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Thom Yorke in Undercover

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Jun Takahashi’s creations, be it under his Undercover label or the unmatched technical-wear from the Gyakusou collaboration with Nike. His unique approach merges aesthetic and functionality as few others, often tweaking otherwise ordinary garments. For Undercover’s latest lookbook, named “Season #1″, Takahashi tapped none other than Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to sport his pieces while cruising Japanese backgrounds.


Sho requested Takahashi Sensei about making doll of Arashi.

However there was no need all five. 

So Takahashi sent the doll for the request.

It’s Aiba doll  with a small doll on his back.

Everyone in Shiyagare wondered who’s the small doll on Aiba’s back

Sho read the letter from Takahashi Sensei

Jun was surpised!!!!

The small one was him. He and Aiba was “  ONBU doll “ (ride piggyback)

The reason Takahashi selected Aiba and Jun was 

Aiba was the easiest to make a doll

Jun was the second 

Then My Two try to become The doll 


JohnUNDERCOVER SS17 Collection

Jun Takahashi’s successful sub-label presents an eclectic collection for SS17 focused on the use of gradient throughout garments and accessories. Revolving around primary colours and pastels, the Japanese label delivers clean, polished silhouettes with a contemporary twist, that are further enhanced by superb color combinations.