takahashi fumiya



Random translation about Kyouchan & Fuumin during Fudoumine DVD event

The Fudoumine cast were only given three mics, one for Yusuke-Kinari-Kazu, one for Mao-Youichirou, and one for Kyoushirou-Fumiya. So when Mao and Yuusuke were having a very long discussion, Kyoushirou and Fumiya look kinda left out.

Kyoushirou who held the mic pointed it to Fumiya, encouraging him to speak too. But because he couldn’t find the right timing, in the end Fumiya couldn’t say anything and gave up. Looking at that, Kyoushirou patted Fumiya’s back and keep encouraging him to speak.

Luckily later Fumiya can finally joined the conversation naturally and Kyoushirou praised him. Looking at those heartwarming two, Mao asked “Hey, what are you two doing over there since earlier?”. At first they were surprised by the question but then Kyoushirou just proceeded to hug Fumiya’s waist. (laughs)

And then one word from Yuusuke: “What was that doubles pair-love gesture…”

マジ微笑ましい( ´ ω ` ) also the 身長差 *smacked*