Takamura is always either beating the shit out of animals, or beating the shit out of people named after animals. By the end of the series, he’ll have conquered six taxonomic classes of animals. Nightmare to PETA, hero to all.

Last arc: Takamura woops the shit out of an elephant, and fights a guy named Freddy Falcon.

—  A comment at this video of Takamura/Eagle fight

I finished Paranoiac ! (spoilers here)
So at first… I was terrified with the concept. Monsters go out at night and chase you.. I just can’t. It was too much for me. This kind of things just make me.. paranoiac. */out*

So I quit the game during about 2 weeks before I decided to continue it. (Pewdiepie started the game and I like to finish before him :< hehe )
Finally it’s such a good game, I really enjoyed it. It was shorter than I thought, but it has good story, and I liked the characters. (except the mother.  Oddly, I prefer the monster than the mother, SHE is the real monster of the story >__<) And I ship Miki and Miura so badly *3* BEST COUPLE EVER

By the way, there is a piano song in a moment of the game and I loved it. If anyone know where we can find a track / find the compositor? (I’m listening to it right now, I saved an extra diary at the moment where we can ear it and I go in the menu but..) 

EDIT : Thanks a lot for the answer :D