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ONE OK ROCK MTV SELECT 10 (Part 1) Translation

Saw these videos posted yesterday, so I thought I’d work on the translation. I really enjoyed this one because it’s fun to hear them talk about music that I’m also very familiar with (I’m around the same age as them, so the song choices… Hahaha!) I skipped some unimportant parts (as always. Haha!), and I may have missed a few words here and there. Sorry. I hope I get to finish this, though. I’m, like, super lazy lately.

All things inside parentheses are just my thoughts plus added info. Yeah, you know the drill by now.

Anyway, here it is! Enjoy!

Taka: MTV Select 10 has started. We’re ONE OK ROCK and we’re going to be the MCs for today who will also introduce some videos to you. I’m the vocalist Taka. Hello!

Toru: I’m the guitarist Toru.

Tomoya: I’m the drummer, Tomoya.

Ryota: I’m the bassist, Ryota.

Taka: That’s right. It’s been a while since the four of us have seen each other’s faces and talked. It’s been a while, right?

Other members: Yeah.

Taka: We never had that many chances. But, today, please take care of me.

Tomoya: Same here. The camera is looking good, too.

Taka: We have a camera right in front of us. So, today, we’ll be selecting some music videos, 10 to be exact. Let’s start with me. My first song choice is Sia’s Chandelier. Around January last year when we had our recording in America, from the airport all the way to our home, we had a radio inside the car, right? This was the song that we kept playing. And I though it was cool. When we went back home, I watched the music video.

Tomoya: We were totally into it. For about three days, this is the only song we listened to.

Toru: That’s true.

Taka: That’s right. We were really into the song, right? And the music video, too. It was, like, how should I say it? It’s kinda weird, right? Only one person appears (in the entire music video), and it was a little girl. She had this really striking style, wearing a full-body tights. But, that’s what made the video good. And this artist barely shows her face. As for the hairstyle, the girl was also wearing a wig, right? So, it’s like… why am I even talking about this? But, well, that’s how it goes. I am really into this song this year – Chandelier by Sia.

Ryota: Well, then… Oh, wait. I’m sorry (His intonation was weird, probably because he was too nervous. Haha! That’s why they laughed.).

Toru: Your intonation was so strange just now.

Ryota: I was so surprised myself. I was like…

Toru: Just how nervous are you?

Ryota: Like, “What kind of voice was that?” “Well, then… Well, then…”

Toru: I hope they certainly air that part.

Ryota: I was so surprised.

Taka: Oh, it’s fine.

(Take 2)

Ryota: Well, then. Let’s continue. The next song is D12’s My Band. The reason I chose this song is that I really, really like Eminem. The first time I saw Eminem’s concert was with Toru in Makuhari (Makuhari Messe in Chiba).

Toru: That’s right. It’s been about 10 years or so.  (Aww… HEADS days. lol!)

Ryota: About 10 years ago, right? As for the tickets, one was for a really good seat, while the other was for a seat at the back. So, we thought we’d do rock, paper, and scissors, and I lost. So, Toru was in front and he was having a really great time, and I was all the way to the back and I could barely see.  But, even so, it was still very enjoyable. Like, “Whoa! This dude Eminem is so amazing!” So, I became a fan and I thought Eminem had always been a solo performer, but I heard from my high school friends that he is also in a group. So, when I researched about it, I heard this song My Band. It made a huge impact on me.

Taka: From D12, right?

Ryota: Oh, you know them?

Taka: I do. We’re from the same generation, right? (He meant that they’re almost the same age, so the songs they listened to while growing up are also the same.)

Ryota: Ah, that’s right. We’re from the same generation after all.

Taka: Around this time, D12 was doing great. Actually, Eminem was really great around this time. He did movies, too.

Toru: Ah, we’ve all watched 8 Mile, right?

Taka: He was really at his peak. He made a huge impact on us.

Ryota: He’s the person I really want to meet. Really. (Taka laughs) Even though it looks like he’s just fooling around, he’s still very cool. That kind of coolness he exudes is what I admire about him. So, this is the first music video I’ve chosen.

Toru: The next one is my chosen video – Cry by The Used.

Taka: Cry.

Toru: As for this band… Tomoya also listens to them, too, right?

Tomoya: I also like them a lot.

Toru: Me, too. I’ve been listening to them since a long time ago. Like, what is it? Their coolness. We never thought that we’ll have the same producer for our next albums – John Feldmann.

Taka: Feldy. It’s Feldy.

Toru: To have the same producer as The Used’s…

Taka: It’s Feldy-san.

Toru: I learned about this song through John.

Taka: That’s right.

Toru: While we were recording, he told us he recorded and produced this song for The Used called Cry. At that moment, I thought, “Gosh.This song is terrific.” You can also feel that it was totally John’s work as well as The Used’s. That’s why I chose this song. Do we have a certain episode with them (like a special encounter)?

Ryota: We actually went to see The Used’s live performance.

Tomoya and Toru: Ah, yeah. We did.

Ryota: We were so psyched.

Toru: Oh, yeah. When we went to Los Angeles, right? It’s something that we rarely get to see in LA.

Taka: It was a precious experience.

Tomoya: So, I’m the next one, right? This is the video I’ve chosen – Jaded by Aerosmith. You wanna know why I chose this video, right? Is it okay? The truth is, I have a dad.

Taka: Actually, everyone has one. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Tomoya: He’s a dad who loves playing tennis so much, so he’s got a really dark skin now.

Taka: Right, right, right.

Tomoya: My dad actually loves rock so much, so ever since I was a kid, I’d hear music from Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin - those types of rock artists. Among all of them, Aerosmith left the biggest impression on me, and I started to like them. So, when I was a kid, my dad brought me to one of their live performances. Among all of their songs, Jaded is my most favorite.

Taka: I actually like this song a lot, too.

Tomoya: Yeah, it’s cool, right?

Taka: We were almost in grade school when it was released, right?

Tomoya: Yes, around that time.

Taka: This was probably the album I randomly picked out. This Aerosmith album.

Tomoya and Ryota: Is that so?

Taka: This and NSYNC’s album. (Yeah, I actually had to rewind that part a few times to make sure I heard it right. He did say NSYNC. If I’m wrong, please let me know. It’s around the 7:08 mark).

Toru: Oh.

Taka: Among all the songs in the album, this one was my favorite. In terms of age, we’re almost the same, right? As you’d expect, no matter how many years have passed by, their [Aerosmith] coolness remains. They’re veterans now. Super veterans, I must say. They’ve really become legends now.

Ryota: Mori-chan, too. Like, your mouth started to become bigger and bigger (like Steven’s. Hahaha!)

Taka: Don’t talk about my mouth.

Tomoya: When you watch the video, they actually look alike (Taka’s and Steven’s mouths. Hahahahaha. OH MY GOD I CANNOT UNSEE!!!).

Ryota: They’re the same. They’re the same.

Taka: Around this area?

Tomoya: Yeah, like the mouth’s shape.

Ryota: Like, when you open your mouth… the fangs and all.

Tomoya: Like, “Whoooaaaa!”

Taka: “Whoaaaaa!” Stop it, you idiot. Are you nuts?

Ryota: Ah, but it’s cool.

Taka: When you watch them again, you’ll see that they really have this cool vibe.

Taka: MTV Select 10 with ONE OK ROCK. We’ll go to the next part. So, it’s my turn again. The next song is Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park.

Taka: So, Linkin Park’s Somewhere I Belong. It’s the standard, right? Like, people who are in bands or those who like bands definitely know them.

Toru: Yeah. The people from our generation are definitely familiar with them. (YEEEESSSSS)

Taka: The first time I saw them was in a theater. I think this song was used in a commercial. First, the sound of the guitar and the vocals go really well together. Also, in the music video, Gundam actually appeared.

Toru: The very first part showed Gundam, right?

Taka: It totally made an impact. To think that people who made an English music video used Japanese animation –a plastic model –for me, it was impressive. (BECAUSE MIKE SHINODA. HELLO??? Haha. Well, Taka knows this, of course. He also talked about this last year in another show – MTV World Groove.)

Toru: That’s right. You’re right.

Taka: So, from then on, I thought they were interesting. They left a huge impression on me.


The first part still has about 3 minutes left. I’ll work on it later.


As a promised from my post and sorry for keep you guys waiting. And here it is the translation from Thai Magazine : Into the Pit Issued 18/Jan 2014.

PS. Sorry if any mistake and my poor English in advance. Enjoy!!!


Exclusive Interview with One Ok Rock on 18Nov13 : Who are you??Who are we?? Tour in Bangkok 2013

1 Day before One Ok Rock 1st Live Concert in Thailand, ITP is one of the Thai’s Music Magazine who can get Exclusive Interview with One Ok Rock . Even though the schedule is very tight but we try out best to bring the questions from the fans and ask directly to the band as much as we can.  One Ok Rock also gives us very friendly answers. However, let see which questions will be picked up this time;

Into The Pit (ITP) : Sawasdee krab (Greeting in Thai) One Ok Rock!! Could you please say some greeting to Th-Fans and also Into The Pit’s Readers?

Taka : Hi, I’m Taka. I just saw Into the Pit magazine for the first time and found OOR was on there too. I’m so surprised. Thank you so much!

Ryota : I’m Ryota. Nice to meet you!

Toru : I’m Toru.

Tomoya : I’m Tomoya. Thanks a lot for giving a space for OOR in your magazine.

ITP : First of all, actually J-Rock that we are pretty familiar with is a type of Rock from Japanese which it has a specific language and sound. So that’s why you choose to make the music in English? And well say most of people know that typically problem for Japanese people is their Japanese’s accent when speaking English but your band is quite different. Please tell us why Taka’s English is sound clearly pronunciations to understand. (Question by: Himawari Anzu)

Taka : I’ve been in oversea when I was young. (Tbh, I just know this fact.) So I can speak English a bit, or I can say that I can speak English more than ordinary Japanese people, though. Regarding the inspiration for making music, I got it from western music as well.

ITP : Do you think what kind of music genre of your band really is? Is it Alternative/Post-Hardcore? And from what you said before that your music got an inspiration from western band, so which band has motivated your music to be like this day?

Taka : I watched MTV when I was in secondary school, therefore it drove me to made a music like that. And if I have to say which band has inspired us, it’s really difficult to specific artist.

ITP : For this question, we’d like to ask Toru-san - why do you think that the role as a front man of the band has to be Taka only? Even though you got rejected by Taka many times but you still kept trying to persuade him to your band. (Question by: SCOPICO NOVEMBER)

Toru : You know a lot of our details.

ITP : I’m one of your fans as well.

All members : Khob-Khun-Krab (Thank you very much in Thai)

Toru : When we met for the first time, Taka was already in another band. And I just formed “One Ok Rock” but we didn’t have the vocalist at that time. Then, I found Taka singing at live performance and kinda feel like I want him to join our band because the role as vocalist is really important, so I kept (s)talking to persuade him until finally he joined the band.

ITP : Do you think to be 4 members forever or have you got any idea to become 5 members again in the future? (Question by: Pim Crazyrock)

Taka : No. We used to think about becoming 5 members but now we already quitted to think about it at all.

ITP : When did each members realize that you’d like to walk in the music industry way? Are there any moment of depression and feeling like the roads aren’t all roses?  And when you look back to those things, do you think that you have accomplished the goal which you set for? (Question by: IWAN KAPANG and HAJANEGI)

Taka : We started from Zero, so we have nothing to lose. We do all best we can do now, so we don’t want to quit from running our life into the music.

ITP : When you are creating new song where did you get the motivation and if each members can pick one song from your albums which song is the most suitable for each of you? (Question by Luis Liverpool and ZIWKUN)

Taka : Normally we will get the demo and then continuously proceed the song from that part. I think we never thought about how to find where the inspiration is coming from but we prefer thinking about which kind of melody will be suitable to the song and can demonstrate our own style. Speaking about comparing ourselves toward our songs, we never thought about that because we think that we still can make the music better than this, so we can’t compare ourselves to it now.


ITP : Please tell us what is your strong point which made OOR being famous and got a lot of fans over the world. (Question by : PETROKU)

Ryota : I think our strong point is when we are on the stage, we will put all of our strength into the show.

ITP : Speaking about “JinseiXBoku=” album which got a big successful after released the single “The Beginning” and being well known in many countries. So do you think this album can be called your masterpiece?

Taka : For the time being, this is the album which we’ve done our best, though. We used to think that this is our masterpiece but after we listened to it again and again, we started to think that we can make it even better.

ITP : Please tell us how do you choose the single for promoting and making PV. In my opinion, I think every songs from this album can make it to be PV.

Taka : To be honest, we would like to make Music Video for every songs but when we have to choose, we decided to select the song which we have a good memory more than other songs. Of course, it will be an advantage both to our image and emotion when making MV as well.

ITP : During this world tour, please tell us how do you feel when your concert’s tickets sold out in a few minutes in many countries ? I’m wondering whether you went there for promoting purposed or signed any contract at any label there before? Do you have any idea that’s why you got this popular?

Taka : I’d like to ask this question in return that’s why the ticket can be sold out? (laugh) We never though that the tickets can be sold out like this….we got a big surprise!!

ITP : Why did you choose Bangkok as at stop on the tour? Did you know before that you have fan-based here and will you come back to perform in BKK again?

Taka : I think that music market in Asia is quite big ones and there’re a lot of countries which we never been there before. Consequently, I have no idea how many fans are in Thailand as well. However, if we know wherever the fans are, we will try to go there. It’s been like this since we were in Japan.

ITP : Please tell us why it has to be RED Microphone? (Question by: Scorpio November)

Taka : I like Star Wars. Actually I really like Light saber (Lasor Sword). In the meantime, during the rehearsal in the studio, it’s also the red one, though. So I feel that if I use it on the stage, it can help me feeling more relaxing while performing.

ITP : Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful interviewing. Lastly, do you have something to say to your fans who will come to see the concert this time?

Taka : This is our first time meeting between One Ok Rock and our fans, and we are incredibly excited about it. We promise, we will do our best!!!