figure in the Harry Potter world and I’ll add a few things. (I’ll use dub names. Hope that’s okay!)

Okay, firstly, Mr. Dickinson would definitely be Dumbledore in this situation. He’d be the headmaster of Hogwarts. You can totally see him pushing the boys (often to their own detriment) much like Dumbledore. Also his old associate, Dr. Zaggart could be his Grindelwald.

We have Tyson, the guy who grew up without a mother, a muggle dad and with an emotionally unavailable brother. Also, Hiro, much like Percy is the ambitious prefect who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about family. Both of them end up in Gryffindor. Btw, Tyson’s a seeker (because well, Beyblade’s Tyson commands the wind with Dragoon).

We have Kai, who (no surprise) is in Slytherin. He’s a Parselmouth as well. He’s suffered a traumatic past because his grandfather Voltaire (our own Voldemort) tried to raise an army of pure bloods by training them and abusing them through his loyal subject, the Death Eater, Boris. The Blitz boys too were part of this training, but like Kai, they escaped. All of these boys bear the Dark Mark, a symbol of their past. Kai’s mother, I headcanon, much like Merope Gaunt was a weak witch, tortured by his Grandfather for being weak and falling for Kai’s Muggle dad who abandoned him. Yes, Kai’s backstory coincides a bit with canon Voldy, but we’re sticking to Voltaire as Voldy here.

And since poor traumatized Kai hardly has happy memories, he cannot conjure a patronus! :( He finally does when his teammates show that they love him despite his constant asshole behaviour. And why do I say teammates? Because I totally headcanon that Hogwarts, instead of selecting individuals chooses a team of 6 (Tyson, Kai, Ray, Max, Hilary and Daichi) to take part in the Triwizard Tournament! The Triwizard tournament here is an obvious parallel to the world championships and the other schools are the other teams from different parts of the world.

Anyway, moving on. We have Hilary, our Hermione, who is, without a doubt, the brightest witch of her age. But like Hermione, she chose Gryffindor over Ravenclaw and the sorting hat respected it.

Then we have Ray. Ray is inevitably a Gryffindor. Ray comes from a Pureblood clan from China, but chooses to go to Hogwarts instead of their school. He is also an Animagus and transforms into a white tiger.

Daichi is a Hufflepuff. He’s hardworking, sweet and energetic. Also, he can see Thestrals, because he witnessed his dad die :(

Kenny is a Ravenclaw, because, duh.

Okay, now Max is a Ravenclaw. Hear me out, I know that you’d pick him for Hufflepuff, but Max is a smart, analytical and calculating kid, if canon is anything to go by. I think he prioritizes that and asks the Sorting Hat to place him in Ravenclaw over Slytherin. Why do I say over Slytherin again? Because I totally headcanon that Judy is from a Pureblood family, which like Kai’s is descended from Salazar Slytherin himself!! Max is unaware of his distant connection to Kai, but he is ashamed of the part of him that is a descendant of Slytherin. In this case, I’m drawing upon Max’s bitbeast in the Japanese version - Genbu. Genbu is the tortoise but we all know that mythologically speaking it is depicted as a tortoise and serpent. (Source of image: Wikipedia)

So Max keeps his mother’s pendant with Genbu on it, ie, the locket of Slytherin hidden from others, including his friends, for fear of judgment. He also hides the fact that he is a Parselmouth, because Max is not proud of his lineage. He loves his mom but he has grown up with his Muggle-born dad who is all about being inclusive. Judy distances herself from Max (despite loving him) because he is after all, her unplanned son with a Muggle born wizard.

Also, Judy is Minister for Magic. Because, well, why not. 

Random headcanon: The woman that appears when Wolborg appears is Tala’s mother. Wolborg is Tala’s patronus, but it appears as his mother first because his memory of her is his strongest memory :’)

P.S. Please don’t use these headcanons for any fic because my fic includes these headcanons.


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