[MAG] Marutto AKB48 SP3

Acchan: This is the first time you film for photoshoot with this hair style, right?
Takamina: I think so
Acchan: We always tell her that she looks cuter if she cuts her hair, but this 6 and half year, she insists it. Very stubborn person.
Takamina: In the end it got burned.
Acchan: Yes and it becomes a great hair style.
Takamina: Though I’m stubborn, but Atsuko is super stubborn too.
Acchan. Yup. I’m very stubborn too.
Takamina: The good part of Atsuko’s stubbornness is that she has very high sense of professional. No matter what kind of work she deals with, she has her own ideal to finish the task, she won’t budge for that.
Acchan: That’s why, it might be only the 2 of us having very straightforward quarrels among the members
Takamina: Yes, that’s right! Very straightforward. We always let some some words out to each other then the quarrel ends.
Acchan: Like ” What!So what!”
Takamina: “What!So what!” then “Hng!” and then it’s end
Acchan: Having a big quarrel for a while, but 3 minutes later, it’s like nothing happened (laugh)
Takamina: Feels like “Eh, it’s over!”
Acchan: Because we know each other very well. That’s why we won’t restrain and sustain the problem, right?
Takamina: Since 8th grade ~ we’re always together, being always next to each other
Acchan: I have nothing hiding from Takamina, so it’s very comfortable being together with her
Takamina: I feel comfortable too ~ (laugh). Do you remember it? “The skull of Relax! ”
Acchan: AHAHAHA! That one in “AKBINGO!”? about 4 years ago?
Takamina: Yup, around that time. That was the first time we announced the debut single of no3b on TV, but my clothes were missing before recording … .
Acchan: The staff forgot to bring it (laugh).
Takamina: Yes, that was the case, it was already out of time, and I couldn’t wear AKB custome,”I’m dead!” , when I was so nervous, Atsuko straightaway took the T-shirt off and said, “It’s white color just like the (no3b) custome, wear it, how?”
Acchan: Yes, such thing happened before.
Takamina: I quickly wore it, and finally we finished the recording successfully. Really, it saved me.
Acchan: You’re welcome.
Takamina : But …
Acchan: But?
Takamina: The color was white, but there was a skull on top (laugh).
Acchan: Relax with a skull (laugh)
Takamina: At that time too, Atsuko was really a very freecare person, even the way of eating onigiri was fetterless too, but in fact, always observes the surrounding. Although she doesn’t look like a care person, but actually she is very concern.
Acchan: Aiya ~ I’m being praised (laugh)
Takamina: Because it’s true. When we greeted someone and thought it would be better if Atsuko can help me on this, Atsuko sure will speak for me. I obviously didn’t say anything.
Acchan: Understanding? Because we’re always together
Takamina: Yup. Always together … .
Acchan: During the graduation announcement, Takamina helped me to say it out, “It’s not made in a spur of the moment.”, isn’t it? It made me very happy … . I was thinking that I spoke it myself then it would be ended like that.
Takamina: I don’t want you to be misunderstood by others. This had passed through a deep thinking for more than a year, and yourself had made a good preparation, it was a serious decision, I want fans know about this.
Acchan: Had been discussed it with Takamina long time ago.
Takamina: Because we are quite close, even though you decided to graduate, but honestly part of me still don’t feel the real thing, but, there’s part where I feel that Atsuko should graduate. I think this is the best to Atsuko.
Acchan: Here we nurture our dream, and make it comes true after graduating. This is the concept of AKB …
Takamina: Always to be together is not our goal. There have been already many members graduating till now.. When half of the team A graduated it made me very upset. Honestly, the AKB that I like had gone already. But, I feel that something different is going to start when Atsuko graduated. To her, it is a new start, to AKB, it is a new start too. In this sense, I feel that I shouldn’t feel lonely. To Atsuko and everyone, I hope that this graduation will be a beginning to pave the way.
Acchan: Hm … that’s right.
Takamina: Still have 2 months to go.
Acchan: Yes
Takamina: Soon . (laugh)
Acchan: Although I graduate from AKB … , although I couldn’t accompany every one, but, I want to be with Takamina .
Takamina: …… .
Acchan: Takamina is going to cry. (laugh).

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