Full Name: Taja Rayne Locke
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Race: Exira
Hair: Dark, long, curly
Eyes: L Green, R Purple
Height: 5′7″
Build: Curvy, strong
Magic: Phantom & Assimilator
Weapon: Twin Katanas; throwing knives
Alliance: The Rebellion
Personality Type: The Explorer
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Role: Primary Protagonist
Personality Traits:
Social: Extrovert                           Courage: Brave
Sense: Intelligent                          Mindset: Practical
Alignment: Benevolent                 Temperament: Abrasive
Ego: Confident                             Value: Straight-forward
Skill: Proficient                             Strategy: Impulsive
Ambition: Driven                          Justice: Vengeful
Faith: Loyal                                  Humor: Sarcastic