whenever phil has a live show in the lounge, dan watches it online from the other room. he doesn’t always pay attention to it - he’s usually editing or working on stuff for their radio show or doing one of the many other obligations he has, but phil’s voice makes for nice background noise, and it comforts him in a way he can’t explain. dan always does the drawing game, though - has his own notebook for it and everything. he shows phil some of the better pictures, which get hung up in a corner of phil’s room that isn’t seen on camera.

phil watches dan’s live shows too; watches it in the kitchen from his ipad while making dinner. it’s how he knows when to put the finishing touches on the food and set the table. somehow, he always manages to finish cooking at the exact same time dan mentions being “hangry”. they know each other too well.


((A belated Nowruz picture! I hope everyone who celebrates it had a good one!

A brief explanation of Nowruz, the Iranian+Persian New Year, is here, and Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan show up here too! I don’t have designs for other nowruz celebrating nations, but hopefully soon I will :) 

[belated] Nowruz Pirouz/Mobarak!))