Takadanobaba’s Shirokuma Cafe

This place is adorable!! On the weekends, they charge an extra 200 yen for playing the anime on HD screens.

I got the Panda-kun Parfait which was vanilla ice cream, matcha, azuki, and cereal for 690 yen. It was alright. The atmosphere is really nice though. They sell goods at the front of the store, and then have to cute life-sized stuff animals at the counter. And the workers there are actually like the workers in the anime! There’s Shirokuma (the bald guy), Sasako (girl with the bandanna), and Rinrin (ikemen with the glasses)! Haha, they kept to the roles pretty well. And with my parfait, I got to roll the dice to get a complementary coaster (I got my two favorite characters on one (llama & panda)!!) :D

Unfortunately, we went to a different cafe after we finished eating our cakes and parfaits because the Internet connection didn’t work. But overall, fun experience. Would go back there for the whole day and watch Shirokuma Cafe. :3



Rewatched Shirokuma Cafe with my roommate and decided to take her to the Shirokuma Cafe in Takadanobaba. This was my second time at the cafe and it was a bit more rainy than the first. ^^;

We went during lunch time so it was quite crowded and we actually had a wait a few minutes to get a table. I had the Shirokuma drink (berry yogurt) and pancakes. For every collaboration food item you order, you get to roll a dice for a free coaster. I rolled #4 which just happened to be the Llama san one! =D

Some of the cast members have signed an autograph on the wall (the one to the right of the Shirokuma panel) but unfortunately they don’t allow any photography.

Since Tanabata is coming up, they left out some tanzaku so customers could write their wishes and hang them up on the bamboo tree. My roomie wished for them to open up a Grizzly Bar, LoL.

Had a good time and it’s nice that the cafe is open year round and isn’t just a limited time thing.