Takahashi Juri’s letter to Kawaei Rina

To Kawaei-san

Congratulations for your birthday. You already turned 19, did’t you?

Kawaei-san doesn’t really complain about anything, she dashes herself, with all her strength, always with her simply and natural attitude, but her heart and will are steady, she knows what she wants, she understands kouhai’s thoughts and people’s pain, she’s a really warm person, I think she didn’t change at all, in a good meaning. If I must say something that changed… then it’s the fact that her feet don’t stink anymore.

Everyday, she has work and when occasionally she has a day off she says “I wanna go in a place far away” and, during the work days, when work is over, she says “Let’s go to eat together!”. Also when there is a really bad weather, she always invites me to go out. Where all this energy come from? She is really cheerful, I love that Kawaei-san. Before I realized it, I got the feeling that we’re always together.

Kawaei-san has a lot of activities in different settings so I’m really happy for her. But, somewhere in my heart I started to think unnecessary things like “By now I’ve become a far presence”, there have been also moments in which I built a wall between us.

But Kawaei-san’s solo works have been increased, dramas and variety shows, and when she was busy with a lot of other things there has been a moment in which she cried in the locker room.

[Juri appeared on the stage and started to read the letter. Yui stopped to read it but kept moving her mouth so Ricchan didn’t understand what was happening]

It was the first time I saw Kawaei-san crying in that way. At the beginning I didn’t know if I had to talk to her or not.

In that period, she asked me a lot of things everyday, but I couldn’t answer to everything just by myself. More than good times, she had a big pressure.

Even if it seemed you were about to squash, you did your best everyday by yourself without losing. Thinking about this I started to cry too and we cried together.

During the hard times, the one who always supported me is Kawaei-san, but what did I do for her?

Kawaei-san doesn’t show her pain to fans and members, she keeps to do the impossible and to bear a lot of things, but before of the explosion, please, occasionally complain and take a breath.

I didn’t become a far presence for Kawaei-san and I’ll do my best to don’t become a far presence.

Not as an AKB’s member but as a person, from now on I’ll keep cheer Kawaei-san, my beloved partner. I’m sure our relation won’t change for any reason.

We haven’t done a birthday party for Kawaei-san yet, so let’s do it.

Really happy birthday. It’s the last day as a teenager, let’s make it a good year.

Thank you for everything.

From Yokoyama Team A, Takahashi Juri.


Kawaei Rina is actually 5.

Ricchan realized it was their last night shooting at the school and she asked Juri how she felt about it and then ignored what she said by taking the flashlight-mic back. And then she asked her again and kept pushing it to Juri’s chin so she couldn’t speak the way she wanted to.

Tanochan's bad image among the members

Theme of the quiz: What do these local dialect words mean in standard Japanese?

(they got Team 8 members to use words from their districts and AKB members had to guess what these words mean)

Word (used in a sentence): Sorry, I’m a “goppe” woman.

Okada: Sorry, I’m a “stupid” woman.

Kurena Cho (Team 8 member):Pretty close!

Owada: Sorry, I’m a “clumsy” woman.

Wrong answer!

Sata: Out of the members here, who do you think is a “goppe” woman?

Kurena Cho: I think it’s Tano-san!

Nishino: Sorry, I’m a “noisy” woman.

Maachun: Sorry, I’m an “ugly” woman.

Juri: Sorry, I’m a “chibi” (chibi= very short person)

Okada: Sorry, I’m a “cry-baby” woman.

Sata: Tano, you don’t have a very good image.

Nishino: Sorry, I’m an “audacious” woman.

Correct answer!