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Key visual for the second part of S2 of BnHA revealed, together with visuals of more pro heroes and their seiyuu (in order clockwise from top right):

Best Jeanist - Midorikawa Hikaru (Zed in Kekkai Sensen, Heero Yuy in Gundam Wing, Lancer in Fate/Zero, Zelgadiss in Slayers, etc.)
Fourth Kind - Fujiwara Takahiro (Nebuya in KuroBasu, Inukai in Donten ni Warau, also Kurogiri in BnHA)
Uwabami - Yamane Mai
Gunhead - Okino Kouji (also Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu in BnHA)

Also, previews of this Saturday’s episode.

Source: Public raws for JUMP


The first Resident Evil games wanted to sprawling, lush environments, rich in detail that would make the horror of the game that much more arresting. However, due to hardware limitations, they could only display some props and the characters on-screen- the environments were too much for the Playstation to handle. As such, all areas in the game are shown from fixed camera angles, with the environments themselves being largely 2D, pre-rendered images placed below or on top of the scene view. 

Nuevos diseños de personajes para la segunda mitad de la segunda temporada de Boku no Hero Academia

La segunda mitad de la serie iniciará el 8 de julio con nuevos temas de opening y ending

La web oficial de la segunda temporada de Anime para televisión de Boku no Hero Academia, ha revelado el domingo nuevos diseños de personajes para su segunda mitad. La segunda mitad del Anime iniciará con su episodio 14 que saldrá al aire el 8 de julio (no habrá episodio nuevo este primero de julio). La segunda temporada del Anime sale al aire todos los sábados desde el 25 de marzo, y contará con 25 episodios.

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Deep Fight ft Rakuzan
Kamiya Hiroshi ft Wataru Hatano, Osaka Ryouta, Toshiki Masuda, Takahiro Fujiwara
Deep Fight ft Rakuzan

It’s so worth it to buy this album and waited for months. I finally got a hold on this. 


●Photo gallery(1)

Hello, this is Ken, the administrator of this blog.

Today, I would like to show you some great pictures taken by Takahiro Fujiwara, a professional photographer.

I would be very happy if you felt the summery atmosphere in Iizaka Onsen, from these beautiful pictures.

See you soon!!!





Shimazaki Nobunaga facts

Since someone asked something about this cutie, I decided to do this.

● born on 6 November 1988(same day as Naozumi Takahashi san)
● from the Miyagi prefecture.
● ‘Shimazaki Nobunaga’ is his real name.
● is 174cm tall
● blood type: A
● is affiliated with Aoni Production.
● what inspired him to become a seiyuu was his admiration for Midorikawa Hikaru, who played Lyon Magnus in Tales of Destiny.
● his mother entered him in a talent audition in which he passed. And somehow became a seiyuu.
● he was the 29th graduating class of the Aoniku
● his hobbies/interests are cooking, sweets making and gaming.
● he also like to use the computer.
● he was the soft-tennis club president and student council president in middle school.
● In high school, he was in the concert band, playing the saxophone. He was the vocal in another band.
● his favourite shoujo manga is ‘Gakuen Alice’
● he likes ‘Prince of Tennis’ and he really likes/admires ‘Atobe Keigo’. He even wished him happy birthday on Twitter.
● other than Midorikawa Hikaru, he admires Sakurai Takahiro, Fujiwara Keiji, Matsukaze Masaya, Ishikawa Hideo.
● he has the same name as the famous warlord, Oda Nobunaga. As such, he is often teased by his senpais who call him Shimazaki kun and asking if his name was Oda kun.
● According to Asanuma Shintarou san, he spends A LOT OF MONEY on ‘Love Live’ merchandises.
● people often teasingly ask him if he’s together with ‘Matsuoka Yoshitsugu’
● fans often say they are the current generation of Sugita and Nakumura san.
● when he was asked to choose between the beauty type of the library/bookworm type, he chose the latter.

Revelados nuevos diseños para los personajes originales de la segunda temporada de Boku no Hero Academia

Anri Katsu, Tomokazu Seki y Ami Koshimizu interpretarán a los nuevos personajes en el episodio 19 de la serie

La web oficial del Anime para televisión de Boku no Hero Academia ha revelado nuevos diseños para los nuevos personajes originales que aparecerán en el siguiente episodio de la segunda temporada de Boku no Hero Academia. Los nuevos personajes aparecerán en el episodio 19 de la segunda temporada que tendrá una historia original. La segunda temporada del Anime sale al aire todos los sábados desde el pasado 25 de marzo, y contará con 25 episodios.

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SOLO MINI ALBUM Vol.7 Akashi Seijuurou

Sale Date: 2015.12.20 

1. DEEP FIGHT feat. Mibuchi Reo (CV. Hatano Wataru), Hayama Kotarou (CV. Masuda Toshiki), Nebuya Eikichi (CV. Fujiwara Takahiro), Mayuzumi Chihiro (CV. Oosaka Ryouta)
2. RESIGNATION? feat. Midorima Shintarou (CV. Ono Daisuke), Takao Kazunari (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
3. ANSWER feat. Kuroko Tetsuya (CV. Ono Kenshou)

Artist: Akashi Seijuurou (CV. Kamiya Hiroshi)
Guests: Kuroko Tetsuya (CV. Ono Kenshou), Midorima Shintarou (CV. Ono Daisuke), Takao Kazunari (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Mibuchi Reo (CV. Hatano Wataru), Hayama Kotarou (CV. Masuda Toshiki), Nebuya Eikichi (CV. Fujiwara Takahiro), Mayuzumi Chihiro (CV. Oosaka Ryouta)

Price: 2,000 yen (tax not included)

Everyone’s like Akakuro duet spaz and I’m just like Hi, let’s look at the other tracks and RETURN ohh is this an oreshi song


49th issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine announced that the third season of Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s “Kuroko no Basuke” anime will premiere in January 2015. This season will start from Quarter 51 of the manga.

Also announced is several new casts for the Uncrowned Kings of Rakuzan:

  • Mibuchi Reo (CV: Hatano Wataru)
  • Hayama Kotarou (CV: Masuda Toshiki)
  • Nebuya Eikichi (CV: Fujiwara Takahiro)

Source: Anime News Network

whowhatwho2  asked:

I'm sorry, I'm still learning Japanese. Could you explain the all star real act please, if you understand it a bit.

Seiyu event! there will be all of PP seiyu


Date: 19 July 2015
Location: Ebisu Garden Hall Tokyo

CAST members from PSYCHO-PASS :
Seki Tomokazu (Kogami Shinya)
Hanazawa Kana (Tsunemori Akane)
Nojima Kenji (Ginoza Nobuchika)

Akira Ishida (Kagari Shusei)
Arimoto Kinryu (Masaoka Tomomi)
Sakura Ayane (Shimotsuki Mika)
Fujiwara Keiji (Togane Sakuya)

Sakurai Takahiro (Hinakawa Sho/Makishima Shogo)
Itou Shizuka (Kunizuka Yayoi)
Sawashiro Miyuki (Karanomori Shion)
Yamaji Kazuhiro (Saiga Jouji)


Akane Tsunemori - Kana Hanazawa

Nobuchika Ginoza - Kenji Nojima

Sakuya Tougane - Keiji Fujiwara

Mika Shimotsuki - Ayane Sakura

Sho Hinakawa - Takahiro Sakurai

Yayoi Kunizuka - Shizuka Itou

Shion Karanomori - Miyuki Sawashiro

Risa Aoyanagi - Masumi Asano

Mizue Shisui - Marina Inoue


Kuroko no Basket anime season 3 starts IN JANUARY 2015!

It won’t be in March, like we heard the first time, Shonen Jump announced that it’ll start in January. Wow, what a great way to start 2015!

It’ll all begin with 51Q and the rest of the Uncrowned Kings already got their anime visual with the cast:

  • Mibuchi Reo - Hatano Wataru
  • Hayama Kotaro - Masuda Toshiki
  • Nebuya Eikichi - Fujiwara Takahiro

Also, don’t forget that the sequel manga, created by Fujimaki-sensei will come out in two months, on December 29th to be exact.

Look forward to it!

Source: ANN