Best 10 skaters in these 10 years

Evgeni Plushenko RUS  2 times olympic gold medalist

Yuzuru Hanyu JPN  Olympic gold medalist

Evan Lysacek USA  Olympic gold medalist

Patrick chan CAN  3 times world champion

Stephane Lambiel SUI  2 times world champion

Daisuke Takahashi JPN  World Champion

Brian Joubert FRA  World Champion

Jeffrey Buttle CAN  World Champion

Johnny Weir USA  World bronze medalist

Javier Fernandez ESP  2 times world bronze medalist

From Linlin’s Weibo:
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(cr. nekokai@B!P)


2007 Joubert Lambiel Takahashi

2008 Buttle Weir Joubert

2009 Lysacek Chan Joubert

Vancouver Lysacek Plushenko Takahashi

2010 Takahashi Chan Joubert

2011 Chan Kozuka Gachinski

2012 Chan Takahashi Hanyu

2013 Chan Ten Fernandez

Sochi Hanyu Chan Ten

2014 Hanyu Machida Fernandez