✩ KUROBAS CUP Appreciation Post 1 ✩

Random shots I couldn’t put into any category. Next post will be more coherent, I promise (๑꒪▿꒪)

/Thank Kami-sama for the piyo necklace ❤︎/

  • Takao:Shin-chan, I wanna have a baby!
  • Midorima:When?
  • Takao:Right now. *climbs on top of Midorima*
  • Midorima:*throws Takao off* *pulls out calendar*
  • Midorima:Uh uh, look here. Right now, it’s September, and approximately 9 months from now it’ll be around June, which means there’s a strong chance our baby could be a Gemini. Too risky. Let’s not, nanodayo.