I really like this OPV perfect KojiHaru Pairings~~ 


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Belajar memanusiakan manusia dari Takaharu Tezuka :)

“Lihat anak laki-laki itu! Dia senang sekali dengan pohon yang dipanjatnya, sampai dia ingin memakannya.”


AKB48 No 1 member you want as a wife (eng sub) (by Jayne Hartman)

~…now I remember…what I wanted to tell you…~

I really like this pairing QwQ
They’re the first pairing I wish a happy end for,
but they have to struggle a bit more with the fact that they can’t reach each other….and then BAM.

I wonder if Haruka will still have amnesia if he get’s “normal” again, and if Takane would be able to walk…since she was used to have no weight or anything for a whole while.

But welp.
//spreads love


Just look at Satsuki trying to catch Ryuuko.

Then look at everyone rushing to help. And let’s not forget Satsuki’s lovely smile (and Ryuuko’s matching one). And the way Ryuuko said ‘I’m home, nee-san’ with that face.


Super Sentai ⇆ Red Rangers
        Loser Like Me

“Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth so everyone can hear. Hit me with the worst you got and knock me down. I don’t care.”