taka's and hiro's brother


Quotakus!! Today’s featured song is ALONE from My First Story!!

Nobunaga Concerto’s ending theme, “Fukagyaku Replace (不可逆リプレイス)”, is also sung by them!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

They also have a few songs that are really awesome such as The Story Is My Life, FAKE, 虚言NEUROSE & etc… 

A random fact is that their lead singer, Hiro, is the younger brother of Taka from One Ok Rock! Reasons why their vocals tend to sound quite similar if you tried to listen to their songs~ >w<;; 

Their songs are quite good so just check all of their songs out~~!! HAHAHA (b ~_^)b d(^_^ d) 

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Mori Shinichi is a Proud Daddy!
(I just made that title, but we all know it’s true.)
Mori Shinichi’s Guest Appearance on Tetsuko no Heya (June 30, 2015)

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to translate this interview with Taka’s dad and to be honest, I really had no intention of working on it (too busy), but after so many people sent me messages, I had to do something. Haha.

I’m sorry if it’s not the usual word-per-word translation (again, too busy). I only did the parts where he talked about his sons. Sorry if I missed a few things.

A bit of a background about this show:

It’s called Tetsuko no Heya (Tetsuko’s Room), the very first talk show in Japan hosted by Kuroyanagi Tetsuko (Click the link to learn more about her awesomeness). She used to host a number of popular music programs in Japan where Mori-san made regular appearances (there’s Kouhaku, too) which explains why they’re so close. ^_^ 


·       Tetsuko-san said they’ll be talking about Mori-san’s lifestyle and the “obocchan-tachi.” I couldn’t think of an exact English equivalent for this, but it’s kinda like “lordlings” or “little bosses.” It’s just a term of endearment for little boys who had a wealthy upbringing. Hehe.

·       Tetsuko-san recalls how Mori-san’s children, especially the eldest son (We all know who that is. Haha!), used to call her “NHK no Obaachan” because they would only meet in NHK (It means NHK’s granny; she became the first Japanese actress who was contracted to that TV station). It seems like they thought she lived there. Haha. She says that kid is now the vocalist of a very popular band called ONE OK ROCK. She got confused at one point and mistakenly said “ONE ROCK.” Hehe.

·       Tetsuko-san: Everyone calls the band “Wanoku” and the vocalist “Taka.” The tickets to their shows get sold out fast and they even perform overseas. Mori-san: Yes, like in Europe and America.

·       Tetsuko-san said the kid who used to sing and listen a lot to his dad’s music ended up doing something else entirely. She also talked about OOR’s Yokohama concert. Mori-san said Taka really loves music and is doing his best.

·       Tetsuko-san: When asked about some advice you told him as a dad (who happens to be a singer, too), I heard you actually said, “Go wash your hands and gargle (before you perform).” That’s very strange! Mori-san: Haha! Because it’s tough (for vocalists) to catch a cold. Tetsuko-san: I thought you would say something else, but you actually just talked about gargling and hand washing!

·       Tetsuko-san then talks about the cute middle son (Tomohiro; they never mentioned his name, though. He’s not a public figure, after all.) and the youngest. She said the three of them called her NHK’s granny and when they met once in Budokan, they still called her that. She thought, “Hmm. That’s actually wrong.” Tetsuko-san: They were so little, those kids!

·       Tetsuko-san: The youngest is also in a band, a popular rock band. He’s called Hiro – the vocalist of MY FIRST STORY. The big brother is called Taka; the little one is called Hiro. They are in different bands? Mori-san: Yes, but they’re sort of similar. Tetsuko-san: They’re both popular. Mori-san: That’s right. (Proud daddy!) Tetsuko-san: That’s great.

·       Mori-san said when he went to Taiwan, all the kids were like, “Oh, It’s Taka’s dad!” He said that before, people recognized him as “Mori Shinichi.” Now, he’s better known as just Taka’s dad. Hehe. He says he’s happy about it.

·       Tetsuko-san asked if he would often go to watch his sons’ live performances. He said if there were chances, he would make it a point to go and watch them. Tetsuko-san: I’m sure the kids were very happy that their dad came to see them. Mori-san: I’m not so sure about that, but I’m happy.

·       Tetsuko-san: When the audience would see you, they’d think, “Oh, his dad came,” right? Mori-san: Not really. They (the audience) were very focused on the live show. They would do this sort of hand movements (raises his hand. Haha!).

·       Tetsuko-san: Instead of just saying “Hiro’s dad” or “Taka’s dad,” it’s better if they call you Mori Shinichi. Hehehe. Mori-san just laughs.

·       They started talking about his show in Taiwan for his 50th anniversary in the business. I’m skipping this part. ^_^

·       Then they talked about his lifestyle/how he’s been living alone for 10 years (He divorced his wife in 2005). I’m skipping this part, too. If you’re curious, no, it’s not entirely a sob story. Hehe. He also talked about his parents and how they felt about his divorce.

·       Tetsuko-san said it’s nice that his children got into rock music. The eldest brother did well, the youngest one did well, too, while the middle one is also doing very well.  Mori-san said HE (Tomohiro) IS GETTING MARRIED THIS FALL. :) (I wonder if Taka will attend the ceremony, if there’s any. I mean, OOR’s schedule is pretty tight. I do hope he does, though.)

·       Tetsuko-san sends her regards to the would-be groom. “So, that kid’s getting married, huh? Tell him NHK’s granny sends her regards. I’ll send him a gift.”

·       Mori-san talks about his siblings. Tetsuko-san is actually very close with his family. Apparently, she knows every one of them. Hehe.

·       Next, he talks about his 5-decade singing career. He debuted when he was 17.

·       Mori-san is releasing a new CD that’s a bit different from his usual Enka music. Tetsuko-san said the lyrics are really nice. Mori-san said he asked his eldest son for advice on the song’s arrangement and stuff. Tetsuko-san was pretty impressed. She couldn’t believe that the kid who used to call her NHK’s granny can now help his dad with music. She actually keeps repeating the NHK granny thing throughout the interview. It must have really had a strong impression on her. Haha!

·       Tetsuko-san: Has your son heard the song already? Mori-san: Yes. He said, “Oh, it’s nice.” (Very casually. Hahaha. So Taka-like.)

Uhm, yeah. That’s it. If you have any questions/parts you want me to clarify, let me know. :)