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Watch Mamo-chan for making Hiro-tan & other seiyuus laugh so much o(≧∇≦o)

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What would figure skating be without Kiss and Cry? Some golden moments I edited together. 


Enjoy watching QUARTET★NIGHT’s quizpuri punishment game (。 >艸<)

from Quiz no Prince-sama -Maji Love All Stars-
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Pairs Skating Elements: Pair Spins & Twist Lifts

This post covers two entirely different elements, pair spins and twist lifts (aka. twists).

Pair spins (PSp or PCoSp for combinations) are spins where the two partners are in physical contact and spin together. Pair spins are almost always combination spins and must include at least two different basic spin positions (camel, sit, upright). Partners can do different positions at the same time. Depending on the season, one pair combination spin may be required in the short program. One pair combination spin is always required in the free skate. Pair spins are leveled from B to 4 just like regular spins, and level features include variations in position, change of direction, difficult entries, etc.

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more than i thought it would be favorite competitive performances between 2010-2011 and 2013-2014

009. takahashi/tran, “concerto de quebec” long program, 2011-2012 worlds

The expressions on both their faces in the Kiss & Cry basically sum this performance up. Narumi Takahashi and Mervin Tran became the first pair to medal for Japan and at World championships and did so brilliantly. Sadly, they split the next year. Still crying.