Shinkenranbu from today’s performance

There’s some rare groups here
1. Unusual kogiyamato😓
2. Jiji and his antics😂
3. Err…..real man groupies?😅
4-5. Horikawa has been left alone his precious kane-san??!!😱
6. Of course kane-san would be lonely
7. Toumyu little babies😆
8-9. Unseparable duo has been separated by yamatonokami😅

Ah I can’t find hachisuka’s photo anywhere
Takahasi was just aploaded an old selfie, the same one with tsubasa a few days ago

In the darkness comes light //closed rp//


The darkness had come nearly 100 years ago. It was a dark being with whom no one knew of its origins. All who had ever come into contact with the presence had died in their steps, never to return to those who awaited them. The darkness started in the northenmost part of the world, where the fiercest of warriors, the Frost Giants, roamed freely with their ruling queen. One by one, though, almost all lost their lives to the mysterious darkness including the queen and her late husband. All that was left was a handful of giants and the new ruler, the former princess Yukina Delovushk. 

Knowing the darkness would envelope the world without a way to destroy it, The worlds’ leaders created a force to tackle the darkness. All but Yukina and her comrade Ogistune Takahasi from the kitsunes of the East lived in their battle against the darkness, their two other comrades being slaughtered before their eyes.

The two, not dissuaded by the deaths of their comrades, went back to the only safe haven left in the northern hemisphere to regroup and head back out to destroy the murderous darkness that was not only killing civilians, but the Earth itself, causing cities to crumble, forests to turn to dust, water to become nothing! They had no choice but to go back out and confront the darkness once again to save the world.

Tonight, though, they were more focused on getting to a safe campsite. The forest they were currently in was full of ravenous beasts and they had spent a good amount of the day to keeping these beasts at bay. At night though, they were in their domain and they needed shelter fast.

anonymous asked:

This might be weird and you may not know about the cod zombie universe and the four main characters tank/takeo/Nikolai/Richthofen but if you Do how would the companions react if they were around helping out the ss also I love your blog

Anon you sent me on a nostalgia trip with this one! You’ll be glad to know I used to live off zombies with my friend on World at War and both Black Ops 1 and 2 so I’m more than happy to answer this one :D 

Cait: Loves Nikolai, thinks he’s great craic and finally someone who is a real challenge for her at the game o’ drink. Often gets black out drunk with him. She thinks Tank(Dempsey) is a hunk of American beefcake, she loves her Sole dut damn Tank is a hunk, she often flirts with him, a lot of “Hey there handsome, a guy always looks good in green ;)” and from Dempsey “Well hellooo beautiful” all just playfully as Sole is her one and only. Likes Richthofen, he’s as mad as a hatter but sometime his bat-shit crazy personality scares her just a little. Takeo is cool and he’s handy with a sword but she thinks he’s a bit cold.

 Curie: LOVES when she can talk science with Richthofen, him being a “doctor” and all, although it puts her off a little when he starts talking about what happened with Samantha and Maxis. Likes Dempsey, he often compliments and flirts with her. “Oh you are naughty monsieur Dempsey ;)” she’ll reply. Thinks Nikolai is cute, he’s funny but she’s a little off-put by the amount of alcohol he consumes constantly. Takeo to Curie is a courageous man who doesn’t need to say much, she often talks with him in Japanese and discusses what the 20th century was like.

 Codsworth: Thinks Dempsey is a true hero like Nate, he often asks Dempsey what it’s like, all this travelling. Naively once asked if Dempsey served with Nate. (Nate’s great great granddad possibly since both served on the Pacific front, could be canon perhaps?) Just like Danse with Takahashi, mistook Takeo for a Chinese soldier/spy. Sole has to explain Takeo is actually Japanese, to which Tak takes a slight disliking to Codsworth afterward. Codsworth nearly ran away when Nikolai appeared. “AHHH!!!!… by god… a drunk communist!” to which Nikolai laughed “HA!… talking metal ball… he’s not wrong.” He tries to avoid Richthofen, he’s afraid that Richtofen will try and take him apart to build a wunderwaffe.

 Danse: Is honoured to have Dempsey in his company, like Codsworth sees him as a great hero. Dempsey thinks Danse is a tiny bit of a suck up, still though he likes what Danse is packing “So big boy… you gonna let me have a go in that or am I gonna have to get a can opener?” Even when Dempsey made remarks like that Danse still loved him. Tries to recruit Richthofen into being a scribe for the BOS but Richthofen denies “Er… no Danse… no.” Danse hates Takeo, even though it’s clearly explained Takeo is in fact Japanese, he considers him a Chinese spy. Almost throttles Nikolai when Nikolai starts talking about the Motherland, a big mistake he realized, when Nikolai konked him on the head with a bottle of vodka and knocked him clean out. “Danse is like first wife, all talk and useless.”

Deacon: Tries to play off his lies to Richthofen, which of course the mad German doctor sees straight. “Ja Deacon das cute, what’sa matter? Daddy not love you enough, you come up this heinous lies?” Richthofen is brutal when he wants to be :o. He likes Dempsey, thinks he’s  bit of an airhead though, probably because Dempsey doesn’t need to lie about the things he’s done. Doesn’t have an opinion on Nik or Takeo either way, he thinks they’re cool though.

Dogmeat: He likes them but they’re not too fond of him. They’re all afraid Dogmeat will turn into a hell hound, especially Richthofen, Dogmeat reminds him too much of Samantha’s dog.

Hancock: A little awkward around them after they all mistook him for a zombie and tried to blow his head off. Like Cait, bonds with Nikolai and introduces him to chems. Of course a massive party ensues in Hancocks office for the rest of the night. He thinks Richthofen is too highly strung and chucks him a couple inhalers of jet to chill his ass out. Almost the same for Takeo, thinks he could do with some chems, when he sees his samurai sword, Hancock challenges him to a sword fight to pass the time. He likes how Dempsey doesn’t give a shit and says what he wants, although at times he gets pissed off being called a “Meat bag/ Zombie freak”

MacCready: Total crush on Dempsey, there’s just something about him that makes Mac thinks he’s a good guy. Not so sure about Tak, being the quiet one of the four, he’s a little suspicious and take a while to warm to him. Richthofen, total loose cannon and a possible danger if he were to completely flips out, MacCready tends to be cautious around him. Also cautious around Nikolai, too much vodka and Mac believes Nikolai too could flip out and be dangerous to everyone around. He tends to keep an eye on Richthofen and Nik

Nick: Demands that Sole keep them in line and makes sure they don’t go off the handle on a rampage. While he respects Dempsey as an American hero he thinks he’s a chauvinistic airhead with too much arrogance. Constant eye on Nikolai as he’s afraid of what Nik’s drunken escapades will do. Has to lock Nik, Cait and Hancock up overnight a few times because of their relentless partying. He likes Takeo’s integrity and sense of honour, although is mindful of how quiet he is sometimes. In ways he fears Richthofen like the Institute, he’s afraid Richthofen will start abducting people for his experiments again.

Piper: For such a strong person she is absolutely terrified of Richthofen, a cold chill runs down her spine whenever he’s near, she knows what Richtofen’s done and what he’s capable of, encourages Sole not to hang around with him for fear of them becoming like him. Butts heads with Dempsey from time to time, unlike Cait or Curie, Dempsey pisses her of with his incessant flirting. She quite likes Nikolai, thinks he’s generally harmless, although the public drunkenness is a turn off for her. Likes Tak, he’s a nice guy, except that time he tried to slice Takahasi, generally he’s good and doesn’t do anything to annoy her. Publishes another article, this time entitled “The Out of Time Gang” All of which feature Tak, Nik, Dempsey, Richthofen and of course, Blue.

Preston: As soldiers, they’re impeccable, although off the battlefield he’s not so sure. He thinks Nikolai shouldn’t encourage the settlers to get drunk with him, Cait and Hancock all the time and gets mad when he does, but he thinks he’s okay most of the time. Like Piper, he thinks Richthofen is a monster for what he’s done and prefers not to interact with the zany German. Dempsey’s generally okay, when he’s not womanising the settlers or intimidating them, Preston wants to punch him when he’s doing that but never does because he knows Sole keeps Dempsey in line. He thinks Takeo could be a bit more dignified in battle, he has to look away while Takeo finished off wounded raiders with his sword. Hurtling it straight into their chests.

Strong: Actually picked up Nikolai by the scruff of his neck once with Nikolai flailing in Strong’s out-stretched arm, when he got drunk and tried to take Strong in a fight “Heh… little human funny, smells like super mutant though…” Doesn’t like Richthofen because of the wunderwaffes, he prefers a sledgehammer over scientific weaponry. He admires Tak for getting up close and personal with his sword, after maiming his target with a pistol. Neither likes or dislikes Dempsey, although he likes when Dempsey gets mad and caves a raider’s skull in with a tire iron.

X6-88: He’d die if Richthofen accepted his offer to join the Institute, think of all the technological marvels Richthofen could bring with him. Almost mistook Tak for an Institute infiltrator once, although could you blame him? :3. Decked out Dempsey cold, when Demps tried to start a fight with X6, he learned pretty much straight away not to mess with him. Regards Nikolai as a total drunk, but is very impressed with the volumes Nik can consume and in such quick succession to each other.

So I’ve had this one on the burn for a while, I’m so sorry it took this long to get done ;_; But it’s a special one and I had a lot of fun with it, so it’ll be the 700 follower celebration post. Thank you so much guys for all of your continued support I love you all! :D

P.S. there is a lot of smut/NSFW on it’s way so don’t worry.