Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan.

Location - Hobara, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

Status - Demolished in 2010

Reason for closure - Exact reason unknown

Dates Active - 1973 - 1999

In Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, there was an abandoned amusement park known as Takakanonuma Greenland. It sat in the outskirts of Hobara, its exact location is unknown and it cannot be found on any map. 

The only known information about the park is that it opened in 1973 and closed two years later. Most claim that the closure was due to poor ticket sales and renovations were needed on the park, however locals say it was because of a significant amount of deaths on the rides. Miraculously, the park re-opened in 1686, but struggled to remain open due to increased competition from bigger parks such as Tokyo Disneyland, as well as financial trouble. Takakanonuma Greenland closed for good in 1999.

Following its closure, the amusement park was just abandoned and left to rot. Photographs from urban explorers who have investigated the area show a massive amount of decay. The ferris wheel and rollercoaster are covered in rust, the entrance is covered in graffiti, and the premises have been reclaimed by nature. The most notable feature of the park is the dense fog that always looms over it (i think this is from nearby nuclear radiation but im not entirely sure). But like the information about the park, there is very little recordings and photos of the park.

There is a legend that surrounds the abandoned (or once abandoned) park. Allegedly, Takakanonuma Greenland was demolished in 2006 and now sits an empty lot. However a citizen of the UK named Bill Edward claimed to have visited an untouched, completely intact park. Supposedly, he took numerous photos that were identical to those taken before demolition, showing some rusty, forgotten rides. However according to this legend (or rumour or whatever you wanna call it), when uploading the photos, only one appeared on his computer. This picture showed the entrance to the park on a foggy night, illuminated by the flash from the camera. In the centre of the picture, you can barely make out the figure of what looks like a six year old girl in a white dress. She appears to be staring at the photographer with a serious, indifferent face.

The girl has never been identified, and the whereabouts of Bill Edwards are currently unknown.

Although the legend seems really fake, still makes a good story and the abandoned park was fascinating to me