tak wallaby

POC confirmed and indicated in Night Vale
  • Mayor Pamela Winchell - “olive skin”
  • Intern Dana - “short natural hair”
  • Tamika Flynn - black hair, dark eyes, uses the black power symbol on live tours (allegedly)
  • Michael and Flora Sandero - watch Spanish programmes as well as English
  • Juanita Jefferson - name Spanish in origin
  • Big Rico - Spanish or Italian name
  • Cynthia Cabrera - Spanish surname
  • Felicia Jackson - Felicia can be English or Spanish (or Dutch or Swedish etc)
  • Lucy and Hannah Gutierrez - Spanish surname
  • Josefina (Old Woman Josie) - Spanish pronounciation
  • Interns Jesús, Paolo, and Vithya - Spanish, Italian, and Sanskrit respectively
  • Jake Garcia - Portuguese surname
  • Louie Blasco - Spanish variant on already Spanish surname
  • Marco Padilla - Italian/Spanish forename
  • Nazr Al-Mujaheed - Arabic forename
  • Roger Singh - all Sikh people purportedly have this surname, and most Sikh people are Indian
  • Tristan Cortez - variant on a Spanish surname
  • Tak Wallaby - as a surname, Tak is Korean
  • Satsuki - traditional Japanese name, as is Hana
  • Rita Hayworth is called “noticeably more Hispanic”
  • and of course Carlos

In other words if you don’t believe in a Night Vale made up primarily of people of colour, particularly those of Spanish or Portuguese ancestry, then you’re confirmed wrong

(If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know!)

On the other end of the line was an adult man’s detached hand named Megan, the daughter of Tak and Herschel Wallaby.

She was alone. All alone — except for the telephone booth, as forgotten technologies have been young Megan’s only friends.

This broke the heart of the Sheriff’s Secret Police.

This broke the heart of the two men who had skulked away from the submarine.

This broke the heart of the unidentified man from Nulogorsk.

And from this moment came wonderful news, listeners. The unidentified man told the Secret Police in stiff, but practiced, English, “I am a gift from Nulogorsk, in appreciation of Night Vale’s many years of friendship and kindness.”


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 40 - The Deft Bowman