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Qhat are your most FAVOURITE images of the Uchiha clan? Manga, anime or fanart. Because I am THIRSTY for the Uchihas~






She was an INCREDIBLE artist that left the fandom some time ago. Shame we lost her because she was just…phenomenonal. Loved every piece of work that she did. Every last one. 



A great person an excellent singer and a very important part in the hearts of all those who love “ONE OK ROCK”

My best wishes to you wherever you are today and always

Send one for my muse’s reaction to your muse —

☽ = wandering alone at night .

Taka was on his way home from one of their rehearsals which had ended some time after midnight. Since it was a nice and cool night the vocalist decided to walk home to enjoy the fresh air. He hummed one of their songs to himself as he turned around a corner. And only a moment later he stopped in his tracks as he saw a familiar looking face leave the nearby park. Taka took a closer look till he was sure that it was really his friend Tetsu.

Then he jumped up and down while waving his arms to get the others attention. “Hey Tetsu over here!” He called out to the other before lightly joking over to the other, while wondering what brought him to the park in the middle of the night. “You’re not tired or are you sleepwalking?” He teased even though he was a bit worried about his friend.


Monster Rock (February 17, 2015)


Common Knowledge Quiz! 

Host: What’s the name of the cat fromNatsume Souseki’s novel, “Wagahai wa Neko de Aru” (an old way of saying “I Have a Cat,” but the official translation of the novel is “I am a Cat)? 

So, it’s actually “I am a Cat.” Not I have a cat. lol. Please take note of this slight change from here on. Thanks jibun-rock69 for the heads up! ^^

(The question is actually what’s the line after “Wagahai wa Neko de Aru, Namae wa _________” which means, I have a cat, and it’s name is ___________.)

Daisuke Han: Please write your answers on the flip board. Thinking time, start!

Taka: Somehow, the questions have become more difficult.

DH: It’s the same level.

Nao: Perhaps, if we ask the public, about 85 percent will get the right answer.

Toru: No way.

DH: Look, the audience is getting turned off. They’re getting turned off. This is bad!

Voiceover: I’m sure everyone in front of their TVs already knows the answer. It’s “No-Name-Yet.” For this Common Knowledge question, here’s the answer from ONE OK ROCK members.

DH: Let’s start with Taka.

Taka’s Answer: “None.” (His answer is close.)

Nao: Somehow, the drawings look similar to the real thing.

DH: So, this is Souseki-san? (the author)

Taka: Yes. It’s Souseki-san and little kitty.

Nao: I see.

DH: The reactions from the audience look good.

Taka: I thought I’d attack with some images.


Toru: Mine somehow overlapped with his (Taka’s) answer. I have a cat, and it’s name is None-But-There-Is. (He tried to make it rhyme. “Wagahai wa Neko de Aru, Namae wa Nai no de Aru.”)

(Everyone seemed impressive with his answer, especially Taka. lol!)

Toru: I thought this would make their hearts jump.


Tomoya’s Answer: Tsutomu (It’s an ordinary name for a guy. That’s why they laughed. Lol!)

Toru: It’s like the name of one of those guys who did your tattoos.

DH: I see. For the last one, Ryota, please show us your answer.

Ryota: There’s a story behind my answer. When I saw the question, I thought, “There’s no other correct answer but this.” (tried to flip his board, but talked again) But then I thought…

Nao & DH: What the hell?


Ryota: I have a cat, and it’s name is Betty. (Hahahaha!)

Nao: I see. Let’s hear his explanation. Let’s hear the story.

DH: Everyone was like, “Waaaah…”

Ryota: I’m not really sure, but when I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to have a dog.

DH: A dog, huh? (because the question is about a cat)

Nao: It’s okay. It’s okay.

Ryota: I wanted to have a dog, and two days ago, I actually bought one.

Taka: That’s right. He really bought a dog recently.

Ryota: Then I named it “Betty-chan.” So, when I heard that the question is about a name, I just immediately thought of the name Betty.

Taka: You just wanted to introduce your dog to everyone, right?



So, no one got the right answer. ^^


Monster Rock (Feb 17, 2015)

ONE OK ROCK Common Knowledge Quiz


Host: What do you call this type of girl? (A girl who’s a fan of Hiroshima Carp – a baseball team)

Tomoya: My pen ran out of ink.

(Taka throws his pen to Tomoya)

Nao: Everyone’s observing this.

Daisuke Han: Yeah, the kindness.

Taka: Ah, so this is it?

DH: This is nice.

Nao: Girls are observant when it comes to these things.

DH: This is a big deal.

(Voiceover: Right answer is “Carp Joushi” [Carp Girl])

Tomoya’s Answer: “Carp Joushi”

DH: By the way, is there anyone here who thought of the same answer?

Taka, Toru, Ryota: Mine’s a little different, but kinda similar.

Taka’s Answer: Moe Carp Girl (Moe means this.)

Ryota’s Answer: Baseball Idol. In short, Basedol.

Toru: Wait a minute. That was funny.

Toru’s Answer: Megaphone Play Girl

DH: What’s with these two people in the middle?

Nao: Somehow, it’s still similar. “Megaphone Play Girl.”

Taka: It kinda sounds erotic, right?


THESE KIDS! Hahahaha. 

team japan guys in a nutshell
  • dai: i'm not good at anything. i have no idea what i'm doing with my life. please don't expect anything from me.
  • taka: [vaguely depressing meandering answer that no one understands]
  • tatsuki: [long flowery metaphor that no one understands]
  • yuzuru: never satisfied until i land ALL THE QUADS
  • nobu: here's a picture of me fingerpainting with my son :D :D :D
  • keiji & ryuju: we suck. everyone is better than us. you're probably only reading this because yuzuru's in it.
  • shoma: i shared a warmup group with dai-chan and i will treasure it for the rest of my life ♥______♥
  • sota: i got a picture with hanyu-senshu and i will treasure it for the rest of my life ♥______♥

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Yeah, I agree! So don't worry for him, I'll take care of him until he's ready. But... *he sighs* I still know very little of why he doesn't wanna talk to his gang leader anymore, I know he's here... I think he has a crush on him but the guy may be taken and that broke his heart... But who knows, is Yukimaru after all. -Sam

Uh…what makes you think it was something like that?!