tajima yuuichirou


Happy 37th Birthday Hiro~~!!! (04.21.17)

I haven’t greeted seiyuus in so long but of course, I can never miss to greet my favorite seiyuu 😀

Shimono Hiro is a seiyuu…

who always gets bullied by both his senpais and kouhais
whose voice is easily recognizable
who has had various amazing roles
who is always fun to watch and hear
who always amazes me whenever I hear him perform
who can make freestyle songs on the spot
who always works hard no matter what his roles are
who is really an expert in what he does
that I love to the core now and forever

Hiro, thank you for opening my eyes to the seiyuu world. Thank you for all the energy you gave me with your roles and your event participations. From now on, I hope you get a lot more job offers so that I may hear your voice more in various animes. I’ll always support you! 😁

Get along with Kaji-kun, Kiiyan, Tatsu and the other seiyuus now (I hope you get bullied more 😂)~ Love lots and I hope you enjoyed this day.

PS. Find Miss Right already. You’re not getting younger~~~ 😇😇


I’ve wanted to do a sticker sheet for the ENTIRE TEAM+ and now! I have! or well not physically yet but that is a piece of cake!