Creation of Adam or a drunken error? - Takahasi, the artist and Bayode. Infront of Taka’s painting at Saatchi gallery at the opening, SW1. I don’t recall God having a champagne saucer though or perhaps he did and it got painted out along with the genetalia…..blasphemy unintended!

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What's the thing with Thom and fashion? i mean, he attended a lot of fashion shows and even did the soundtracks of them..but all the fashion business theme isnt it kind of strange that thom is involve in that? idk really

i’ve never paid too much attention to it tbh, but like… he likes to dj things at parties and he likes shopping and clothes and he is friends with jonio takahasi who is a fashion designer i think. He has fun, he is a dj dad

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Ranma 1/2

[I like Rumiko Takahasi’s art, I like their writing, so heavens only know why I haven’t read/watched Ranma.]

[Sturm looks like a twit count: 2]


【さかいゆう “ Headphone Girl ” MV】

Dir. Kento Takahasi (I was a Ballerina co.,ltd.)


【テスラは泣かない。 “ 国境はなかった” MV】

Dir. Kento Takahasi (I was a Ballerina co.,ltd.)

LD. Ryo Takahasi


【CAPSULE Album Trailer Movie】

Dir. Kento Takahasi (I was a Ballerina co.,ltd.)

Cam. Hiroaki Takeda、Kanjyun Oyadomari、Ryo Tsubota