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Kiritoru! Mr Godlike Attentiveness

Yuzu: Ah, it’s short again
Yuzu: I can’t *red words*
Yuzu: I CAN’T, I CAN’T *BIG red words* 

In which Nobu fanboys a tiny bit, Yuzuru cannot tie his tie and Taka-chan comes to the rescue.

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Was finally convinced to make a blog for this ( loser ) here. Team Taka deserved better honestly && i’m here to bring justice to this boy. I still have to mess around with making pages and writing up my verses, but i’m really eager to start interacting!

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  • sasuke: for this next mission we'll be needing code names. you will address me as "eagle one".
  • sasuke: suigetsu is "been there, done that".
  • suigetsu: ??!
  • sasuke: karin is "currently doing that".
  • karin: *flushes*
  • sasuke: juugo is "it happened once in a dream".
  • juugo: ...wtf.
  • sasuke: and itachi is...eagle two.
  • itachi: oh thank god.

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i was wondering how to properly make a suggestion? i've checked the character list and made suggestions before for characters without channels but you just said to check it again.. sorry if this comes off as rude i'm just autistic and need a bit more explanation! thank you !!!

Oh no worries dear anon, you aren’t being rude! the easiest thing to say if making a suggestion is:
for example,

“Suggestion: I think Kirigiri could be koolcat9999 since you guys dont have anyone for her, You can check that channel out and see how you think about that!” 
and that will be obvious its a suggestion. As long as the word “Suggestion” is in there somewhere it should be good! Sorry if I ever came off as aggressive or anything, sometimes i get a bit annoyed when I feel as if Im being forced to make a character someone especially with how much it has happened! I don’t mean anything rude when doing so, hope that helps and if you have any more questions please don’t be afraid to ask!

-mod Taka

My headcanons of the new Uchiha and the Uzumaki families

Okay I’m very excited to finally post the thoughts about my OTPs and the love childs.:D 

  • Sarada is an ultimate daddy’s girl
  • Sasuke and Sakura are overprotective of Sarada 
  • Sasuke doesn’t want any boy near her little princess, while Sakura doesn’t mind it as long as she tells her everything about it
  • The bond between Sasuke and Sakura are as strong as ever and living in a loving marriage life (SARADA WAS NOT MADE BY A SASUKE CLONES NOR SHE IS KARIN’S DAUGHTER SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF)
  • Anyway… Sarada will want to grow out her hair like her mama’s when she was young
  • She might be a daddy’s girl, but she wants to be strong and beautiful just like her mama 
  • Bolt calls Sarada ‘Sara-chan’ or ‘Salad-chan’
  • Bolt and Salad will be dating
  • Himawari HAS the byakugan, while Bolt doesn’t. 
  • Himawari uses the Hyuuga techniques, while Bolt relies on senjutsu, rasengan and shadow clones.
  • Very surprising but Bolt’s element is lighting
  • As Himawari’s wind
  • Himawari is a huge pervert 
  • Bolt may look and act like his father a lot, but he also has Hinata’s traits of being quiet and not being that hyperactive
  • Bolt doesn’t want to be a Hokage because ‘it’s a boring job’
  • However Sarada does, she wants to be the first Uchiha who became a Hokage 
  • She also will try to change Konoha and continue rebuild the Uchiha clan
  • All Bolt, Salad and Himawari ADORE Uncle Kakashi
  • They all saw Kakashi’s face
  • Salad is very curious about her Uncle Itachi but doesn’t wanna burden her papa by talking about him openly, so she asks a few small questions from time to time and then Sasuke starts to speak a lot about Itachi
  • Himawari’s first crush was her Uncle Sasuke - to the annoyance of Naruto
  • The Uchiha and the Uzumaki family have dinner in every fortnight 
  • Sasuke and Naruto are better friends than ever and the same goes for Hinata and Sakura
  • Himawari wants to learn medical ninjutsu, whereas Salad rather learn Sharingan jutsus. She still knows high level medical jutsu, because Sakura didn’t let her be a kunoichi without it.
  • Salad is a perfect mixture of her parents. 
  • Salad enjoys ramen in secret but she doesn’t wanna tell her papa.
  • Salad had her first kiss with Bolt (by accident)
  • Salad sees Himawari as her little sister and they have lots of sleepover, where they invite ChouChou too.
  • Salad will become just as beautiful as her mama with having those gorgeous traits from the Uchiha. Also she has a toned body and bigger boobs than Sakura.
  • Same goes for Himawari, however she is a little bit shy with her body just like Hinata was.
  • Sasuke doesn’t like Naruto’s mini dobe around her precious little princess.
  • Naruto will feed any boy to Kurama who try to date Himawari
  • Salad will have both the Sharingan and the seal. 
  • She sees Tsunade as her grandmother and master in the same time. 
  • Kakashi usually babysits, while the parents are away.
  • Team Taka comes to visit Salad; she likes to laugh at Suigetsu’s jokes, have a calm talk with Juugo and she doesn’t mind Karin.
  • SuiKarin did happen
  • Bolt is very protective over Himawari but he hardly sees her ‘grown up’ even when they are 16, so he treats her as ‘baby sister’.
  • However when the first boy tried to ask her on a date, he got Rasenganned by Bolt. 
  • Salad is way overprotective of her baby brother and tries to teach her jutsus when he is 1 year old (with not much result)

That’s all I can think right now XD Thank you for reading and forever PROTECT THEM PRECIOUS BABIES <3

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Random thought: Ryou is always trying to feed someone. Taka has to clean after Ryou when they cook. What if Taka has to clean because if no one does, the kitchen looks like a war zone. Stuff is on fire, pots are overflowing, a knife flies and nearly hits Ryou in the head. YET SOMEHOW THIS BOY HAS THE DEVIL'S LUCK AND ALL THE FOOD COMES OUT A++ 100% OKAY. Hunk and Coran nearly die at the sight of an unsupervised Ryou cooking.

you know, of the two twins, one of them has to at least be semi-proficient in the kitchen just so they don’t both starve when left on their own.  I’ve headcanoned before that one of the reasons Taka is so terrible at cooking is because he gets distracted away from it, look even five minutes in the microwave is five minutes he could be doing other things instead of standing there staring at the timer and in five minutes there’s a lot he can get into that can distract him away from dinner.  Give Taka anything that DOESN‘T turn itself off automatically like a microwave does and that’s just begging for disaster.  I would love to think that he and his twin balance each other out here and Ryou is the salvation of the younger Shirogane generation… but I’d honestly be lying if I thought Ryou was any better about not getting distracted away from things than Taka is when it comes to cooking.  Not to mention at any given time, half of their cooking appliances are probably in pieces because Ryou is in a never ending quest to improve them and - I think the Shirogane twins eat a lot of microwave food.  A lot.  Especially since, while eating itself is important and Ryou recognizes that - what he eats … isn’t so much?  I mean, I think of the two of them Taka is the one eating Frosted Flakes out of the box and drinking milk afterward and calling it breakfast/dinner but while Ryou may be a bit better when it comes to ‘no, that only gives you a temporary sugar high, you need something that will give you energy all day and ‘OHMYGODTAKA! PUT THE MONSTER ENERGY DRINK DOWN!!’ I don’t think that stretches to included Ryou being any kind of miracle in the kitchen.  God knows, I suspect their mother (and possibly father) tried but it just didn’t take.  So Ryou relies on protein shakes and energy bars and just kind of puts them in front of his brother at random times knowing Taka will down them without question or really even too much realization (and if you think this hasn’t led to Ryou taking advantage with the occasional horrifyingly nasty concoction just to watch his brother’s face once his taste buds register it, you’re… not thinking of the same set of twins I am).  But - yeah, I can see Ryou actually being fairly decent when he applies himself - both because he can follow instructions and because he’s good at improving with designs.  I think, the rare times he does though, you’ve nailed it on the head and the kitchen is a the ending of a horror movie afterward and Taka doesn’t even really phase at cleaning it up because that’s just the way its always been.

What I think we’re both saying and agreeing is that Hunk and Coran need to keep both Shirogane out of the kitchen area as much as possible because there will be a fire every time they don’t.  Taka’s is just because he got caught up reading an article on black holes and Ryou because - well - explosions and flame make everything better so he sees no reason to stop a good one once its going and it DOES cook the food faster.  Either way, you’re getting mac and cheese out of the deal and just be glad that’s the height of their culinary skill.  Ryou’s just might have dill or paprika or cardamom in it.


Houses Trevelyan and Wenn

Two Free Marcher houses steeped in long tradition. What little is known about them can be distilled down to these facts: they produce fine warriors, are deeply connected to the Chantry, and above all, play the Game as easily as they breathe.

Heads of the family in Ostwick

  • Laeth Trevelyan (Tony Leung Ka-fai) and Yana Wenn (Sylvia Chang)

Scions of House Trevelyan

  • Aeveth Trevelyan (Ming Xi); Inquisitor, Herald of Andraste
  • Kelith Trevelyan (Zhao Lei)
  • Paternal cousins
    • Ser Raeneth Trevelyan (Guo Zhen Ni); Knight-Hunter
    • Warden Takaleth Trevelyan (Hao Yun Xiang); Grey Warden

Scions of House Wenn

  • Maternal cousins
    • Minhe Wenn (Shu Qi) pronounced “Min-huh”
    • Minshen Wenn (Lan Chen Long); Sword of Prestige
    • Minali Wenn (Alice Ke)

Imagine Taka hating Nahyuta whenever he comes around to hang out with Simon. 

Nahyuta isn’t used to it; animals usually love him and they’re usually drawn to him. 

But for some reason, Simon’s bird just doesn’t, no matter what Nahyuta tries to do. 

Whenever he goes to hold Simon’s hand, Taka is there pecking and scratching at him, and screeching to get Simon’s attention whenever Nahyuta moves to kiss him.  And it works every time because Simon is a huge birb dad. 

Nahyuta complains to Apollo about how Simon’s friend is always getting in between them and he’s not sure what to do and Apollo is just like 

“…are you talking about the hawk.”

And when Nahyuta asks for advice on how to get Taka to like him, Apollo just talks about how many times he’s been attacked by that bird.  Nahyuta figures he might ask Athena instead.