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Nice to meet you too! I kinda would like to know what exactly Mx. Mun has WARNED you about, though I guess that can…

“Hm? Oh!” He bursts out in a hearty laughter. “No need to be alarmed! They simply told me you lot are a bunch of party animals, bringing the heat where ever you go!”

He pats your back, “Now, I’m not one to toot my own horn but I’ve been known to,” he air quotes, “Get down with the cool kids. myself sometime!”

okay, i’ve successfully written up my gofundme page and i think i’m going to post it on my main blog tomorrow once my post limit has been set. i’m actually pretty nervous about this, i wonder if i’ll be able to raise enough

due to being in prison and knowing his life was going to be ending soon, simon developed some pretty severe anxiety problems and a nervous habit he’s developed is chewing on things. pens, pencils, whatever. whenever it gets unbearable, he chews. one day taka noticed his beloved master was practically in tatters in his jail cell because he didn’t have anything to chew on and so he gave him one of his feathers!