PJ App will Emphasize "Free" in Freelance

A new app that the media are hoping to use to get free content (well actually the user is rewarded with Karma points and a free Doughnut if you make the leader board) is in development, but that is nothing much new there, sky, CNN and other news organisations have apps that allow citizen reporting, but this one also allows the editors to put assignments out there to the citizen reporter to accept, this is done by location of person in the right place! Which brings up a whole bunch of ethics.

If this was in use in Egypt is the citizen Journalist pro or anti the president and as you don’t know them its not just a simple case of asking them! They could lie. How would that have an effect on the reporting as the pro president supporters had access to the web

“If we can replicate this globally, you will never have to wait for news,” he suggested, “because a citizen journalist [will have] already created it” and posted it to Tackable.

The Tackable team believes their app could reshape newsgathering. Imagine, Stangel said, “you can connect instantly with anyone, anywhere on the planet, over something you can see live” on your phone or computer.

Now as far as I am concerned using an iPhone to report news is not a problem, neither is sharing photos in the social media world but when newspapers who are funded by advertising see and think they can get free content, I think that is a problem.

As most people are paid by the hour and doing a story involves time you should be paid for it. It was once stated to me by someone who was giving away photos to the national papers “yes but I have a job, I do this more for fun” This was an all day protest! “cool I have a toilet to clean, that will be fun for you” I replied and the smile dropped from his face.

Journalism can be a dangerous job, especially in some areas (Mexico for example) or some protests as we have seen in Egypt, occasionally some one may be hostile to you when they know what you are doing or have done in the past. There is also no way for an editor to know if the citizen journalist even has a mental health condition and could be putting that citizen reporter in danger.

Once the MediaNews app is rolled out, Tackable will be made available, for free, to any media outlet. And like Twitter, all of the activity on the network will be public, including assignments and photo submissions.

Oh joy,l why am I not feeling exited as they are celebrity culture wont be the same again as fans start stalking with iPhone in hand. 

He pointed to the potential for a live stream of images to emerge for a news story such as the uprising in Egypt. “There are certain events [for which] you need to connect with people who are actually there,” not just those commenting on Twitter or Facebook, he said.

Of course this app is for iPhone with an android version coming soon so we will get content, culture and a world view according to the “privileged” smart phone user user, the advantage with Twitter and Facebook is they run on a common denominator of being able to be updated by a text message from a very basic mobile phone, the sort that are found in third world countries and are given out by NGO’s   

Ipadio is also another service that can run on a basic phone either mobile or landline and has online and embed code for websites amongst other social media things, but what Takable does is work on location, and what I am hearing is that journalists are too dam lazy to make contact with a user on Twitter of Facebook (best not alert them to the fact we want to nick their content)

What is the Journalsit going to actually do, now that even a basic research job of finding a “reliable” witness has been removed by an app. Assuming the photos are done, with some kind of caption/text are they going to publish them as is? Are they going to add any words from back in their remote office in a civilized city away form hardship and danger? 

I think the smart phone for journalists or photojournalists for that matter is brilliant for its connectivity, but lets not lose sight of what our role is within social media and technology a role that costs the reporter in education, time, commitment and even lives.

How can we expect citizens to report with no such reward?

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