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This is something I've been wondering and have no idea if it's a good Headcanon, but.. Simon has some kind of medical problem thanks to the 'jolts of justice' he was given. Either an off heartbeat or something. (I'm very sorry if this turns out to be horrible.)

Dude I really like this a lot! (Do not apologize!)

Simon has arrhythmia as a result of being shocked so many times. While the Phantom claimed that the electric wasn’t high enough to cause any harm to Simon, he was lying and not thinking about (or caring about, really) the long-term effects.

And actually, I imagine Simon isn’t aware at first - he just kind of goes about his days but he starts realizing that his chest sometimes feels weird and he gets fatigued really easily, which he doesn’t understand because he usually has exceptional physical endurance. Not knowing what it is, Athena sometimes teases him about it, and he just glares at her while she runs circles around him.

One day at the office he feels especially dizzy and starts wondering if he should take the rest of the day off, because everything just seems to be spinning and for some reason he can’t seem to catch his breath, even while sitting down. Taka seems restless, since the hawk actually is aware of what is happening, and is getting more and more agitated and worried as Simon gets worse.

He stands and takes a few steps before fainting and collapsing onto the floor, causing Taka to shriek and fly out of the open window (as Simon’s door was closed). The hawk finds Edgeworth’s office window and keeps screeching and tapping on it until the Chief lets him in, and Taka just flies around Edgeworth’s room in a panic. Luckily, Miles’ logic tells him there must be something wrong with Simon, and he is running to Simon’s office as quickly as he can.

Klavier notices Edgeworth running past his open door and kind of follows out of curiosity; he had his music on so didn’t really hear anything even though Simon’s office is relatively close to his. He sees his boss bust through Simon’s door and hears him yelling, and Klavier is at his side quickly, internally freaking out as Miles tells him to call an ambulance while checking up on Simon’s vitals.

Simon wakes up at the hospital, wondering what happened and hears that he had collapsed at work due to his heart. All of his symptoms make sense now, and - after he hears that this could be caused by electrocution - he curses the Phantom for continuing to screw with his life even now.