Remembering #BlackTransLiberationTuesday

It’s been one year since Black trans activists led our first national day of action.‪#‎BlackTransLiberationTuesday‬

By this time in 2015, there had been at least 18 trans people, mostly Black trans women murdered. This year, we’re up to at least 20.

The name grew from Tuesday being the day that trans people would receive services & support from the Tom Waddell Clinic each week in San Francisco.

Those initial “Transgender Tuesdays” were captured in a documentary back nearly 20 years ago that was filmed at the clinic in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.

It became a regular thing for trans folks in San Francisco & trans-led TGI Justice Project (TGIJP) still uses it as its mail day for incarcerated trans folks.

The first “Trans Liberation Tuesday” was led by trans Latina and Black activists to memorialize Taja DeJesus in Feb. 2015. TAJA’s Coalition is named after her.

By Aug. 2015, the numbers of slain trans women grew & a collaboration formed between the BlackLivesMatter network, TGI Justice Project, GetEQUAL & groups around the U.S.

It’s important that we remember our history and commemorate when we can. This was a major day for us and our work as Black trans Warriors shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Check out some articles on the day:

By Meredith Talusan,

By Loren DiBlasi


Preseason Week 2
Panthers 26 Titans 16

Panthers QB Cam Newton and co. looked efficient, playing a lot like last regular season’s 15-1 team. Still the favorites out of the NFC South. Titans rookie WR Tajae Sharpe impresses, and QB Marcus Mariota, despite an interception, ends with a 103+ passer rating. Will be interesting to see which RB on the bubble makes the roster: Hunter / Sankey / Cobb. Without key starters, defense shaky.