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Takao: You’re beautiful, Reo-san.

Mibuchi: Kazu-chan…////////////

Did I ever mention how much I love TakaMibu/MibuTaka??? kyaa /)////(\ Rakuzan/Shuutoku will rise.

Hey Kuroko no Basket fandom, we’re just a week away! From June 7th to June 13th, MidoTaka Week will kick off for Shuutoku’s own light and shadow, Midorima Shintarou and Takao Kazunari. And though it’s called that, we are completely open to TakaMido as well, or just any combination of the two! Here’s your chance to show some love for this lucky pair with gifs, graphics, fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes, and anything you could think of. Just remember to tag #midotakaweek within the first five tags, and it’ll be reblogged for everyone to see!

The prompts for each day are as follows:

Day 1 [6/7]: Luck
Day 2 [6/8]: Cats
Day 3 [6/9]: Music
Day 4 [6/10]: Fate
Day 5 [6/11]: Partner
Day 6 [6/12]: Future
Day 7 [6/13]: Full Court

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Gom and himuro when their crush starts avoiding them for no reason.

How do you think GoM + Takao + Kiyoshi would handle if their s/o surprised them on their birthday by showing up at their school with presents and a cake after their s/o has ignored them for the past 3 days even though it was part of her plan?

(VC FALA PORTUGUES?? MEO DEUS AMO SEU BLOG <3 mas minha ask vai ser em ingles ^-^) (GOM, Kagami, Takao, Sakurai, Kiyoshi, Imayoshi, Hanamiya, Kasamatsu,Himuro ) It’s their birthday, and their s/o has ignored them all day. When they got home, they find out a beautiful stage with amplifiers and spotlights, and their s/o standing on the stage dressed in a beautiful dress. She says ‘’Happy birthday!’’ and starts singing for them, their reactions?~  (ai desculpa, não vi que tinha limite de personagens ;—; então só GOM + Takao + Imayoshi pls >w<)

I’ll have to combine this ask with other two because it’s pretty vague - and similar to the others. I think the boys would all confront them about it at some point? So I’m gonna combine it with these two, hope y’all don’t mind! (Also, the birthday party’s going to be at their partner’s house).

(Aah, obrigada!! HAHAHA <3)

Kuroko: he’d have been antsy during the whole time his partner’s ignored him, thinking that perhaps he’d done something wrong and was now being given the cold shoulder. He wouldn’t be able to withstand the silent treatment for a long time, so he’d go to his s/o’s house, determined to find out what he did wrong and apologize for it. After turning on the lights and being thoroughly surprised by the “happy birthday”s, the decoration and all those people, he’d smile softly at his partner’s grinning face, immediately accepting their apology and thanking them for the party - though he’d ask for them to not ignore him ever again.

Aomine: he’d been grumpy and in a terrible mood the moment he realized he was being ignored by his partner - and worse: not even knowing why. He’d try to ask Momoi about it, but since she’d be in on the surprise, she wouldn’t tell him anything. More than a bit pissed off, he’d promptly march to his s/o’s house, only to stare dumbfounded at the chorus of “surprise”! They’d run up to him and he’d automatically catch them in his arms. Their smile was so bright and they’d ask so hopefully if he liked the surprise that he’d immediatelly forget why he was even angry in the first place.

Kise: he’d been pouty and moody when his ____cchi didn’t answer his messages or ignored him in the hallways. He’d been this close to cornering them a couple of times, but they knew exactly how his mind worked and managed to avoid him. Pouting and stomping his way over to their house, he’d stare flabbergasted at the decoration and all his -true- friends wishing him a happy birthday. He’d whine and hug his ____cchi tight, saying that he was really happy but ‘please don’t ignore me like this ever again!’

Midorima: he wouldn’t show much of a reaction, but he’d be pretty angry on the inside. He expected his partner to be more mature than this, since they’d always talked their arguments out in the past. He’d so calmly walk to their house, mind swirling from all the possibilities, that he’d actually jump at all the “surprise”s and “happy birthday”s. He’d stay fronzen on the spot until he felt his s/o’s arms around him - then, he’d splutter and blush.

Murasakibara: he’d have been very moody and pouty during the time they ignored him; so much that even Himuro gave up on him at some point. It wouldn’t take much for him to be fed up and sulk his way over to his partner’s house, already thinking of all the whining he’d do when all his friends - and sweets - welcomed him with a chorus of “surprise!”. He easily spots his partner holding a cake, and he spends the rest of the party eating sweets while clinging to his s/o.

Akashi: let’s be honest, he’d know all about it even before his partner started to organize the party. Of course, he wouldn’t want to spoil their surprise, so he’d pretend to be annoyed at their lack of attention, but obviously it’s far from serious. Still, it’d be enough to fool his partner, and he’d make sure to wear a mildly and pleasantly surprised face when he sees everything they’ve done. He’d smile softly at them and kiss their forehead while thanking them, but would strongly advise them against ignoring him like that again.

Kiyoshi the bae: the poor baby would be so confused and lost. He’d think that perhaps it was something he’d done, so he’d spend a while thinking back on everything he did that might’ve possibly caused them to ignore him like that. He’d arrive at their house with flowers and a teddy bear, only to nearly drop them as he sees the surprise they prepared for him. He’d smile so widely and give out such a huge, relieved sigh, that his partner’d silently swear to never ignore him like that again.

Takao: he’d be very suspicious during the whole time he’s being ignored, and would waste no time in going as fast as he can to his partner’s house to solve things. He’d arrive quite early at their house, so he’d end up spoling the surprise when he sees so many people (”is that Shin-chan?”) decorating the house. His partner’d huff and pout at him, but he’d be too relieved and happy to properly understand that he just ruined his own birthday party.

Himuro: he’d be pretty pissed off, so he’d be able to successfully corner his partner and tear the truth out of them, so he’d also completely spoil his surprise. His partner would clearly get sad, since they were looking forward to surprising him, so he’d end up feeling bad about it and would offer to arrive late to the party and pretend to be surprised. Their unamused stare convinces him to be especially nice to them for the rest of the month.

Imayoshi: he too would’ve heard about the surprise before his s/o even started to organize it - whether it was on accident or not - but he’d choose to pretend to not know because he knew they were looking forward to surprising him. He’d be much better than Akashi at pretending to be annoyed, but ends up letting slip a bark of laughter when he sees the slightly panicked look on his partner’s face when he gets to their house. He kisses them on the cheek and thanks them for the effort, but claims that there’re many ways to suprise him (that earns him a slap on the arm).

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WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH (not the knb characters tho)



It’s never easy to write these things and I know that, which is why this is possibly the hardest thing for me to do. Although I could use this letter to tell you all the things that I love about you, everything I know about you. But I won’t. Instead, I want to use this last letter to thank you.

Thank you for giving me the best year of my life. Although we were only together for a few months, you have no idea how you’ve saved me with your strength and happiness. Thank you for making me smile for so long. Thank you for making me cry and allowing me to feel again. Thank you for your support and kindness and gentleness and the sweet little things that you’ve done for me. Thank you for everything. You’ve loved me through thick and thin and I appreciate it dearly.

I love you, Ryouta. And I’m so sorry that things had to end this way. Sometimes, we need to say goodbye to those we love the most to save them the pain and that’s what I wanted with you. I didn’t want to leave you with the bad memories but maybe that’s easier for the both of us. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell any of this to you sooner. I wish I did – actually, no, I’m happy I didn’t. Because otherwise, we would be different and I wouldn’t want us any other way.

Thank you, Ryouta, for everything.

With love,

Kise gulped, reading the last line of the crumpled letter. The letter he had reread so many times – too many times. His eyes glanced to the side where your casket was closed as tears began to spill again.

Maybe if you had told him sooner, he might have treated you differently, but he wished he could’ve done things differently. He wished that he could take back all the regretful things he said. He wished that you were back with him.

But some wishes just don’t come true.


“Ne, Mukkun, do you think you can cook me dinner when I get home?” You sighed, gripping the armrest as you leaned back on your seat.

“Ehh, why?” He moaned and you could hear the crunching of his snacks. “But I’m too lazy. We can go grab a bite tomorrow instead.”

“I feel like eating your famous blueberry pancakes.” You smiled, placing the phone between your shoulder and your ear as you nodded at the stewardess and got your jacket.

“Ahh, but I’m tired. Let’s just do it tomorrow. You have to get some rest too anyway. I don’t want to do it tonight.” Murasakibara groaned again. You heard the familiar crinkle of the snack bag and you immediately scolded him for eating something so unhealthy again. “You’re my girlfriend, ______-chin, not my mom.” He sternly said in return. “I’ll talk to you when you’re being less naggy.”

“Wait, Mukkun—“ But the line was dead. You sighed and set your phone aside, tightening your seatbelt. That was the moment that your life flashed before your eyes. As the plane dived straight down through the blue skies that looked so peaceful but promised hell, you took a deep breath. You really were never good at goodbyes. Then everything went black.


“Exactly! This is exactly where we should go.” You showed the brochure to Takao who sat there, intently observing the ad. “This would be really cool, you have to admit.”

“Obviously,” he grinned. “It’s an awesome place too. I’ve been there once before.”

“Even better! God, I’m so excited. See, we should plan these things more often. I was thinking that after that, we could go to this new restaurant that just opened up. I heard the food is awesome.”

Takao laughed, “Are you talking about the steakhouse down the street?” You nodded eagerly. “Definitely going there then. They’ve got the best steaks in the city.”

Beaming, you grabbed your bag. “Alright, then. I’ll see you later! Thank you again, Takao!” You leaned over, kissed him on the cheek and took off.

Takao sat there, stirring his tea lightly as he watched you figure disappear into the crowd. He kept his eyes on you though. He saw you. He saw you wait in front of a small store. He saw a man come up to you. He saw you stand on the tip of your toes to kiss him. He saw him wrap his arm around you. He saw everything.

He sighed. Maybe if he didn’t fool around with you too much, he would be planning for his dates with you and not for your dates with another guy.

HAHAHHAH plot twists with S