Hiromi: She’d be working on finding cures for diseases. She’d hate to see people sick so she’s trying to figure out how to help cure as many people as she could. She’d also teach classes at universities and go to elementary schools to promote science for girls!

Rei: He’d work on helping create new ways to get people to walk again. Since he loves to run and jump as often as possible he realizes not everyone can do that. He’s working on helping those in wheelchairs to walk again.

Takao: he’d work on created a new type of food that can incorporate various tastes. Other projects would how to create the healthiest food, and delicious food that has no calories.

Max: he’d work on an environment that can fight against pollution and corruption. Air quality would improve all over the world due to his efforts

Kai: he’d be the recluse scientist. Testing ideas and theories no one is interested in. People would believe he was mad and crazy. In reality he would create a parallel universe for those who want to run away from people

Kenny: He’d be the one to find another element. It’d be something which can be used in various objects to make them move quicker. New devices will be made with this new element. He’d bring us into the future


more bey kids /////

beyblade is absolutely awful for consistency re: art style and character design between different seasons (so many eye colour changes… why this), so shoving my fave kids into my own style was a fun lil challenge!!

i’m definitely more partial to season 1 and 3 though for sure

Beyblade joke 12

Takao: Stop panicking.

Kai: I’m not panicking!

Hiromi: I’m pregnant, I’m panicking!

Takao: Don’t panic, you have absolutely no reason to panic. Kai: And you’d know of course.

Takao: Yes I would. You’re already the best parents in the world. Look at all the practise you’ve had.

Kai: Practice?

Takao: Well you’re hardly going to need me around now that you’ve got a real baby on the way.

anonymous asked:

Hiromi is going on a date with a random guy, but [insert each bladebreaker] decides to admit his feelings and interrupt the date. How would they do it?

Takao would probably just burst in and try to challenge the guy to a bey-battle because he’s a clumsy bean and he’d want to show the new guy (and Hiromi, by extension) that he’s the tougher dude. Of course, Hiromi wouldn’t see it that way, but to Takao, we all know that his life is all about beyblading :P And then, bam, he’d just drop it on her. I headcanon that he wouldn’t plan a confession, he’d just go there to interrupt her and defeat the other dude, but accidentally blurt out eventually!

Kai would just slyly sit down at the next table, well within earshot of Hiromi and the other guy and invite some random fan-girl to sit with him. And when she’d be smitten and express her interest in going out with him, he’d calmly say that he can’t because he’s into the girl sitting at the next table. And voila! Indirect confession made. Oh, Hiromi’d blush and her date would get a serious inferiority complex!

Rei would probably anonymously have random food and wine sent to their table and when they’d finally pester the waiter to tell them who was sending all that, he’d point to the stage where Rei’d be there singing something romantic. He’s one for the grand gestures.

Max would straight up see them at the restaurant, walk up to them and pull up a chair, no fucks given. He’d smile and converse with both of them. Obviously Max’d get the hint that the guy wants him to leave asap (because Max makes Hiromi laugh more than the new guy can) but Max would continue anyway till he’d finally clear his throat and tell her “before you start this date and I leave, I’d like to say something to you….”. And there’d be the confession. He’d confess and walk out before Hiromi can even reply and the guy can even punch him. But damn, she’d dig his guts.

There you have it anon! Thanks for the ask!